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Travel Itinerary: The Philippines Solo & on a Budget

Ever thought of going to the Philippines? One of our readers is going next month and, on her request, I found Dave, a travel blogger on the road for five years, to write this post. Continue reading

Traveler Meet City: Join a Jane’s Walk this Weekend

Jane's Walks are part of the rich legacy of urban activist Jane Jacobs. As a traveler, they are an excellent opportunity to discover a new city. At home, they are wonderful way to connect with you community. Find out if there is a Jane's Walk near you. Continue reading

7 Tips for the Kosher Traveler

It takes a little more thought and planning to travel with dietary restrictions. This article on Kosher food provides food for thought for everyone. Continue reading

Solo dining? Try restaurants with communal tables.

Communal tables are great for the solo traveler and they're becoming more common. Here's how to find them. Continue reading

Travel Contest: Win Prizes Doing the Blog Hop

Announcing the Blog Hop travel contest. Grand prize - $2000. Starts next week. Details here... Continue reading

Saving Travel Money:
funding your passion for travel

How do you save the money to travel? Here are 10 tips to help. Continue reading

Solo Travel Tours – 5 trips I’d like to take.

I usually make my own arrangements to travel solo but sometimes a package comes along that really interests me. Here are five. Continue reading

Solo travel by flashpacking:
cheap travel with a few perks.

Flashpacking is travel on the cheap with perks. Here are 7 tips gained from a 7 month flashpacking trip around the world. Continue reading

Recommended: Travel Solo to Japan on a Budget

This post about Japan on a Budget was requested by a reader of Solo Traveler who plans to travel solo to Japan in the next month. If you have a specific travel post request, please send it to me and I'll do my best to find a knowledgeable writer on the subject. Continue reading

Tips for the Shy Solo Traveler.

Here are 5 tips for traveling solo in silence and 5 more for traveling solo socially that even shy people can use. Continue reading

How to travel alone:
10 tips to survive culture shock.

Out of respect and to increase your safety, it is important to adapt to local customs and cultures -- especially when you travel alone. Here are 10 tips to help you slip into just about any scene. Continue reading

Travel Partners Make Sundance Affordable

I'm off to Utah to volunteer at the Sundance Film Festival. Planning this trip had a cost complication - it's expensive there. Here's how I solved the problem. Continue reading

Getting ready to travel solo: Four top tips for going to India.

Guest blogger Mariellen of shares her thoughts about solo travel as she prepares for her fourth solo trip to India. Continue reading

How to Travel Alone – 10 tips for road weary travelers.

No matter how wonderful travel is, it can get tiring if you're on the road for a long time. Here are 10 tips for the road weary traveler. Continue reading

How to Travel Alone: Planning for Food and Wine Fun

Here's how Tracey, our food and wine editor, plans her solo travels to savor the best of what her destinations have to offer. Continue reading

10 Tips on Clubbing & Pubbing Solo.

There were many responses to the post last week on Pub Life in the Lake District. It seems that people want to go out at night but are somewhat intimidated. So... I give you 10 tips on Clubbing & Pubbing Solo. Continue reading

How to travel alone: Have a Back-up Plan for your Travel Documents

Your personal safety is priority #1. The safety of your travel documents comes a close second. Here are five ways to access travel document, health and credit card information in case the actual documents go astray. Continue reading

10 tips to travel solo large on a small budget.

There are lots of ways to save money on travel. From flights to accommodation to tours, this post provides resources and strategies to travel large even on a small budget. Continue reading

3 Steps to Buying Perfect Hiking Boots

On my recent trip to the Lake District I learned the meaning of walking to the Brits. It is not walking as we think of it in North America. It is serious hiking which sent me on a trek to find the perfect hiking boots for my needs. And, I must say, I did pretty well. Here's a cheat sheet on buying hiking boots. Continue reading

How to Travel Alone: solo travel planning

So you're planning to travel solo. This post offers a three step trip planning process, highlights some points that may require special attention and offers some unique sources of information. Continue reading
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