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How to Travel Alone

A Fitness Regime for the Road

It's time to take my fitness seriously. And given that I travel so much I have to consider travel fitness. Here's the routine I have planned for my upcoming trip to China. Continue reading

Traveling to China Solo – in a group.

China has required some unique planning and packing. Here's my trip itinerary and my preparations. Continue reading

Cheap Solo Travel – 21 posts to help you travel solo for less.

I received an email on the weekend that made me realize that I have written lots about traveling on a budget but I haven't made that information easy to find. So... here you go. Continue reading

5 Steps to Stretch Your Solo Travel Muscles

Yes, a few small steps and you'll be on your way to travel solo whether for the first time or for a more adventurous trip. Continue reading

Solo Travel Tour: there’s a time and a place.

Take a solo travel tour or go independently? If that's the question, here are six answers. Continue reading

Travel App Review: give it a shake.

Travel apps have become ubiquitous. Here's a travel app review for your trip preparation stage. Continue reading

Solo Travel Destination: Ljubljana, Slovenia

Ljubljana is a great place for solo travelers, with museums, bars, cafes, good transit, friendly people, a large park...and dragons! Continue reading

10 reasons – 10 photos. River cruises are great for solo travelers.

So, bottom line, is a river cruise great for solo travelers? Yes, depending what you're looking for. Here are 10 reasons they are that should help you decide if one is for you. Continue reading

How to Find More Travel Time – 15 tips

In the 2012 Reader's Survey you told me that time was the second biggest reason you couldn't travel more. Well, here are a few ideas on how to take on this challenge. Continue reading

When the River is Your Highway – tips on cruising

Fresh from my river cruise from Nuremberg to Vienna, here are my seven tips for solo travelers on a river cruise. Continue reading

Home for the Holidays? Embrace a bit of solo time.

Whether you're too alone for Christmas or would desperately like a little alone time... here are some thoughts. Continue reading

Accommodation and the Distance of a Dollar

You asked for it. In the Reader Survey you asked for more ways to save money when traveling. Here's just one way I'm responding. Continue reading

Saving Travel Dollars with Loyalty Programs

Right or wrong, I’ve more or less given up on airline loyalty programs. Right or wrong, I’ve more or less given up on airline loyalty programs. Here's why. Continue reading

Free accommodation: try a home exchange

Did someone ask for free accommodation? Here's an answer. Continue reading

Plan, Pack, Cruise

One trip. Many purposes. Work, play and cruise. Here's how I'm packing. Continue reading

How to Travel Solo: 50+ Tips

I wrote my 50 tips post when I first started Solo Traveler. It was definitely time to update it. Please leave your tips in the comments. Continue reading

Single Supplement Waived: Music to the solo travelers ears.

Single Supplement Waived is the key term that solo travelers look for when buying a packaged vacation. Here's how to find them. Continue reading

How to Rent Your Home and Go Traveling

Want to pack it in temporarily and trade it for long term travel? Renting your home may make it possible. Continue reading

Thin Air but Good Hair – coping with high altitudes

Warning signs and managing tips for high altitudes Continue reading

Everyone Deserves a Dalliance with Luxury

You may do luxury every time you travel solo or it may be a once in a lifetime thing. Whichever, here's how to get the best from a luxury trip. Continue reading
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