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2014 Solo Travel Destinations: how to be safe wherever you go

Travel solo and safe with these 10 solo travel safety fundamentals. Continue reading

Is it safe to travel alone?

While there are no guarantees - I can't guarantee your safety as you travel solo - I can provide advice that will help keep you safe. This post leads you to nine others on solo travel safety. Continue reading

Night Safety for Solo Travelers: 15 tips

Going out at night offers unique ways of experiencing your destination but it does require some special attention for safety. Here are 15 tips to keep you safe. Continue reading

Solo Travel Safety: 15 analog safety tips, 12 digital safety tools.

Solo traveler's take full responsibility for their own safety as they travel. You need these tips, apps and resources. Continue reading

Solo Travel Safety: My Kind of Strangers

Sometimes the things you learn as a child stay with you your entire life. This was the case with me. This safety tip informs much of the safety information I offer for solo travelers. Continue reading

Travel Solo Safely: the Gifts of fear and anger.

Too often we consider fear and anger as negative emotions. Here's a positive spin on them that is important for solo travelers. Continue reading

Should Things Go Wrong – the travel insurance lifeline

You don't apprecaite it until you really need it. Travel insurance is a travel necessity... should things go wrong. Continue reading

Your Voice as Weapon

Practice using your voice so that it is ready if you need it. Continue reading

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and Safety Principle #5

A solo travel safety tidbit is what remains with me a week after seeing The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. Continue reading

Is Mexico safe? Five Tips for Choosing a Safe Destination

Is it safe? Is it safe to travel solo? Here's my report from Mexico and how I determine the safety of a destination about which I have concerns. Continue reading

Solo Travel Mistakes to Avoid

From a safety perspective, these 6 travel mistakes to avoid will help you in your travels. Continue reading

Safe Places and Not-so-Safe Places for Solo Travelers

It's important to be safe when you travel alone. Your location - the city, district, pub... affects your safety. Here's how to know when a place is safe and when maybe it's not. Continue reading

Solo Travel Safety: 10 ways to blend in when you can’t.

My white curly hair stands out in a crowd - especially traveling places like South America or the Middle East. Here's how to blend in when you really can't. Continue reading

Travel Sickness: how to prevent 5 travel-related health problems

Preventing travel sickness - malaria, poison ivy, diarrhea, lime disease, altitude sickness - is really important for solo travelers. Here's how. Continue reading

Addressing Solo Travel Objection #1: ten safety solutions.

Solo travel objection #1 is about safety. Well, fear not. Here are ten ways to travel solo and safe. Continue reading

Rules for Romance (read Sex) on the Road

Temptation! Yes, it can be tempting sometimes to get involved with someone when traveling. Here are a few things you should think about before you do. Continue reading

Solo Travel: A Cautionary Tale

There is a reason that I write about safety extensively. The reason is that I was in a very dangerous situation in my first city of my very first solo trip. Please read and share. Continue reading

Sick & Solo: travel is not always fun.

The only sickness I've endured as I've traveled is sea sickness. But there is lots more that can come your way. Here are tips for prevention and what to do if sickness strikes. Click on the title to read more... Continue reading

Solo Travel Safety: 20 Common Sense Tips

Common sense in one country is not necessarily common in another. Travelers must have travel common sense. Here are 20 tips to help you get yours. Continue reading

Solo Travel Safety: tips for respecting local cultures

Respect for a culture, its customs and laws is fundamental to personal safety when traveling. Here are 8 tips to help you be respectful even if you don't know the nuances of the country's customs. Continue reading
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