Best Destinations for Solo Travelers: Deciding Where to Go

best destinations for solo travelers close to home

Stumptown Coffee -New York is a friendly city.

What are the best destinations for solo travelers? I am asked this question all the time – most recently this morning by a reporter for Smithsonian Magazine.

And, of course, there is no one right answer to this question. It depends on the individual’s interests, physical abilities, financial resources, time available and travel experience.

But that affects all travelers. When it comes to determining the best destinations for solo travelers, here’s how I break it down for people.

First-Time Solo Travelers with No Travel Experience

If you’re not only a first time solo traveler but also quite new to travel, I suggest that you stay close to home. Start by taking baby steps to build your confidence. Try a weekend getaway. Drive, take a bus or train to another town, city, province or state and explore. You will be doing so in a language and culture that is familiar which minimizes the challenges of solo travel.

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For more destination inspiration, click here to get to the FREE Solo Traveler Accommodation Guide ebook. 223 places to stay in 62 countries as recommended by other solo travelers.

As you travel, practice some of these basic solo travel techniques:

  • Stay at a hostel or B&B and have breakfast with strangers.
  • Join groups for a short period of time. Take a museum tour or a cooking class. Anything of that nature will deliver a really social experience.
  • Research coffee shops and restaurants with communal tables, again, so that you can meet people in a casual setting.
  • If you’re feeling really adventurous, go out and see some live music in the evening. Read Slip into the Scene Solo: Bars, restaurants, festivals…

Please refer to the Solo Travel Safety section of this blog, do a bit of research and head out. Don’t forget to give yourself some quiet time as well and take note of how it feels to be independent, strong and capable.

Best destinations for solo travelers without travel experience:
Anywhere close to home. After you’re comfortable close to home you can stretch yourself to the next category.

best destinations for solo travelers newbies close to home

Vancouver skyline from Fisherman’s Wharf.

First-Time Solo Travelers with Travel Experience OR Experienced Solo Travelers with Little Experience Abroad

Both of these categories of solo travelers have the same best destination in my mind so I’ve lumped them together.

If you’ve never traveled solo but are already a traveler, you need to develop the solo travel skills. You know how airports work and that tourism bureaus are typically near train stations. A lot of your travel knowledge has become instinctive so your challenge is being alone. Have a read of the bullet points in the section above.

If you’ve traveled solo but only close to home, your learning curve is on the other side of the coin. Your challenge will be to negotiate transportation and foreign currency but you will feel pretty comfortable with being alone.

In both cases, I suggest that the best destination has a familiar culture and language. For North Americans, Britain is a great idea but there are others such as Amsterdam where English is widely spoken.

Best destinations for first time solo travelers with travel experience and solo travelers who haven’t been out of the country:
Places that have a familiar culture and language.

best destinations for solo travelers familiar culture

LIberty’s of London is one of the oldest shops in the city and located just south of Oxford Street and in the first block east of Regent Street. Read Affordable London! 32 Free and Low-Cost Tips .

Best Destinations for Solo Travelers Wanting to Broaden their Horizons

Once you’ve traveled solo both home and abroad, you’re really ready to broaden your horizons and explore more challenging destinations. But where. This is my challenge. With limited time and money, where to go.

One of my first trips that was on the more adventurous side was Chile. Chile is a great destination in South America. Santiago is sophisticated with an excellent transit system, wonderful restaurants and great public spaces. From there I traveled by bus to Puerto Montt to take the Navimag Ferry to Patagonia. To learn how to travel to Patagonia read: How to Travel Solo to Patagonia: Top 10 Tips. Chile is an easy stretch for experienced solo travelers.

Check out the Destinations section of Solo Traveler. It has dozens of recommended destinations for solo travelers made by readers.

best destinations for solo travelers

Just one of many warm welcomes I received in Bali.

What’s Your Best Destination?

There is truly a best destination for solo travelers of every level of experience and every interest. What’s your best destination?

  • Sami Kassoum

    I found the turkish people in Istanbul not so friendly, all the restaurants owners wants you to eat fast, pay the highest price as possible and go.

  • Sami kassoum

    I really like this blog, I spend every day hours reading it. I always dream to travel far away from home and to meet people and to see new places.Last november I traveled to Istanbul for 1 week, it was fascinating. I haven’t traveled abroad since 2005. now this blog is inspiring me to start traveling solo and discover new places in our world. now I am practicing solo traveling in baby steps preparing myself for a long journey to Thailand :)
    thank you janice for creating this wonderful blog.

  • arleeda

    I am 77 now and still traveling, although now I often take tours because of the logistics. I find they take care of a lot, but still leave time for wandering on your own.

  • arleeda

    I was lucky enough to spend my sabbatical year (1981-82) in Strasbourg, France. Not only did I get to see a side of France that tourists seldom visit, but I also had the chance to travel all around Europe by train. I wouldn’t take anything for the memory of that year!

  • Imogen

    I love the Blog. I’m also a solo traveller and I really love
    to visit different places of this beautiful world. I used to be in travelling
    most of the time, Like this time I’m planning to go on tours
    from new york to miami
    . I’m really exited for that. When I read your
    Blog, I really feel encouraged. I think that you’re doing a very nice job.
    which makes you relaxed and happy.

  • Debbie Fogle

    Planning my first solo trip to Belize, this site is full of wonderful information.
    thank you

  • Janice Waugh

    Agreed Barbara. Have a look at today’s post :).

  • Jet

    Ireland. Definitely a great destination for a first trip to Europe. Friendly, open people who are more than happy to have a chat, point you in the right direction, invite you to dinner, or invite you to meet them in the pub where you’ll meet all their friends and most of their family. My first experience was so fab, I visited twice more and then moved here almost two years ago.

  • pnkgirl25

    Iceland is also on my wish list for 2015. Would love to chat with you about your experience there

  • Barbara

    And then there are introverts who travel solo. We often prefer quiet places, don’t care much if we meet anyone, and abhor crowds. My favorite way to travel is to rent an apartment in an interesting small town, and just hang out awhile.

  • CaronC

    I have traveled to France and the UK alone at age 49 and 50. Met up with tour groups there which are very handy to drive you around and buy tickets for admissions without waiting in line, but still I do much on my own. The UK is a great first destination for anyone wary about going solo for the first time. I can’t say enough about how easy it is to get around London for a first timer. I travel often to NYC and I have taken the wrong train, got stuck with a metro card not working, couldn’t understand the driver announcements (nobody can, ever). I never had those problems on the London tube! Still, NYC a great city to walk, and perfect for a solo traveler. The biggest expense in NY is lodging, so traveling solo and doing without a private bath, can save $$.

  • Janice Waugh

    Thanks. I try to catch these but sometimes they slip through. Will delete now. This will likely delete your message too but hopefully you’ll get my thanks by email.


  • Barbara

    Thanks. Croatia has been very high on my list.

  • Barbara

    I agree, thanks for this. I’m 70 and just beginning to travel in earnest. I’ve had some French, like the feel of the language, love their food, so I’m spending time in the south of France next year.

  • Terence Francis

    Well, I’m not gay, but bi-sexuality was very much in evidence to me in Morocco.

  • Terence Francis

    More SPAM!

  • Terence Francis


  • Terence Francis

    Be careful – high crime and pickpocketing is rife.

  • Terence Francis

    Thank you sooo much George. Very encouraging. I am Canadian and 69 years old. Done a lot of world-wandering in the past, but am feeling frustrated that the wandering in my blood is hampered by advancing age. I miss it terribly. Gotta get out…

  • Jihad J.

    Hello Janice,
    I really love your blog and admire your work. I am nineteen. Had my first solo travel this last summer in Peru doing vountary work. And it was absolutely amazing.
    Actually, I am Moroccan so I am oficially inviting you to come if you never did before or to come back again as soo as possible. It would be a pleasure to meet you and show you the local culture.
    P.S: it’s safer than your destination for the winter as the Ebola threat is widely spread over the rest of Africa (the north is spared)

  • christoffe

    i certainly agree with you, geoff. i fell in love with turkey & its people, culture, food oh lots of it. thats why i kept coming back… i recommend the hot hot air balloon trip at dawn watching the fairy chimneys of cappadocia. its just amazing to see the breath taking month, i`ll visit izmir, troy, pergamom, ephesus & sirince. for culture vulture folks, this is it!

  • Cindy Van Vreede

    As a lesbian I need to be extra careful when traveling as not every country welcomes gay people. Right now, at least 76 countries (and India may join this group) list homosexuality as illegal. I can look “straight” but a check of my social media will show who I really am. And a social media picture was all it took for a British man to be jailed in Morocco earlier this month. The world is not so open to all of us.

  • Faith

    i spent 2 weeks in Barcelona as a solo traveler last spring and Loved it! I felt very safe and there is so much to do. It is easy to navigate and people are helpful and friendly. I am planning on returning this year, will spend another 5 days in Barcelona before touring other areas in Spain. i was fortunate that I found a room in an apartment on Airbrib and the hosts were wonderful in giving me suggestions and helping me navigate. Get advance tickets for Sagrada and go first thing in the AM to avoid the crowds, I suggest the audio tour as it gives a very good understanding of the architecture and Gaudi. Spend some time looking at the outside facade both from after entrance into the Basilica and from the park across the way. Then walk to the Hospital St. Pau There is a street close by where there are pleasant outdoor cafes to have lunch before touring the Hospital. I took the hop on hop off bus. The Museum of History of Catalunya is interesting as well as the Museum of Catalyna Art.

  • ShaynaMarie

    I’m just starting my planning for a solo trip to Ireland. I’m in need of some soul-searching time to myself and have wanted to go there since I was a child. I’m open and grateful for any suggestions you may have for vacation packages or if I should just put together my own itinerary using B&B’s and whatever discounted airline tickets I may find! I’m SO excited to finally take this trip, at 33. Thanks again!

  • Air Express

    I think solo traveler is the best remedy of loneliness and I believe at least once in a life time everybody should work for a solo traveler to identify themselves.. I am a solo traveler because my partner does not like to travel more. That’s why when my mind want a break from my regular routine, I am starting to go. Thanks to recommended Jordan. Jordan is truly an attractive destination for the solo travelers.

  • Luisa

    I have been a solo traveler for ever and I never knew the term, just that I enjoy traveling alone. Have gone to Italy several times and spent time with friends in the south, this time I want to explore some other areas and have a hard time deciding. Traveling in September, will go to Germany for the first time, Cologne my first city will stay with a friend there. I want to go to Berlin then to southern Germany. Then to Italy. Have never been to Calabria. Have almost four weeks for this trip. I would really appreciate any advice from more seasoned travelers. Im 63 now and for some reason I am feeling nervous.

  • Valeri

    I am planning a solo trip to Croatia in the Spring (May-June) Other than Dubrovinik, Any recommendations as to where I should spend more than a couple of days.
    Would like to station myself and do side trips for part of my visit

  • Michelle Orsi

    I returned from my second solo adventure to Peru on Friday. Admittedly, today there is a void… I think that I may have left my heart way up in the Andes!!! I lived in Peru for a period of 11 months (Husbands work) but in that time didn´t travel as much as what I would´ve liked. I have since made it my mission to return to Peru once a year until I have explored every nook and cranny that this amazing ´God-Shaped´ country has to offer … And trust me… there is a lot! Still studying Spanish at every opportunity that I get … language has been the only little barrier… for the best part, Peru is pretty easy to get around!

  • sandibeaches

    Try duolingo app brilliantffor learning simple basic language on the go. 20minsa day.

  • Geoff McDade

    Traveling alone has many pluses and, for me, mixing with the locals is probably the greatest joy. I am 69 cancer survivor and now retired. Last Spring (great weather, fewer tourists) I traveled throughout much of Turkey and was totally enchanted. The people are probably the friendliest I have come across. I was invited to take tea by complete strangers on numerous occasions. If you ask for directions you may even be led to your destination if it is close by. The food is delicious and inexpensive. Accommodation is cheap and the public transportation system is superb – far surpassing anything we have in Canada. Buses are luxurious, inexpensive with comprehensive route networks – a model of efficiency.
    There is so much to see that my six weeks should have been doubled.
    Historic sites abound and some make the pyramids seem recent by comparison.
    I stay in inexpensive places and often find myself among young backpackers who never seem to mind chatting with an old geezer.
    English is not widely spoken but you can always manage. German is often a help (I speak enough) but the kindness of Turkish people more than makes up for any small language difficulties. Turks seem to sense that a lone traveler may enjoy some company and I received numerous invitations, usually from people who spoke little or no English – they just want to be friendly to visitors. I fell in love with the country and its wonderful people.
    If you have any tendencies towards islamophobia Turkey will cure you!

  • Mary Bartnikowski

    I love this! I have also wanted to go to NZ buying a van and tenting – it sounds wonderful and will try it myself later on as my next destination is Hawaii. Exploring and discovering, feeling happy! Have a blast sandibeaches!

  • Mary Bartnikowski

    I’d like to suggest Bali as a great place to try out for a solo female traveler. It is safe and people are very kind. There are many situations where you can talk to other people at the beach, in Ubud, at cultural happenings, it’s one of my favorite places and come to think of it I need to go back there. I have been there twice and still have so much to explore there. Check it out!

  • sandibeaches

    I’m off to New Zealand for 3 months buying a car a tent and a bike, living in the car and the tent , hiking / biking/ kayaking everything I can find, solo. 4 day mountain track 5 day bike tracks. There is no safer more beautiful place on earth (Iceland sounds appealing though!) Although solo there are helpful friends everywhere. I first went to nz 2010 having never been anywhere for 23 years, acute fear of flying and other phobias. I decided to remove these limitations and jumped in head first. I found my soul and never really came back. Anyone in nz Jan Feb March I will be in the South with a car so come walk with me. ps I am 60 in earth years but about 32 in spirit and physical fitness!

  • Ken Stanphill

    What Justin says is ture.I will add that I’m older so I stay in the 30.00 hotels and get a great room for that.I spend about 5.00 for food a day buy eat mostly street food or small rest. Yes the vendors will try to screw you so I would say whatever they are asking offer 90% less and go from there.The cheapest place to shop is the weekend market in Bangkok.The best for 1st grade knock-offs is MBK mall. I still have a pair of Quicksliver Flip-Flops I paid 1.00 for 5 years ago and wear almost everyday. I would watch for pick pockets and not carry a lot of cash unless you need it for something.I’m leaving for Bangkok Friday you will have the time of your life.

  • M.

    Colombia is the best for solo travelers who speak Spanish – I’d never met so many talkative people in one country before!

  • Janice Waugh

    Thanks so much!

  • Sahry El nouby

    you know am so happy and glad that am sew your website really i get good ideas and good information because am working with travel too but in jsut in Egypt and am from luxor i born there if u want any information am here i can do waht ever you liked

  • moonwalker53

    I really enjoyed traveling solo to Greece — so much history, great tours (met another single woman traveling from Turkey), great shopping and most everyone speaks English. Athens on Sundays is fun and lively and the islands are incredible.

  • Michele Harvey Author

    I didn’t recall that you are also a solo traveler, Kharis! What a nice surprise to nice to see you here. It’s a small world after all!

  • kharis Macey

    Hi Michele, nice to meet you here. Kharis Macey

  • Michele Harvey Author

    I traveled alone to Chile in 2007 and liked it so much, I enrolled in a language school to brush up on my Spanish and ended up living there for 2.5 years. I was an experienced solo traveler at the time, but had not traveled out of the USA alone, for quite some time. Chile is a relatively safe country and very easy to navigate, for the most part. If you have a non-Chilean passport, it is relatively easy to rent a place as well.

  • Scott

    I had four months in/on Iceland. It is not especially a cheap place to go (I, for reference, am an India-phile, spend $13/day there). I went with camping in mind, and I did camp, in a tent, for maybe 90% of my time. And it is absolutely possible – in my mind, preferable – to go on your own. Many destination within the country will depend on tour-ish-like things: such as going into the interior; what I did in that case was take a “tour” bus in (we then climbed the second highest peak in Iceland) then had them leave me there, up to my own devices to get out (and I did, in a LandRover:) ) Amazing country. The weather didn’t really start to clear until late June, the interior didn’t “thaw” until July

  • AlaskaSolo

    I’ve always loved to travel and have experience travelling solo because of my job (within US). After divorce, I didn’t want to give up on my love of travel and so ventured out alone, traveling to Mexico (where husband and I had gone many times). Now, for the first time, I’m venturing to an unknown destination, (that’s been on my bucket line for a long time), Barbados. I’m scared and excited! I want to get out and see some nightlife (music) but very nervous about going out at night alone. Advice?

  • Claire Gigandet Lisa

    How do you research and determine an itinerary – especially in a foreign country? I have no problem in the US, usually do not book hotels/motels in advance as I like to be a free spirit and stay or go when it moves me. Thanks

  • HoboGal

    I can tell you about Thailand and Cambodia. I am in Phnom Pehn now and leaving for Siem Reap on Tuesday. Easy solo travel for female in both places with precautions.

  • Moana

    Also, a good way to travel solo is also staying (or going out) with local people. That’s the best way to get to know the city! I always use couchsurfing when I travel solo.

  • Moana

    I was afraid of travelling Solo – until I spent 10 days by myself in Colombia, between the capital, Bogota, and an amazing Natural Park called Tayrona. After that, I’ve been travelling Solo whenever I want to travel – and having no one to go with me has become not a barrier, but just something else. I’ve been to San Francisco (USA), Oslo (Norway), several places in my homecountry, Brazil, from cities to beaches and jungle. I think that the best places to go when traveling Solo is either to a big city (where there’s lot to do) or to the nature (where you can spend time with yourself). And always staying in campings, hostels or B&B.

  • Chezza

    I’d say Croatia. It’s absolutely stunning, affordable and safe, and the people are really friendly. That’s coming from someone who’s grown up in Singapore, the land of stict laws. I personally felt safe with my bag hanging by the side and not clutching on to it for dear life like I’d usually do when touring around Europe, and a fellow Finnish traveller felt the exact same way too – she was actually comfortable with leaving her stuff on the beach to take a quick swim. That being said, it would still be wise to behave prudently and avoid certain areas at night! I did have a minor racial encounter with some young kids when venturing far into a residential neighbourhood at night in a bid to find my hostel, but apart from that, everything else was spectacular. It’s actually one of the only countries that I’m dying to pay a second visit!

  • Justin Mingus

    I’ve been to Cambodia, Vietnam, and Thailand alone and really had an amazing experience – especially in Cambodia. Something about exploring temples at Angkor Wat by myself just made any troubles worthwhile. The language barrier of all three nations was nearly non-existent, but I went to mainly known/tourist friendly places. If you go off the beaten path prepare yourself. The food is cheap and amazing, and the lodging is the same. As a solo traveler I picked hostels, but you can get private rooms from $5-7 USD. In fact, both Vietnam and Cambodia used USD as well as local currency. I was cautious with all of my things and not overly trusting of the vendors/etc in touristy areas. People WILL try and screw you over here so bargain for everything, know the exchange rate and what things cost for locals, and just have your wits about you. I’m no misogynist, but I know solo female travelers have particular problems and things to worry about. So I urge you to walk that fine line between having a ton of fun and taking risks, while also being cautious and avoiding people and places that seem sketchy.

    Overall the people I met across Asia were intensely friendly

  • Liz Nichols

    I found I should have known more Italian as was hard to get train destinations and get understood lots of instances..My wish is to go to Cinque de well

  • Andy

    For young people in the 18 to 22 age bracket, SE Asia is the obvious choice. It’s not great from a cultural experience point of view. In fact, it’s pretty terrible in that respect, unless you make a concerted effort to get off the beaten track. But, they’re guaranteed to be spoilt for choice when it comes to making new friends and travel buddies, with ease. Especially if they’re a girl!

  • Eleni

    Hi everyone! I would also like to add that I’ve been to Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore and Nepal as a solo female traveler at the age of 35 and has been a great experience! Not lonely or dangerous at all as I kept meeting new people all the time on the way and even if locals didn’t speak any english sometimes, wasn;t a barrier at all! Im thinking of visiting Iceland maybe in June so i’d love to hear some more advice and comments! If you find yourselves in Thessaloniki, Greece, I’d love to show you around!!!!

  • avril

    I lived in Iceland for 4 months and it is a wonderful country. Go and explore and enjoy.

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  • Janice Waugh

    Hi Daniela,

    I’ve done that trip in the opposite direction and I completely agree. It’s a fantastic combination of quite and socializing. I met some great people on that trip – really interesting people. I’m glad you brought it up.


  • Daniela

    My first solo travel experience was a few years ago, at the age of 28: A cross-Canada train trip, from Vancouver to Toronto! About 5 days on my own…..enjoying the quiet time to myself on the train, looking out the window and taking in the views. But also dining with a variety of people at meal times, and walking around the train meeting people from around the world: some families, couples, and other solos. What a great way to ‘get my feet wet’ into solo travel as a young woman!

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  • Dana Lowton

    Hi George. I am a solo traveler and have been wanting to visit Iceland for a while. I keep reading traveling posts about the expense of the country…is it possible to do it relatively cheap on your own?

  • Luciana Vazquez

    i will appreciate any comments for a solo traveler to laos, vietnam, thailand and cambodia… those are my next goals. thanks!

  • Janice Waugh

    Hi Margaria. How inspiring. You are clearly seizing life! Good for you!!!

  • Margarita

    Hi Janice my first solo travel was last September I was single again after 30years of married I get divorce and take my first solo trip to Europe first was London them take the metro to Paris and them fly to Rome was the best vacations of my life go by myself not tour learn how to use the metro where to eat what places to visit in the each country was genial! plus I was celebrate my Birdday 55 years younger and now my nest trip will be Grece and Turkey I hope very soom!

  • Lynda Greer

    George, I’m in the process of planning a solo trip to Iceland. Would love to hear more about what to see, where to go, where to stay and places to eat. I’m an avid picture taker and can’t wait to see the beauty of Iceland.

  • WindowlessOffice

    Just seeing this now — great topic!

    Kenya (or any other safari destination) gets my vote for favorite solo travel destination. Wonderful people, landscapes, birds and animals that I’d never get to see in the US, knowledgable guides and welcoming hosts. Kenya has the added bonus of being one of the African countries where English is widely spoken, which makes things easier for a lot of Americans — although picking up a few words of Swahili or Maasai will bring a smile to many faces.

    I’d note that my trips to Kenya have been more in the “I went alone, but not solo” category, as I had booked with a great safari outfitter (Gamewatchers) and always knew ahead of time that I’d have a driver and/or guide with me. I always felt safe with them, and I think that common sense precautions about neighborhood safety would have been more than sufficient even if I hadn’t always had a guide. My only caution would be that people think hard about driving themselves anywhere, as the “cotton soil” of many of the national parks and concessions I visited seemed only too eager to engulf vehicles, and the roads between many destinations are filled with the potholes and ruts that make the bouncing/jolting “African massage” a very real phenomenon.

    I loved my first trip there so much that I was back there less than a year later, even though so many other unknown destinations beckoned. Do check it out!

  • cathy law

    I just returned from traveling alone in Barcelona and Paris. Both were just great- fun, active cities with lots to see and do. Since I life in Southern California, I speak Spanish so Spain was no problem (many speak English) same in Paris- you just have to try a few words in French and then say “in French” “Pardon me, I don’t speak French- do you speak English?” and then all is well.

  • Pat Gross

    There’s so much to say about Barcelona:     it is unique,  fun, easy to get around, great food.   I traveled all over Spain as a single woman and found friendly, helpful people.   I do not know Spanish but it was never a problem.   If you haven’t traveled alone very often, remember to keep a good local street map with you at all times and the name and address of the place you are staying.   

  • Satish chadha

    Hi George,
    I sent you a text but never heard from you, please send me an email at, if you ever come to US, I lve near DC area I would show you this area.

  • Amy

    Would love to hear your thoughts about Barcelona.  I will be going there for the first time in Oct.

  • Lance

    precisely what im doing in september. please… drop me as many tips as feel like. france is a little uncomfortable for me as i dont know the language… working on it slowly. really hope to hear from you.

  • Rodo

     I believe that as long as you do your homework & have some common sense, solo travel is not hard to do. Of course, it highly depends on your personality! I’ve always been very independent, hardly ever scared of anything, so maybe that helped?

  • Florine

    I could not agree more, even if it can seem hard at first for shy people, B&B and hostels are the best places to get to know people to cruise around with!

  • Krisabele N. Ricamonte

    I’m setting my sights to travelling abroad next year alone. Thanks for tips.

  • Coolsteppa

    I’d luv to do Israel in the next year or two, I’m heading to Goa in JAn. Saw reindeers by Jamtland national park ,Sweden yesterday..they were so beautiful and so close I could touch them. Best wishes ,George

  • Coolsteppa

    Spinster honesty does compell me to admit, I totally agree with you! would luv yr. travel stories facts, etc. best wishes, george

  • Coolsteppa

    Sharon Rajasthan is lovely, camel treks, pink city, luvly cuisine, NIce JEwels, etc, etc. taj mahal is just 4 hrs. Drive away. someday soon I’d like to visit the teetons in Wyoming. I will b traveling to Goa in mid wishes ,george

  • Coolsteppa

    Hi satish, so nice to hear fr. u. do text me on 00354-6631291 yr. e mail address, I will send you my email add. I’m traveling a bit , done 5 country’s since nov. last and luv traveling solo..please bear with me if I don’t answer my phone..wil reply to text msg. Saw reindeers yesterday in Nwest Sweden around Jamtland national park..tons of snow , wild life as well.they were so close I could almost touch them..they were so BEautiful to look at. The people in jamtland ar
    so amazingly hospitable, friendly. luvly wild cuisine, tried bear , reindeer, cantarels among other things, Yummy!
    AS a European Indian I also luv traveling solo to Goa, India, met some amazing Hip Travellers in Goa ,need accommodation in goa talk to me on fb Goa Holiday VIlla Home Accompdation Rental

  • Satishchadha

    hi George,
    My name is Satish Chadha and I like your post  I would like to travel solo to the Iceland some time in the future from the United States,like you said you can help, how any one can communicate with you direct, can you provide an direct email address or how?

  • Linda Luah Castle

    for me it was Rome and Amalfi coast….both places suit my needs :) 

  • Lokesh Kumar

    Nice Techniques, It really helps lot of SOLO Travellers.

    Dubai flights from UK

  • solotraveler

    I’m glad. Have a wonderful time!

  • Phuong Uyen

    Thanks for your share. I’m preparing for my first time solo travel ever… I’m kind of exciting and nervous as the same time. I believe I’m gonna go safe and sound thanks to your tips :)

  • George Holmes

    How about of fire in Ice.. Absolutely breath taking Nature,Voted best Nightlife in Europe as well.
    Rajasthan is great, Just back from  an Amazing dinning/shopping for Wall carpets hangings Gypsy ones holiday there and in  Goa, ..People tell me i have Amazing prices on NICE holiday accomodation in Goa…
    If U do come to Iceland..i might show U around a bit..
    Happy Solo travels…

  • George Holmes

    I travel  globaly solo for  various reasons..11 yrs. back i decided to see Iceland as a tourist..i luved it so much, i ended up staying here.Wonderful Nature, Highlands are Spectacular..Night Life has been voted best in Europe, Dinning among the best..incl fourseasons quality..Locals R just not Gorgeous, Handsome, they take immense delight in entertaining their guest..Iceland has year around activities , need info ask me…i might even show U around a bit…

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  • Henry Williams

    Great Article my last solo trip was to the Bahamas and it was wonderful

  • solotraveler

    Heather – what a wonderful contribution. And it is true, we are all solo travelers. Enjoy!!!

  • Heather Donaldson

    We’re all solo travelers – for me it’s just about putting myself into situations, and watching. As a 66 year old B&B owner, I’ve had the privilege of many stories… This year I’m creating my own – living in France for a year. I was fortunate to rent my home, giving me the required income. Wonderful things happened. I’m (slowly) learning the language, I’ve fallen in love, friends and family visited and I know myself in new ways – all because I just did it. Sure there are downsides – sickness being one I only navigated with the help of very dear friends – but the point is, I did it.

  • Joy Harron

    For the Solo Traveller, B&B is the only way to travel. I recommend Ireland for a solo visit. The people are very friendly and in the B&B’s you will feel like part of the family. Choose from over 1100 Tourist Board Approved B&B’s at and you will be sure of a positive experience.

  • Maria Alexandra

    I went to Israel by myself (read: Solo woman, 20 yrs old at the time) and it was a great experience. Three weeks, hitchhiked & couchsurfed for about 90% of the trip. Fascinating, easy country to navigate. I believe that as long as you do your homework & have some common sense, solo travel is not hard to do. Of course, it highly depends on your personality! I’ve always been very independent, hardly ever scared of anything, so maybe that helped? =P

  • Spinster

    “I am not sure there is any one destination or even continent that suits a solo traveller. It is the traveller that will probably suit them rather than the other way around.”

    Makes perfect sense and seems to apply to me. I don’t have a best destination; I’ve enjoyed every place I’ve done solo. :-) My most recent: Italy (Tuscany region) about 2 weeks ago.

  • solotraveler

    Thanks Iain. Your summary of the piece, is excellent. I meandered to the point. You nailed it. “I am not sure there is any one destination or even continent that suits a solo traveller. It is the traveller that will probably suit them rather than the other way around.”

  • Iain Mallory

    Great piece and as you allude to it probably has more to do with the experience as possibly even more importantly the attidude and confidence of the traveller.

    I am not sure there is any one destination or even continent that suits a solo traveller. It is the traveller that will probably suit them rather than the other way around.

    Some will look for total independence and remoteness whilst for others just being in a foreign location and culture will be adventure enough for them.

    Definitely agree that an inexperienced traveller should choose a less ambitious destination, cut their teeth and make any mistakes in a more forgiving culture.

    Thanks for sharing, I enjoyed the read.

  • AJ

    What a fabulous article, I enjoyed reading your tips and advice Janice. I’m a Hotel person really but the B&B & Hostel stay advice – having breakfast with strangers is a great idea. I think that’s something I could try in another Town (close to home) as you suggested. I’ve traveled alone many times but generally to meet friends or family at the other end – not quite the same I know.

  • Maria

    Cambodia. Pluses to traveling with friends or lovers but Cambodia is completely do-able as a solo-traveler – I’ve done it both ways.

  • Amer @TendToTravel

    Great article. My favourite solo destination so far has been Albania. It’s fantastic considering it’s kinda off the beaten track and people are surprisingly friendly.

  • KeK

    This is a really great post! A lot of people are scared to even go to the movies alone. I think they really just need to throw themselves into it and think about all the great experiences they will have. I know that’s what I did, and I am glad I did :-)

  • Pia and Kris

    We have never traveled solo yet, but we’ll love to do it someday and just meet on the other side of the world. Great tips, thanks! :)

  • solotraveler

    Hi Sharon, I’m afraid that I don’t have current experience in those places. Are you a member of the Solo Travel Society on Facebook? If yes, we could post the question there.

  • Rick Hewey

    Great info.I travel solo and it’s nice to hear the stories from other people

  • Sharon W

    I solo-traveled for work in both North and South America, which is a great way to get used to being solo – never pass on a solo trip for work that extends over the weekend, if possible! It has support built in and the local work contacts almost always make sure you have good things to do over the weekend.

    My last big solo trip was Bangkok on the way home from a tour group in Bhutan – I loved it! I’m thinking of touring Morocco or Rajasthan or a few weeks in a flat in Barcelona. Any recommendations?

  • Anja

    Thank you for this inpsiring blog!

    My first solo travel went to Paris and Normandy in France a few years ago which was a success and great for solo travellers. This autumn I am planning a visit to Barcelona, Valencia and Madrid.