Home for the Holidays? Embrace a bit of solo time.

alone for christmas

Here’s Charlie making another appearance on the blog – this time in my Christmas tree

Perhaps you’re staying home for the holidays. Perhaps you’re going home for the holidays.

Maybe home is a quiet place with just you. Maybe home means a crowd of people.

Whichever, adopting a solo travel philosophy for the holidays may be exactly what you need.

I remember a week one summer when my home was invaded by family. Lots of family. It was fun but it was also exhausting. Without giving it serious thought, I took an afternoon and went cycling. When I returned my sister-in-law commented on how smart I was to do so. Smart? Survival.

Whether you’re too alone for Christmas or would desperately like a little alone time…

So during this holiday season, consider your own survival.

If you find yourself alone, missing friends or family, wishing things were different, step out and explore your home town. See your home anew as you travel solo.

If you find yourself smothered by people and demands on your time, slip away for a while and spend the time as you want not as is expected of you. You might want high energy or low, it’s up to you.

Wherever you are, there are places to go, things to do, sights to see.

Go to a festival, explore a new neighborhood, take in a museum you’ve not managed to check out, go cross-country skiing or hiking or, if you are south, swimming or beachcombing.

Finding balance between the idyllic holidays we’re supposed to enjoy and those that are our reality can be a challenge. I suggest that you face the challenge head on. Take care of yourself. Your needs. Even if for only an hour or two – and enjoy a wonderful holiday season.

To all who celebrate, merry Christmas. To all others, enjoy that of Christmas that spills over into your life.

Winter Solstice Toronto Ontario Canada, alone for christmas

Go to a local festival. This is the annual Winter Solstice parade in Kensington Market Toronto.

Beaches lifesaving station Toronto Ontario Canada, alone for Christmas

Explore a new neighborhood. This is the Lifeguard Station in The Beach area of Toronto

  • EmilyF

    Thanks, Janice! :)

  • EmilyF

    Thanks, @luizagaman! :) Looking forward to it, even though I am a little terrified. My solo holidays have been awesome, but Christmas alone will be weird. ­čśŤ Got all my waterproof/ windproof/ thermal gear for some of the day trips I booked. Woo hoo!

  • luizagaman

    Iceland is stunning, breathtaking and somehow healing! Superb choice! Get warm waterproof and windproof clothes and you are set for quality time with yourself and forget about anything else. Enjoy!

  • http://solotravelerblog.com Janice Waugh

    Sounds wonderful. Enjoy!

  • EmilyF

    Lovely! :)

  • EmilyF

    I’m going to be alone this Christmas, my first time. So off to Iceland… terrified but excited at the same time! Happy holidays to all!

  • http://solotravelerblog.com Janice Waugh

    Well put. :)

  • Been there

    Amber, I always got those questions at holidays, too. So I got married–3 times–and divorced–3 times. Instead of 3 efforts to appease my family, I should have done what I wanted in the first place–not marry anyone. From one who has been there, hang on to who you are, smile and say, “we’ll see,” and keep enjoying yourself BY YOURSELF. Best of luck to you!

  • Roger Richard

    It’s really cool
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  • Roger Richard

    ITS TOO GOOD….Family Holiday in Devon

  • http://www.facebook.com/ajsafir Amber Safir

    I have a big family. Almost everyone over 24 has a spouse and or children except me. So the holidays can be annoying especially when everyone starts to ask “Are you dating anyone yet?” or “Do you ever plan on having a family?”

    So last year as a treat to myself I decided to have a staycation. I booked a one night stay at a luxury hotel in my hometown. It was awesome. I got room service and watched movies from the hot tub most of the night.

    I was able to enjoy being alone during the holidays and not be ridiculed for my singleness.

  • http://traveldestinationbucketlist.com/ Anita Mac

    When I lived in Australia, I used to relish my Christmas morning bike ride! So quiet and peaceful on the streets as everyone was so focused on the festivities of the day. Now in Canada, we have switched to a morning of cross country skiing! I have noticed over the years that more and more people are getting out to ski in the park, and they always look so happy! I think the peace of enjoying the outdoors before the crazy is the best way to go! Looking forward to our first group Christmas morning ski, and a quiet and cozy Christmas Eve ski with wine and dinner the night before! Happy holidays!

  • Brandy Bell

    it seems like each year being alone for the holidays gets more comfortable and the excuse to fall selfishly head long into a book takes over. time to spoil yourself and remember the good :)