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Cycling San Francisco and What’s Behind Door #1

Cycling is a great way to explore a city. I've done so many times. But in San Francisco... Continue reading

A Particular Kind of Heaven: a spring tradition in San Francisco

Flowers and art. Even if you don't like either individually you'll love them together. 13 Photos. Continue reading

A Day Trip to Parma and the Source of Parmigiano-Reggiano

One has to rise before the sun to catch how Parmigiano-Reggiano is made and then enjoy other features of beautiful Parma. Continue reading

Paris’ Past in the Pantheon

A dreary day in Paris - what better to do than go to a crypt? A really beautiful crypt that reveals much of the city's history. Continue reading

Cancun in Photos

Sun, sand, tequila, new friends, a fascinating museum...Cancun through Tracey's eyes. Continue reading

48 Hours in Philly

A weekend in Philadelphia leads to some fascinating and delicious experiences. Continue reading

Guest in a Paris Salon

Dinner is a Parisian's apartment, sipping wine, eating French food... heaven. Continue reading

One Delicious Day in Venice.

A short train ride from Bologna and I was in Venice. Remarkable for its canals, I discovered it through its food. Continue reading

Friendly Paris: exploring the real Paris with a Greeter

Paris is not known for being friendly but, explore the city with a volunteer Paris Greeter and you will most certainly discover warm, friendly people as well as a perspective on Paris that otherwise remains hidden. Continue reading

Solo and Slow Results in an Evening of Fine Food and New Friends

Yet again, traveling solo serves up an extraordinary experience, this time accompanied by delicious food. Continue reading

Beautiful, Bountiful Italy: my souvenirs from Emilia Romagna

To rediscover a lost love is a wonderful thing. In this case, my lost love was food. In Italy, a country full of romance, it was found. Continue reading

A Day in the Life of a Great Migration Photographic Safari

Solo on safari - Susan, a long time reader of Solo Traveler, goes on a photographic safari of the Great Migration and now, lucky us, she shares her experience and photos. Continue reading

Road Trip: the backroads of Emilia Romagna, Italy

Driving the back roads of Emilia Romagna, Italy was fun, empowering and a feast for the eyes. Continue reading

Joy and Balsamic Vinegar: this is what life’s about

A quest for Balsamic Vinegar results in an understanding of Aceto Balsamico Tradizionale di Modena and the delightful hospitality of the family that produces it. Continue reading

Ciao from Bologna: taking it slow

Traveling slow has many benefits, including the time to patiently wait for the right time to take photographs. Continue reading

7 Things that Happen When You Do Nothing

What I needed was a holiday. I didn't need to travel but to be quiet, calm, solo. So I went and, amongst all the doing of nothing I found that much happened. Continue reading

Udaipur: the Venice of India in Photos

Udaipur - the Venice of India and the highlight of my memories of India. Continue reading

Lhasa, Tibet: see for yourself.

What I saw in Lhasa didn't match what I expected. Have a look for yourself. Continue reading

The Luxury of Jordan

From accommodation to food to activities, Jordan is a luxury destination in many ways. See it all in pictures. Continue reading

How to Chautauqua

Now that I've whetted your appetite for Chautauqua, here's how to plan your visit. Continue reading
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Tracey Nesbitt I’m a writer, editor, food and wine fanatic, and traveler. On my very first trip abroad I learned that solo travel was for me. Here's the full story. >>

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