A Gentle Side of Myrtle Beach – Brookgreen Gardens

Brookgreen Gardens is truly an oasis in Myrtle Beach. Most of the area is golf courses, malls, chain restaurants and mini-putts. But Brookgreen Gardens makes a stop in Myrtle Beach well worthwhile. It is magical.

Fighting Stallions Brookgreen Gardens, myrtle beach

Fighting Stallions by Anna Hyatt Huntington, co-founder of Brookgreen Gardens.

Founded by Archer Milton Huntington and Anna Hyatt Huntington in 1931, the gardens are situated on 9200 acres of the land, some of which is left wild while other parts are cultivated into beautiful gardens. Within the gardens are 400 statues and sections of engraved poetry.

statue at Brookgreen Gardens, myrtle beach

In the children’s garden

Seated woman Brookgreen Gardens, myrtle beach

Seated woman.

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Freedom's a 'Com'n Brookgreen gardens, myrtle beach

Freedom’s a ‘Com’n

Don Quixote in Brookgreen Gardens, myrtle beach

Don Quixote











In addition to the statues, gardens and poetry, there is an interpretive center, a boat tour and a trolley tour and a zoo of native animals.

Aviary at Brookgreen Gardens, myrtle beach

Aviary at Brookgreen Gardens

Aligator at Brookgreen gardens, myrtle beach

Aligators are always fascinating.






















It was a most enjoyable day. I highly recommend taking a break on your trip south, or from golf if you’re staying in Myrtle Beach, and enjoy the gardens.


  • http://www.sophiesworld.net Sophie

    I’ve never heard of Myrtle Beach or of this park – but it looks very interesting. Excellent photos of the wildlife.

  • solotraveler

    Thank you so much. I love stats. Please shoot me a tweet on Twitter so I can make sure that I’m following you.

  • http://www.pocketinfo.net Robert Latchford

    Had seen you on Twitter a while back but hadn’t checked your site until today. I travel on my own every week to a different part of Europe for business. I enjoy exploring the different cities and towns I visit but being a geographer I tend to focus on facts and figures rather than the ambiance of a location. There are hundreds of better travel writers than me so I focus on the resource side. Love you site will be frequenting more often. Have put a link up on my homepage Thanks Robert

  • solotraveler

    Thanks for naming them for me Ted. :)

  • Ted Nelson

    Nice pics of an egret and a black-crowned night heron. Growing up in Illinois there was a lake near our house that had a black-crowned night heron rookery. They are beautiful birds.

  • leelaurino

    i stop in myrtle beach on every trip North to NJ. it helps to have a free condo there! but i have not been to the gardens.
    seeing them at xmas is on my bucket list

  • solotraveler

    Thanks. Those were shot on my new point-n-shoot. I’m really happy with the camera. The aligator was taken in full digital zoom and is still pretty clear. Here’s a link to give you more about the camera in case you’re interested – http://solotravelerblog.com/compact-digital-travel-camera-review/

  • http://www.lifefoodtravel.com Tim F

    These photos are fantastic. People usually relate Myrtle Beach to other activities, but these statues are truly a sight to see.
    Thanks for posting these images as they shed a different light on Myrtle Beach for me.