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Two Sides of Venice Beach

It's not only developing countries that leave a traveler conflicted. My day at Venice Beach provided a wide view of America from gentrified communities to homeless ones. Continue reading

The Magnificent UNESCO Temples of Java: walk with me.

Let me take you to the 9th century temples of Prambanan and Borobudur in photos. Continue reading

Exploring Bologna: Stolen Cadavers and Modern Medicine

A morbid imagination took me to the Anatomical Theater in Bologna to discover that what I had imagined was closer to the truth than I expected. Continue reading

Life, Death, Divorce and Solo Travel

From high adventure to profound learning, Solo Traveler reader, Elizabeth, shares her experience in Cape Town, South Africa. Continue reading

Giving Space to All Life – of travelers and cockroaches

A story of travel, learning from another culture and a villain vindicated by a hero. Continue reading

More Behind the Scenes in Java and Bali

This is the second in a two part series on some the wonderful people I met in Java and Bali. This one is about the spontaneous meetings. There is also a link to the first post which includes the meetings that were part of the planned itinerary. Continue reading

Into Homes, Schools and Villages in Java and Bali

People make travel special to me. This is the first in a two part series on the people I met in Java and Bali. This one is about the planned meetings. Next time, the wonderful surprise meetings. Continue reading

Jostling Through Java by Train

Leaving the busy cities behind and seeing another side of Java by taking the train. Continue reading

From the Frenzy of Jakarta to the Calm of Bogor’s Botanical Gardens – in Photos

The beauty and the bustle of Jakarta and Bogor: photos from Janice's first two days in Indonesia. Continue reading

A Taste of Hershey Harrisburg

Getting a taste of Hershey Harrisburg through the wine, beer, and food made by passionate locals. Continue reading

Solo Travel Can Be Easy: Bremen in three hours and 16 photos

Bremen is a wonderful German town to visit but, more remarkable on this excursion was how easy it was - everything just fell into place. Continue reading

Cycling San Francisco and What’s Behind Door #1

Cycling is a great way to explore a city. I've done so many times. But in San Francisco... Continue reading

A Particular Kind of Heaven: a spring tradition in San Francisco

Flowers and art. Even if you don't like either individually you'll love them together. 13 Photos. Continue reading

A Day Trip to Parma and the Source of Parmigiano-Reggiano

One has to rise before the sun to catch how Parmigiano-Reggiano is made and then enjoy other features of beautiful Parma. Continue reading

Paris’ Past in the Pantheon

A dreary day in Paris - what better to do than go to a crypt? A really beautiful crypt that reveals much of the city's history. Continue reading

Cancun in Photos

Sun, sand, tequila, new friends, a fascinating museum...Cancun through Tracey's eyes. Continue reading

48 Hours in Philly

A weekend in Philadelphia leads to some fascinating and delicious experiences. Continue reading

Guest in a Paris Salon

Dinner is a Parisian's apartment, sipping wine, eating French food... heaven. Continue reading

One Delicious Day in Venice.

A short train ride from Bologna and I was in Venice. Remarkable for its canals, I discovered it through its food. Continue reading

Friendly Paris: exploring the real Paris with a Greeter

Paris is not known for being friendly but, explore the city with a volunteer Paris Greeter and you will most certainly discover warm, friendly people as well as a perspective on Paris that otherwise remains hidden. Continue reading
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