Elephant Chase in India – photos and video

Our first sighting of animals in the park were wild boar.

The chances of actually seeing an elephant were better in the morning so we (four solo travelers united by a desire to see an elephant in the wild)  had an early start from the Ashram in Rishikesh.

Early, for typical travelers but late for us. We wanted to get our first yoga practice of the day in first so 8am was our pick up time (after our 6am yoga).

The drive to Rajiji National Park took us out of Rishikesh and into the countryside which, itself, was worth the trip. It was beautiful. At the park we changed to a jeep and went with our guide into the jungle. Here are some of the photos from the experience and a video at the end in which a huge male elephant chased us.

The park covers over 200,000 acres.


We drove through riverbeds almost dry that would be flooded during the monsoon season.

Look carefully. You will seem many more than one deer. We saw dozens on our safari who were not bothered at all by our presence.

We stopped at a ranger's station almost at the end of our safari and were introduced to two working elephants - compensation for not having seen one. But feeding them was cool!

And then, finally, in the distance, we spotted one lonely male elephant looking for a mate.

He was magnificent!

He decided to turn our way. Our guide waited for him knowing just when he had to move quickly.

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  • http://mywanderlist.com Brad from myWanderlist

    What a crazy experience, Janice. We just drove a rickshaw across India, and I was so freaked-out driving through the elephant parks. They can be so unpredictable.

  • India

    ridiculous….lions kill human for food but elephants never kill humans,..they accidently kill humans only when they feel threatened or gone mad…get facts please

  • Reinier italy travel

    You had put yourselves on a high risk situation there, you guys had fun but it’s no laughing matter being chased by a fierce Elephants, as these mammals kill more humans than lions does.

  • http://www.toptraveldestinationdeals.com/ subra mani

    Nice elephant chasing video, In some parts of kerala elephants are available, Here you can see elephant trainers more, and kerala is a fentastic place also to take a trip

  • http://www.knok.com/fr/knoleskine/ Florine Foulon

    The 5th picture is fantastic, you’ve got the eye! It may be even better with the animal only and no human in the background, but this one immediately caught my attention!

  • Vivian

    What a spectacular animal and an amazing experience to remember for the rest of your life. Lucky girl, Janice!

  • Satu

    Wow, you got pretty close to that elephant! I was once on a motorbike with my boyfriend in the Nagarahole National Park in South India and we had to stop because there was a wild elephant in the middle of the road… amazing and scary too (apparently they run really fast and I’m happy it didn’t see us as an enemy!)

  • http://www.candicedoestheworld.com Candice Walsh

    LOL, hilarious video! Pretty sure I’d scream the same way…

  • TravelShark

    Wow! These are great stories and even better pictures! We’re glad to see you survived it, what a close call.

    These are the kinds of stories we’re trying to create in our SharkPix community where users can upload pictures of their travels and share their crazy travel stories. Do check it out : pix.travelshark.com and tell us feedback on how we can be better; your feedback as a fellow traveler means a lot to us.

    Hope the rest of your stay in India is just as amazing and adventure-filled.

  • http://solomatetravel.com/ SoloMate Travel

    Wow, that is so exciting that you were chased by an elephant – and you captured such great video footage of the chase! Sounds like your trip to India was well worth it. Traveling with a group of fellow solo travelers is the best way to travel because you get to experience a foreign country with a group of like-minded people.