The Colorful Valparaiso, Chile

Colorful houses of Valparaiso, Chile

The colorful houses of Valparaiso, Chile

Valparaiso is the oldest, and until recently, the busiest port city in Chile.

While Chile has been influenced by many cultures over the years, the influences tend to be seen in pockets. There are the Germans of the Lake District and Welsh in Patagonia. But Valparaiso, being a port city, has been influenced by many cultures over the year.

Also, like seaside villages, towns and cities all over the world, the houses are painted brightly. You’ll see this in Iceland, Newfoundland, Canada and, yes, Valparaiso.

It is a very special city for many travelers and Chileans however it seems to have suffered in the last year since the earthquake. Some of the ascensors aren’t working for example. But, as you will see by the photos, there is still plenty to enjoy there.

I spent most of my time in two areas of Valparaiso: Concepción and Museo a Cielo Abierto.  Here is my experience in photos. When I return from my trip I will share stories as well.

More colorful houses on Museo a Cielo Abierto area

I was fascinated by the beauty.

Laundry hanging outside colorful house.

A close up on the everyday life of people.

Entrance to Ascensor Concepción

Entrance to the Ascensor Concepción

Riding up the Ascensor which is a fenicular in Europe.

Riding up the Ascensor which is a fenicular in Europe.

Some houses showed earthquake cracks

Houses in Concepción. Some showed earthquake cracks.

The Hotel Brighton (on right) as a wonderful patio with a view

The Hotel Brighton (on right) has a wonderful patio with a view.

Heading into the Hotel for a Pisco Sour

Heading into the Hotel for a Pisco Sour - a traditional drink in Chile which is fabulous.

Museo a Cielo Abierto

Museo a Cielo Abierto is an area of steep, winding sidewalks with numerous murals.

Some of the murals of the Museo a Cielo Abierto

Mural being restored

A mural being restored

One of eight panels in this magical mural.

  • Beatriz

    What beautiful, colorful pics you posted. I am of Chilean parents and am hoping to travel from Argentina (which I will be shortly visiting) next month. This has served as great inspiration to visit the enticing port city from which my roots originate. Cheers!

  • Swetha Reddy

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  • Janice Waugh

    yes, it’s so pretty – so interesting. Wish I was there for a week but only had a day.

  • confusionends

    I am an American and lived alone in Valpo (short for Valparaiso) for 6 months. I loved it enough to remain forever…

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  • Matias

    Valparaiso es hermoso tiene muchos lugares donde yo por lo menos encontre esta pagina que enseña varios lugares donde ir en esta ciudad espero les sirva paginas buenas son pocas,

    Difundir no cuesta nada y menos aun cuando no es basura lo que se difunde.


  • Janice Waugh


  • Silvia Ceriegi

    Since I love Isabelle Allende’s books, I can’t don’t love Valparaiso!!

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  • solotraveler

    I love how the word spreads. :) Your blog is great as well. I’m now following you on Twitter.

  • naomi

    Great pictures! I just left here. Currently working on a cruise ship and heard about your blog througha guest who met you at a coffee shop in Chile. Love it! Please check out mine as well!

  • Ayngelina

    I’m heading there in a month or so and cannot wait to get my camera out. Nice photos.

  • Louis Mignault

    Finally, I get to keep an eye on you, after returning from a two months solotravel myself. Your pictures show that you are having a wonderful experience and I want to go there too!
    Looking forward to finding out more about your trip when you get back.

  • solotraveler

    I´m having a wonderful time Marcel – and so much is thanks to you! I´m not in Puerto Varas and planning to take a put to Petroa to see the lake and Volcano.

  • Harry van Bommel

    What a visually “awesome” (I have teenagers after all) experience. Isn’t being a writer wonderful? So much to see and you get to do it while while sharing you experience with thousands of others. Enjoy it all!

  • Marcela

    Great pics Janice! Wish I was there with you

  • Nancy

    Fascinating pictures!! Pictures are worth thousand words. Your pictures make me want to visit Chile very soon.

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  • Christoph

    Hi! I love your pics! They are great! I’d love to ask you if you would want to participate with one in our webpage We have a section “Like a postcard” where we publish photos of travellers that they made in Valparaíso. Look here: It would be great if you would select your favorite photo and send it together with the five point information to my email.
    Thanks a lot!

  • my_fare_lady

    Love the photos Janice and your eye for color–and obvious love of culture. You look radiant. I want to be you when I grow up!