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The Solo Traveler Accommodation Guide is Here!!!

Inspired by one reader, contributed to by many. The Solo Traveler Accommodation Guide is a FREE download of B&Bs, Hostels, Inns. and Boutique Hotels recommended by solo travelers. Continue reading

Live Creatively and Travel More – 7 ideas

Live creatively, save money and travel more. That's it. That's what this post is about. Continue reading

Trip Planning – address the pain points first

We all want to travel. We all have limitations. Here's how to plan your travels around them. Continue reading

An Invitation Across the Nation: buskers, tips and videos.

Ah, there's a good time to be had for almost free. Check out the buskers in any major city. Here's how to step up, connect, have fun and treat street performers respectfully. Continue reading

A Particular Kind of Heaven: a spring tradition in San Francisco

Flowers and art. Even if you don't like either individually you'll love them together. 13 Photos. Continue reading

Travel Problems: prevention and what to do when things go wrong

While travel disasters make great stories they are no fun to live through. Here's solid advice on avoiding problems and what to do if they arise. Continue reading

London and Paris – what I spent in 14 days

A reader wrote in asking how much I actually spent on my trip to London and Paris. So here you have them. My actual costs. Continue reading

On Seeing History as You Travel

There's missing history. Reconstructed history. And repositioned history. When traveling, it's important to maintain a degree of uncertainty. Continue reading

One Day in Florence: an itinerary in photos.

One day. Just one day for this fabulous city. What to do? Here's a itinerary. Continue reading

Bike tours for Solo Travelers: 5 reasons, 5 tips, 5 things not to worry about.

Cycling is a great way to see, hear and smell a place. Here's what you need to know about bike tours for solo travelers. Continue reading

Password Security AND Convenience – as you travel.

Protecting your privacy while having easy access to your online information is a challenge and can be a pain. Here's how our tech expert makes it easy Continue reading

Confident. Capable. Exotic. – that’s you! Happy Valentine’s Day.

A reflection on love and solo travel and how the two connect. Continue reading

Night Safety for Solo Travelers: 15 tips

Going out at night offers unique ways of experiencing your destination but it does require some special attention for safety. Here are 15 tips to keep you safe. Continue reading

“Because life is out there.” Career break information and inspiration.

A career break is a common dream for travelers. Here's the foremost career break expert giving us some information and lots of inspiration. Continue reading

The Britrail Option: Riding the rails and protecting pedestrians

Everyone in the UK is much safer when I opt for the train. Here's how to select, buy and use a Britrail pass. Continue reading

What to Do at Night When Traveling Alone – 7 Tips

Truly. Traveling alone does not mean that you're confined to your room with a book come evening. There's lots to do. Here are a few of my evening and 7 tips. Continue reading

Book Review: Eighty Days

Enjoy our first book review as part of the Solo Traveler Book Club. Step back in time as two women race in different directions around the world in 1889. Continue reading

Beijing in 32 Photos

Beijing is a complex city of highway chaos, apartment blocks and beautiful historic sites. Here's a glimpse in 32 photos. Continue reading

16 Tips for Successful Solo House-Sitting

House-sitting can be a great option for solo travelers. Here are some tips for doing it successfully. Continue reading

Money, Travel and the Future – 32 Tips on Saving

The desire may be to spend it all. Spend it all on travel. But that might compromise the future. Here's how to balance the two. Continue reading
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About Janice Waugh and Tracey Nesbitt

I'm an author, blogger, speaker and traveler. I became a widow and empty-nester at about the same time. And then, I became Solo Traveler... Here's the full story. >>

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