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Solo Travel – Luxury Travel

Ok. I’ll fess up. I don’t typically solo travel in luxury. High end hotels don’t appeal to me (except on the rare occasion) because I find the guests less friendly and the staff friendly in an obligatory manner. I like small hotels, B&Bs, hostels and the like for the casual atmosphere and camaraderie they provide. After all, being able to meet people more easily is one of the reasons I travel solo. Continue reading

Solo Travel – Cheap Travel

Updated: November 25, 2009

Traveling cheap and solo can be a bit of a challenge. Just look at many of the deals that come via weekly newsletters from companies such as Travel Zoo and Independent Traveler and you’ll find, buried in the small print, the fact that most are based on double occupancy. But, with a little knowledge, effort and ingenuity, cheap is still possible for the solo traveler. Continue reading

Travel Solo and Yes, Talk to Strangers

Two solo travelers I met at breakfast at St. Christopher's Canal hostel in Paris.

Two solo travelers I met at breakfast at St. Christopher’s Canal hostel in Paris. Just chatting over a quick meal.

We are all raised not to talk to strangers. But, when you travel solo, the ability to talk to strangers… Continue reading

Travel Solo. Pack light.

Packing for life and travel.

Packing is about life and travel.

When you travel solo, it’s worth taking the time to pack light. There is no reason to be weighed down at the airport, as you make your way to your accommodation, on the train… anywhere… due to luggage. I was thinking about this as I watched George Clooney’s new film “Up in the Air”. There is a great packing scene that is the inspiration for this post. Unfortunately, at the time of publication, I couldn’t get that clip – only the trailer which doesn’t even have a glimpse of the scene.
Continue reading

Flight delays: time muggings and hard targets

Tim Paulsen is a colleague and international speaker on such subjects as Negotiations and
Time & Stress Management. He spends a lot of time traveling and graciously offered to write this article.
You can find out more at:

People who travel a lot know they will be mugged for time at some point or other. The savvy traveler knows it too, but is prepared and may even enjoy a longer delay. When the right steps are taken, “yes Virginia, getting there can be half the fun”!
Continue reading

8 Ways to Find a Free Local Travel Guide

My friend and the fellow from Lavalife.

My friend and the fellow from Lavalife.

I’ve heard of many creative ways to get a local to be your travel guide but my favorite is by a friend who had a yearning to go to Iceland. She is the… Continue reading

Yeah! Cool Free Travel Stuff


Everyone likes FREE travel stuff.

Especially good free stuff.

This is where you’ll find it. I’m starting the list with some of my favorite free travel resources plus those suggested by the members of the Solo Travel Society on Facebook and Twitter friends. I’ll move this information to the “Free Travel Stuff” page and add to it whenever I find something really worthwhile. Continue reading

First time for solo travel? Try a short retreat

Thinking of solo travel for the first time? If you are contemplating it and feeling gun shy, I would suggest a short retreat as your first trip. Short retreats are great because they give you a taste of how traveling solo can be liberating and a confidence-builder. Continue reading

Travel Solo and Save

Those of us who travel solo can be burdened by the single supplement for tours, cruises and resorts– essentially a surcharge because the business model for such operations requires two people to a room.  But we can choose to travel differently and avoid this. There are even ways to travel solo and save. Continue reading

Travel Alone and Love it: 50 tips

On one of the many canals in St. Petersburg – the Venice of the North.

When you travel alone, safety trumps everything. So, in addition to reading this post, please read the Solo Travel Safety post to ensure that all… Continue reading

Traveling alone doesn’t have to drain your wallet

When traveling solo, you can’t share the costs with anyone. And to add insult to injury, you’re often asked to pay a single supplement. But it is still possible to travel on a budget. Here are some ways you can save money: Continue reading

Eat alone and meet new people!

Eating alone was one of my concerns when I embarked on a five-month round-the-world solo trip last year. I never liked eating alone and the thought of sitting at a restaurant on my own, twiddling my thumbs while my meal was being prepared, was not exactly enticing. A month into my trip and I was glad if I had the chance to finally have a quiet meal on my own! That’s the greatest thing about solo travel: Continue reading

Packing Light Even (especially) for Long Trips

carry-on-suitcase When I was 15 I went on a cycling tour. Everything I needed for one month had to fit into two small panniers. That experience confirmed my commitment to packing light and helped create my family’s ‘one bag rule’: if you can’t carry it, you can’t take it.

The One Bag Advantage
I’m a huge fan of the carry-on. There are many advantages to packing everything Continue reading

Hostels: they aren’t just for the young.

I used to think that hostels were just for the under 25 set, but because of the economic downside, more people of all ages are looking for a cost-efficient alternative … hostels Continue reading

Your 2 cents in 3 minutes. Take the survey.

So, why do you travel solo? What are the real benefits? What skills do you use to make it great? What safety tips can you offer? Please take our quick travel survey and share your wisdom. The best bits of… Continue reading

5 Ways to Enjoy Restaurant Dining – Solo

Before I started this blog, I did a survey on the ever-valuable

I asked:

  • What do you like most about solo travel? See “The Top Ten Reasons You Love to Travel Solo” for the answers to that.
  • What do you like least about traveling solo? Dining alone in a restaurant tied with the single travel supplement.

The supplement issue was discussed in the last post. Now, five ways to deal with dinner alone. Continue reading

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How to Crash the Club Scene Solo


Clubbing is not really my thing. But I had heard that this one club in Havana was really worth it  so off I went not knowing how I was going to do it. What I learned was that I could crash the line-up and go to just about any club  solo and safe. Continue reading

Photochaining – virtual travel!

Photochaining is virtual travel. It’s an art form, a social experiment and a game.  It’s a touch mysterious and very magical.

Here’s how it works. Continue reading

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