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Travel Camera: I knew I had the right one when…

Buyer's remorse be gone. Here's why I'm confident that my travel camera was a good choice. Continue reading

Where to Drink Wine in Toronto

Wine is inherently social, so wine bars are a great place for solo travelers. Here are some fantastic options in Toronto. Continue reading

Arizona Road Trip: first feelings, findings and photos.

My first few days of my Arizona - Colorado road trip have been absolutely fantastic. Here's a taste of what I've lived and what's in store. Continue reading

Travel Technology: keep your photos and files safe in the cloud.

Accessing files when on the road. Backing up photos so that even if all your technology fails you haven't lost your precious photos. This is what this post is about. Continue reading

Is it Weird to Travel Alone? The manifesto returns.

First published in 2009, it seems the manifesto is still needed to respond to the query, "is it weird to travel alone?". Here it is again. Continue reading

Bare Minimum Packing – Gear!

Travel gear. It can be fun. But it can also weigh you down. Here are travel gear recommendations from your fellow solo travelers. Continue reading

Solo Travel to China: 32 Tips You Need to Know

Ah, the nuances of a country and it's culture. Ah, the nuances of China! Here are 32 tips you should know before embarking on a trip to China. Continue reading

Is it Time for a Solo Travel Makeover?

As life changes so can the when, why and how of your travels. Here are five questions to consider. Continue reading

Hello from China: a few photos for you

Here is a teaser of my first week in China - with a hint of the stories to come - in a series of photos. Continue reading

10 Simple Tips for Successful Solo Volunteering

Volunteering is a popular travel activity that is especially great for solo travelers. It connects solo travelers to community and other travelers. Here's 10 simple tips to get it right. Continue reading

Travel Technology: Increase your security and reduce costs

Every trip I try to improve my use of technology. This time I'm making a big leap forward with the help of Doug from Doug has refined my technology strategy. Here's his first post in a three part series. Continue reading

A Fitness Regime for the Road

It's time to take my fitness seriously. And given that I travel so much I have to consider travel fitness. Here's the routine I have planned for my upcoming trip to China. Continue reading

Traveling to China Solo – in a group.

China has required some unique planning and packing. Here's my trip itinerary and my preparations. Continue reading

Cheap Solo Travel – 21 posts to help you travel solo for less.

I received an email on the weekend that made me realize that I have written lots about traveling on a budget but I haven't made that information easy to find. So... here you go. Continue reading

5 Steps to Stretch Your Solo Travel Muscles

Yes, a few small steps and you'll be on your way to travel solo whether for the first time or for a more adventurous trip. Continue reading

Solo Travel Tour: there’s a time and a place.

Take a solo travel tour or go independently? If that's the question, here are six answers. Continue reading

Travel App Review: give it a shake.

Travel apps have become ubiquitous. Here's a travel app review for your trip preparation stage. Continue reading

Solo Travel Destination: Ljubljana, Slovenia

Ljubljana is a great place for solo travelers, with museums, bars, cafes, good transit, friendly people, a large park...and dragons! Continue reading

10 reasons – 10 photos. River cruises are great for solo travelers.

So, bottom line, is a river cruise great for solo travelers? Yes, depending what you're looking for. Here are 10 reasons they are that should help you decide if one is for you. Continue reading

How to Find More Travel Time – 15 tips

In the 2012 Reader's Survey you told me that time was the second biggest reason you couldn't travel more. Well, here are a few ideas on how to take on this challenge. Continue reading
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