Donate to Pakistan Relief: experience another culture in your own backyard.

woman getting henna

Getting a henna.

The flooding in Pakistan is a devastating people’s crisis. Regardless of what one may think of Pakistan politically, 20 million people – women, children, seniors, men – have been left homeless by the flooding. More people than the tsunami and Haiti earthquake combined. The safety and security of families have been destroyed. Children left parentless. Parents-to-be terrified. Here are few of the stats:

  • 20 million people displaced
  • Almost half are children
  • 500,000 pregnant women
  • 20% of the agricultural land is now unusable in a country that depends on agriculture to feed its people.

You can help
Fundraising to help Pakistan can be a wonderful opportunity to experience another culture without leaving home. Last week, my niece organized a fundraiser in her backyard. People bought tickets for an evening of Pakistani culture. But there were more ways to contribute. The currency was bangles – 3 for $20.

  • For 5 bangles you could wear a sari or salwar kameez for the evening (these had been donated by friends)
  • For 3 bangles you could have a beautiful henna tattoo on your hand and arm.
  • 1 bangle for a drink
  • 1 bangle for 5 raffle tickets
  • Pakistani music played in the background.
  • Bollywood films  were screened.
  • Food, food, food.

The result: the evening raised $8,825.00.
The Canadian government is matching all Canadian donations until Sunday, September 12th making the contribution from this event so far  at $17, 650 or enough to provide food for 24,000 people.

You can donate to UNICEF through my niece’s UNICEF fundraising effort by clicking here. (Please note that the fundraising figure online doesn’t reflect what was raised at the evening.

You can start your own fundraiser for UNICEF with information provided here.

We are so fortunate to live such comfortable lives  and have had a wonderful evening.

senior woman in salwar kameez smiling

woman in a sari

  • Geoff Godard

    It was an excellent, well-organized evening and Madeleine should be pretty pleased with the outcome.

    Never had Kinfisher beer before either. At only one bangle – a great bargain.


  • dale

    Fundraising update…. cheques still coming in now we’re at $8,965.00