7 Solo Travel Stories – my 7 links.

A blog, by its very nature, buries stories. Every time I write a new post about traveling alone, others get pushed further from view.

With 455 posts now on Solo Traveler, it is likely that there are many that you have not seen. With this in mind, Trip Base launched a #MY7Links challenge. The goal is to pull forward 7 posts that hold particular relevance but may have received little attention of late.

I was nominated to participate in this by Keith of the Velvet Escape. At the end of this post, I will nominate five more bloggers to share seven of their posts. And, at the end of their list, they will invite five more. And so it goes. What a great concept.

Here are my list of 7…

My Most beautiful post

I’m not certain that this post is beautiful in the traditional sense – but I think it is. I think it’s beautiful because, with the assistance of Paulo Coelho, I dig into the human psyche with the purpose of inspiring solo travel. I hope you’ll read: Solo Travel and Four Obstacles to Your Personal Legend.

My Most Popular Post

Who doesn’t like Free. It’s been no different for my Free eBook called “Glad You’re Not Here: a solo traveler’s manifesto“. It’s a bit tongue in cheek and a bit serious. Most importantly, it covers many reasons why you should travel solo at every stage of life. I hope you’ll share it with other solo travelers and those who don’t understand why you would travel alone.

My most controversial post

Most controversial? Men traveling alone.  This was a surprise to me. I recruited a man to write the post because a couple of men complained that there is always information for women travelers but never men. Then, when i published it, guys complained – well you can see why in the comments. I have avoided the gender split ever since.

My most helpful post

People who venture out solo are first concerned about safety and then, surprisingly, about eating alone. Of course, I address both those issues. But I also think it important to go out at night. Some solo travelers, even seasoned ones, stay in their room at night and read a book. Well, in my experience, you can go out. And I like my posts that encourage that including 10 Tips on Clubbing and Pubbing Solo.

A post whose success surprised me

I wrote this post because I did it! I have always loved camping but it took a long time before I camped by myself so I wrote Camping Alone: Protected by a Code of Ethics. This has been a very popular post through Google. Apparently, many people wonder whether you can camp alone.

A post I feel didn’t get the attention it deserved

Safety always gets some attention but the reason I am so geared towards safety is summed up in one story in one post. This can never get enough play. I hope you will read Solo Travel Danger Part II: Caught in a Con Game.

The post that I am most proud.

I’m proud of this post because I think it has lit a fire under a few people. It encourages people to follow their travel dreams.  The post is Should I Stay or Should I Go. It’s very personal, very serious but, hopefully hits only hard enough to make it’s point.

So now, I must nominate five more bloggers to participate.

I nominate:

Breathe Dream Go

Chris Around the World

Career Break Secrets

Wanderlust & Lipstick

The Travel Bite

I’ll leave you with my favorite photo. I woke up in my tent in Patagonia, unzipped the door at my head, looked up and saw this beautiful blue sky and snapped.

View from my tent - Patagonia 2011

View from my tent - Patagonia 2011







  • http://solotravelerblog.com Janice Waugh

    Thanks for all your comments. I really appreciate hearing from readers.

  • Gracetandil

    I live in Argentina, far from Patagonia, but I have been there several times so I know what you mean with that picture. It´s massive, huge, overwhelming landscape all over there!!!!!

  • Gracetandil

    We should always go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • solotraveler

    Thanks Chris. It came from the heart.

  • http://www.packedsuitcase.com Chris

    Your “Should I Stay or Should I Go” piece was very moving and incredibly relevant. Thanks for sharing it with us!

  • http://www.apeaceofmindtravel.com APOMT

    I also believe passionately about teaching people travel safety. The article SOLO TRAVEL DANGER PART II: CAUGHT IN A CON GAME is a crazy story and I must say Janice is braver than I am.

    C.S. Montgomery

  • solotraveler

    That’s wonderful. I didn’t know there was such a course. Thanks for letting me know.

  • solotraveler

    Sorry about that. I’ve fixed the link to “Glad Your’e Not Here: a solo traveler’s manifesto“.

  • solotraveler

    Yes, it’s an odd shot but I think it quite beautiful too.

  • http://www.joeicarlton.com Joei Carlton Hossack

    I have been camping alone for 19 years now so there are so many things that I do automatically and don’t even think about it. I’ve started teaching RVing as a Solo at the RV Owners Lifestyle Conference in Okanagan College in Kelowna, British Columbia and didn’t realize how many “good tips” I share until everyone comes back and tells me. I love hearing it. Joei

  • http://bklyntravel.com sara

    “Glad you’re not here” actually links to “Should I stay or should I go”

    I’d like to read “glad you’re not here” where can I find it?

  • http://www.acceleratedstall.com Maria

    Disorienting… and beautiful view from your tent!