Acadia National Park and Bar Harbor in Pictures

dirving across a bridge

Crossing the Mount Desert Narrows on way to Bar Harbor and Acadia National Park

It’s 6:12am and pretty quiet here in Bar Harbor. I’m sitting outside the Tamarind Café, one of two places I’ve found in town to get free wifi.

If you don’t have your own computer, you can go to the Opera House which is an internet café but quite expensive. Regardless, at this time of the morning, nothing is open.

I’m getting ready to head back to Canada. To New Brunswick, to be specific. But I thought I’d stop and upload some pictures for you first.

These pics are of Acadia National Park and the town of Bar Harbor which are located on Mount Desert Island. This island offers a very different landscape than Cape Cod. More rugged than the Cape, it is covered with pine and birch trees, has wildlife and a rocky shore. It’s great for hiking and viewing the sunrise.

Cadillac Mountain offers hikers, cyclists and those who drive the first view of the sun from American soil.

morning sunrise over ocean and islands

Sunrise from Cadillac Mountain.

people watching sunrise over ocean and islands

I wasn’t the only one to rise at 4am to see the sunrise.

deer in woods

Whether it was the time of day, I’m not sure, but I saw three deer on my way back from seeing the sunrise.

cafe in bar harbor

While I waited for Two Cats café to open for breakfast at 7am, I pirated their wifi and go caught up with the blog.

wild flowers

There are plenty of wild flowers in the park.

Thunder Hole: When a large wave washes into this hole a large bang is heard. No picture can do it justice.

ocean beach kids playing in surf

There are lots of rocks for kids to climb but Sand Beach is the only developed beach like shoreline.

algae and sea life in tide pool low tide

Point is known for its tide pools. Try to visit at low tide. This was about an hour early.

Woman on rocks at ocean shore

Me at Otter Point

rocky shore with pine tree in foreground

Coastal View along Otter Point

  • lynn kelley

    the bridge in your photo is misidentified. It is the penobscot narrows bridge. You still have another 45 miles to get to Mt Desert Bridge!

  • Bret @ Green Global Travel

    Lovely photos, especially the Cadillac Mountain sunrise and the one of the kids playing in the surf. Looks like a tranquil spot for some morning serenity.

  • Jackie Schuknecht

    I am already planning a trip. I am a serious amateur photographer, and I have seen other pics from here, so next year! Looks like a beautiful place!

  • solotraveler

    Oh Greg, thank you so much for sharing your story. It’s wonderful! Those first adventures (good moments and bad) as a solo traveler do stay with one. I’m glad that my Photos of Acadia National Park helped reignite your memories.

  • Greg

    Hi Janice,
    First, I would like to compliment you on the beautiful photo’s!

    Second, I would like to thank you for visually warping me back in time to the early 1980’s… To be specific, it was the summer of 1981, and I was working on a research project for a graduate student in Maine, and after months of somewhat tedious scientific field work, I decided to take a break and reward myself with a long weekend somewhere along the coast. I chose Acadia National Park in Bar Harbor as my destination. It just so happened, that this trek would be my fist truly “Solo” travel experience, and it was wonderful.

    I too woke early one morning to take that winding road to the top of Cadillac Mountain in hopes of witnessing first hand that beautiful sunrise that you so wonderfully captured on film… I was not disappointed, and felt it was well worth the extra effort of waking early to make it to the top before sunrise. It truly was a breath taking view that will be forever etched in my memory.

    Unfortunately, when I returned to my car, I discovered to my dismay, that I had locked my keys in my car… Unlike your visit, I had the show all to myself that morning, and was the only one there for the next several hours before someone else eventually ventured up the hill and was able to help me out…

    Mind you, this was well before the days of everyone caring a cell phone… so I was faced with the dilemma of, should I wait for someone to arrive to help, or should I start walking back to camp?… Being a solo traveler afforded me the more enjoyable of the two.. I decided to simply sit down and continue to watch the beautiful Maine morning unfold around me… The freedom of that moment of choice was life changing.

    Even with a few minor setbacks, like the keys being locked in the car, or setting up my tent on the rocky shore for the best views of the coast line, only to comeback later so sunburned that I had to try to move the tent in the middle of the night in order to get any rest… it was still a fantastic adventure that I would not have traded or changed for anything in the world… And that was due largely to the fact that this was my first solo traveling experience… and it has forever changed the way I view traveling…

    Thank you so much for sharing all of your stories with the world!!

  • Gray

    Nice photos! Wow, you saw three deer! Lucky.

  • lee

    i hope to find time to read your stories from the begining,
    main is an amazing place. tell what route you took north please, i plan to ferry over and return overland.