Tweeting from TIFF

TIFF, the Toronto International Film Festival,  is great for film lovers. But it’s not just about the films. It’s also about  the people you meet in line and film talk with strangers. It’s an artistic, intellectual and social high. I’ll be tweeting about TIFF between films @solotraveler. I’ll also write a festival review Sept 22nd. […]

Solo Travel with a Disability


I am so very pleased to welcome Scott Rains as a guest blogger on Solo Traveler. Scott publishes the Rolling Rains Report – Precipitating Dialogues on Travel, Disability, and Universal Design. A big thank you to  Scott for sharing his unique insights on traveling solo with a disability. Share| Janice Waugh exposed the heart of […]

Recommended: Travel solo for self renewal

Gwen rainbow

This is the second in a series entitled “Recommended: Travel Solo in …” Every author will share one of their favorite places, ways, modes, gear… for solo travel.  “Recommended: Travel Solo for Self Renewal is by Gwen McCauley, a Life Transition Coach, coach trainer & retreat facilitator passionate about travel. Read more at I’ve […]

FREE eBook of Solo Travel Tales

Glad cover

  I get to tell my tales of traveling solo all the time. But you, the readers have many stories to tell as well. This is why I put out the call for contributions to a free eBook about solo travel. The response was fabulous. In addition to all the people who showed their enthusiasm […]

Ten Reasons to Travel Solo After 50

Every week, people reach this blog by searching the words: “solo travel after 50”.  Accompanying these words are others like: safety; why; is it smart…  There seems to be some concern about age and solo travel. From my perspective, there shouldn’t be. Being 52, I think I’m qualified to address this issue. And, as you […]

Chasing Change: Mark Twain, Joan Baez
& Volunteers Traveling Solo

Volunteers create community as they travel solo.

Last week, within the course of a few days, I heard a Mark Twain quote, “Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness…”, and, a recording of Joan Baez singing “We Shall Overcome” at a rally in Alabama in the 60s. Twain was promoting travel to affect internal change – to broaden perspectives, break down […]

A Short Survey and Some Blue Sky Thinking

question mark

So far, Solo Traveler has been a hobby — a wonderful, all-consuming hobby. I live and breathe it morning to night. My day job is writing websites and business articles but my passion is working on this blog. So, I’m deliberating its future. Are there ways in which I can add value to Solo Traveler […]

7 Things You Don’t Love About Solo Travel

Updated: April 2015 Before I launched this blog, I took a survey to find out how many friends and family travel solo, what they like and dislike about it, what tips they would offer. You can read some of their answers on a number of posts, including: Top Ten Reasons You Love to Travel Solo Travel […]

Slow Travel Solo

From the Architectural Boat Tour

I don’t travel to see made-for-tourism attractions. I don’t believe in seeing every sight a city has to offer. I travel in search of new perspectives. I want to see how others live. And I want to try to understand why. Dashing from museum to famous monument to over-rated tourist restaurant will tell me little […]

A Message to Young Solo Travelers

Father and son goofing around

I didn’t see it coming. I don’t know why. I should have. My youngest son had just about every one of his July birthdays on the road. At two, we were headed west and celebrated at a Swiss Chalet in Thunder Bay. At three, I poached him a cake on a Coleman stove at a campsite […]

Going Solo: Are you Spiderman or Superman?

Yup! More like Peter Parker (or Aunt May) than Superman

Superheroes have to be extroverts to take on the world. For Superman, this is natural. His superhero costume is always on. He covers it up to become Clark Kent and blend in with the world then changes in a phone booth with window on all sides! He is, without doubt, an extrovert. Spiderman, on the […]

Travel & Culture: Good manners and political perspectives.


From the 2009 archives. As the story goes, when Queen Victoria received a guest who poured tea into his saucer and drank from it, she promptly did the same. Good manners dictated that making her guest comfortable trumped Her Majesty’s standards. Last week Michaelle Jean, the Governor General of Canada, ate raw seal meat at […]

Planning a solo vacation?
Chances are you’re Irish.


According to research on Google, more people from Ireland search for solo vacation information than from any other country. In fact, North America falls behind Ireland, the United Kingdom and Australia when it comes to their interest in a solo vacation. Canadians are just a smidge ahead of Americans on the list. Last updated: 4th […]

Solo Travel as a Spiritual Journey

experiential travel

It doesn’t interest me what you do for a living. I want to know what you ache for and if you dare to dream of meeting your heart’s longing. From The Invitation by Oriah Mountain Dreamer Updated: April 2015 These words by Oriah Mountain Dreamer speak to the essence of what both she and Ainslie […]

Solo Walking: Slow down and enjoy


A walking holiday is an opportunity to slow down and explore paths less traveled. It’s a chance to enjoy sights, sounds and smells that you would otherwise miss.  It offers time to relax, think and ponder on a journey that can be as spiritual as it is physical. There are many people who are avid […]

The Solo Curmudgeon – 10 ways to find solitude.

A curmudgeon– a grouch, whiner, malcontent —  wouldn’t normally head out solo to explore the world and all it’s wonders. Such people are more inclined to stay at home determined to avoid social interaction. As a solo traveler, this is definitely not you. Or is it? Maybe, on occasion, we are all curmudgeons on the […]

No Single Supplement!


POST UPDATE – Visit Solo Travel Deals page Since writing this post I have added a deals page to this blog with travel opportunities that have no single supplement. I have a google alert looking for such deals and every time I find one I add it to the list. Please have a look. Hopefully […]