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Azaleation: The Just Misses of Travel

Poems often tie up a series of life experiences in one idea. This is just as true of travel experiences and travel poems. Billy Collins offers us one here. Continue reading

Paris is… in photos and a poem

Paris is iconic. The city of lights has been an inspiration to many including Solo Traveler reader Judy Tate. Here we pair her poem with my photos. Continue reading

Be Rich with All You Gain On the Way – a travel poem & Sean Connery

The importance of the journey is great but few have expressed so clearly the actual value in it. Here is a travel poem for you. Continue reading

Generosity, Safety Nets and a Travel Poem

Who of us have not been in situations when the generosity of strangers have made all the difference. Here's a travel poem that tells such a story. Continue reading

We Could Be the Last: a Sci-fi Travel Poem

What if we could no longer travel around the earth but only to the earth. This poem teaches us to drink in what we have more fully. Continue reading

Single? Travel and Get Lucky: the Sunday travel poem

Single travel is often focused on bringing lonely hearts together. Ah, but there is so much more to be had. This travel poem gives new meaning to the term "getting lucky". Continue reading

Run Off and Join the Circus? The Sunday Travel Poem

The best of travel. Hang around when you want. Take off when the fancy strikes you - yes, you can run off with the circus. Continue reading

Against Travel Bags with Wheels: today’s Sunday Travel Poem

A rant and a tribute to the lugging of luggage and what it means to travel. Oh, I do like this poem. Continue reading

Poet, Ambassador, Dancer… Genius – the Sunday Travel Poem

Another reason to add to the "why I travel solo" list. Continue reading

Take Neither Camera Nor Notebook – a very short Sunday Travel Poem

Do you live your travels or document them? Do you have the balance right? This short poem evocatively puts the issue in its place. Continue reading

What If This Road – the Sunday Travel Poem by Sheenagh Pugh

I'm not sure if I agree fully with Sheenagh Pugh. Is it the road that presents surprises or the way in which we approach life? Continue reading

The World Won’t Miss You for a While – a Sunday Travel Poem by Kathryn Simmonds

Take a moment for yourself. The world will keep on spinning. Continue reading

Travel and Intelligence – not quite a Sunday Travel Poem

Travel infuses us with new intelligence. How's that for a premise - as a rationale for our need to travel. Well, poetry and science say it's true. Continue reading

Splendid Happiness and Solo Travel: the Sunday Travel poem is by Martha Medeiros

What is happiness and what isn't it. Pablo Neruda helps us understand and it does have value for solo travelers. Continue reading

The Lady in 38C – The Sunday Travel Poem is by Lori Jakiela

Today's travel poem reminds us to take joy in every aspect of our travels. Continue reading

“For the Traveler” – the Sunday travel poem is by John O’Donohue

Today's Sunday Travel Poem is rich with ideal to mine that are relevant to the solo traveler. Continue reading

Questions of Travel: a Poem by Elizabeth Bishop

The question of why.

Why do we travel? Why do I travel? Why have I wanted to since I was ten years old?

Why does it capture my imagination so. And is it, as Elizabeth Bishop suggests, a lack of… Continue reading

Poetry as Destination – Stanzas in Stone

Poetry offers delightful surprises along the walking paths of West Yorkshire. Continue reading

Punk Poem on Travel… Majorca by John Cooper Clarke

Poetry has been punked. It's been slammed. It's been turned into performance art. Here's a wonderful example AND it's about travel. Continue reading

A poem for Travelers… Simon Constam

Traveling is hard work. Since it's also optional, it needs meaning. But what? This is what today's travel poem is about. Continue reading
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