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Traveling The Bridge That Disappears Twice A Day – Bay of Fundy

From the leisurely pace of New Brunswick to the yet slower pace of Minister's Island. But the island had my imagination roaring! Continue reading

Solo in Prague: Blurred Borders in a Czech Kitchen

The joy of connecting with locals in Prague eluded this solo traveler - until she got into the kitchen and chopped the tail off a fish. Continue reading

Solo Traveler in Washington – a few of my photos

Traveling solo to Washington this time was not a very solitary experience. Here are a few photos of my trip. More to come soon. Continue reading

A New Way to Drink Vodka: vodka recipe

A fresh yet slightly savory recipe for a vodka drink - served up for your weekend fun. Continue reading

7 Solo Travel Stories – my 7 links.

This is fun. I was asked to dig into the 455 posts on Solo Traveler and offer my favorite in 7 categories. How do you think I did? Continue reading

How to Dig for Clams: the Bay of Fundy

A peaceful excursion into a traditional lifestyle on the Bay of Fundy. Great for those who travel alone. Continue reading

Epic Trip #4 – Race Across America

So, why epic trips. Why push yourself? What do they mean? Rachelle explores this in Epic Trip #4. Continue reading

The bathroom interview and my digital path to the Smithsonian

It's a bit of a crazy story how I came to be invited to speak at the Smithsonian. I hope you enjoy. Continue reading

Solo Travel to Cancun

This solo traveler discovers that there is much more to Cancun than sunbathing and shopping, and comes away with a fascination with numbers. Continue reading

Epic Trip #3 – the Gobi Desert 2011 Expedition

In this Epic Trip story a traveling couple goes separate ways for a bit so that Lauren can travel solo with the amazing Gobi Desert Expedition. Continue reading

Solo Travel to Cape Town

Cape Town is a great destination for solo travelers. From the beaches to the mountains, the botanical gardens to the penguins, there is beauty everywhere you turn. Continue reading

Epic Trip #2: Solo Travelers on the Ultimate Train Challenge

Epic Trip #2 - the Ultimate Train Challenge. This will be amazing to watch. 5 solo travelers. 1 destination. Read the fun. Continue reading

Canadians Go Canuck Crazy – game five.

I was in Vancouver for game five when the city erupted with excitement over a win. I went right through the center and got some great photos. Continue reading

Solo Travel to Vancouver for the Draw Down

A great draw to Vancouver for solo travelers this spring/summer is Vancouver Draw Down 2011. It's a fun, social way of doing art. Have a read. Continue reading

Solo in London: a trip to Shakespeare’s Globe

A unique glimpse into Elizabethan England through a trip to Shakespeare's Globe Theatre. Continue reading

Epic Trips: The Mongol Rally

This is it! The first post of this month's theme of Epic Trips. Have you not heard of the Mongol Rally? Then read on. Continue reading

Solo Travel in Moscow

Our solo traveler finds that Moscow is a city of contrasts: from the architecture to the landscape to the people. Continue reading

Spiced Up Jordan

The food. The food of Jordan was wonderful. I only hope that the photos in this post gives you a sense of just how wonderful. Continue reading

Solo in Buenos Aires: The Paris of South America

Buenos Aires is a great place for solo travelers. The most sophisticated city in South America has plenty of culture to absorb. Don't forget your dancing shoes! Continue reading

Solo Travel in Sydney

This solo traveler fulfilled a long-time wish to visit Australia, and discovered beauty, ghosts and new friends in Sydney. Continue reading

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Tracey Nesbitt I’m a writer, editor, food and wine fanatic, and traveler. On my very first trip abroad I learned that solo travel was for me. Here's the full story. >>

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