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Solo Traveler is the #1 solo travel blog in the world.* Serving the burgeoning solo travel market, Solo Traveler has been inspiring and guiding travelers from around the world since 2009.

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Solo Traveler is targeted at independent travelers interested in cultural, historical, food & wine, vacation, and adventure travel.

The blog encourages people to claim their right to time by themselves, whether they are single, coupled, or parents; to challenge the idea that people must be with others to enjoy a rich travel experience; and to find strength in being who they are and doing what they want, when they want, on both shorter trips and long solo journeys.

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Solo Traveler has enjoyed support from tourism boards and tour companies for travel to countries as diverse as China, Ireland, the West Indies, Russia, Scotland, the United States, Mexico, Spain, Canada, England, Jamaica, Jordan, Grenada, Portugal, and Indonesia.

Solo Traveler by the Numbers

Stats according to Google Analytics

  • Number of monthly visits – 75,000+
  • Monthly page views – 134,000+

Double opt-in AWeber newsletter subscribers – 9,250+

Facebook fans – 62,000+

Twitter followers – 26,500+

Google+ – 8,000+

Pinterest – 3,000

Instagram – 1,000

Selected Advertising Opportunities

  • The Solo Traveler Advisory and Deals Page Package. This unique combination of online presence and direct email subscription advertising has become the source for solo travelers to search out travel ideas, deals, and other helpful information.
  • The Solo Traveler Social Media Program. Need attention for your project, destination, or promotion? Accomplish your goals with this program designed to deliver a rush of traffic to your offer.
  • The Solo Traveler Accommodation Guide. Published annually, this popular ebook features B&Bs, inns, hostels and boutique hotels around the world. Several outstanding advertising opportunities are available. The first edition, published in late April 2014 is expected to reach 12,000 downloads before the end of its 12-month run.
  • The Solo Traveler Make Travel Easy Guide. The first edition will be published in October 2014. If your service, app, or product will make life easier for solo travelers, this is an ideal venue for your message!

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*According to blogrank.