Traveling Alone? Not for long in Ibiza

I had another reader request. This time for Ibiza, Spain. Through Twitter, I met Anton who kindly stepped up to share his vast knowledge of the island with us. He’s been going to Ibiza for 15 years.

Ibiza offers such a breadth of holiday experience that it’s important to know what you want from the magical white isle to ensure that you make the most of your time there.

The Island is renowned for being the best party destination in the world and if you stay in or around San Antonio, Playa D’en Bossa or Ibiza Town, you would have to be blind or bedridden to miss this.

Head far away from these places, to Portinax, San Miguel in the North of the Island or to neighboring Formentera, and you have the chance to experience another side to one of the most beautiful islands in the Mediterranean.

Personally I like to find a balance between the two. Whether you are young, old, straight, gay, traveling alone or with friends/family, get Ibiza right and you’ll have a great time. This is one place where you will always make new friends.

The best time to go for solo travelers.

Like most European holiday destinations, avoid the months of July and August when the island is at its busiest. I prefer June and September when the people and the temperature are just right. Expect some rain in late September but these months are the best for the opening and closing parties of the season.

Best Beaches for Solo Travelers

If you are looking for lively beaches, the south of the Island offers the ever popular Salinas Beach with The Jockey Club (for the beautiful people) and Sa Trinxa providing food, drinks and music at either end of the beach.

Restaurant El Chiringuito at neighboring beach, Es Cavallet, offers a fine sea food selection, washed down with sangria or a good cava. This area can only be described as colorful – straight/gay/mixed and in places, clothing optional. Don’t let this scare you off this part of the Island, the surrounding salt flats are part of the nature reserve and great for wildlife and watching the sun go down.

If nature rather than naturism is your interest then Es Vedra nature reserve, San Josep is also worth investigating. Otherwise the nearby Blue Marlin bar is a great place to observe money and hedonism at the end of a long day and a drive past the infamous club DC10, situated at the end of Ibiza airport, will open your eyes to another side of the Island.

If you’re looking for a more chilled end to the day and a great place for dinner in this area, hunt down the legendary KM5 restaurant, on the road between Ibiza town and San Josep.

Towards Ibiza town, Playa D’en Bossa is ever changing and evolving. A clash of European package tour families getting some sunshine and hedonistic party people either dancing on the tables at Bora Bora beach bar or emptying their wallets at Ibiza super club, Space. What used to be the car park next to Bora Bora has sprung a new and visually upmarket hotel complex, including the new Delano Hotel bringing a Miami feel to this part of the island (relationship to it’s Miami namesake is unknown!)

The laws surrounding daytime clubbing have tightened on the Island and the roof added to the Space terrace may have made a difference to noise levels but if you’re looking for a peaceful week here, think again. If not, the party is happening in this part of the Island and new bar/club is one of the latest additions and one of the few places where you can still party on the beach.

Ibiza Town

Ibiza Town (Eivissa) is a lively, picturesque and cosmopolitan capital to the Island and a solid base if you are looking to explore the Island. The old town offers a beautiful window onto the Ibiza of old as well as a few lovely restaurants to while away a long lunch or dinner. The winding back streets are filled with small boutiques, cafe’s, bars and restaurants, all open late into the night.

For breakfast try the Croissant Show or head to Ocean Drive on the the other side of the marina to my favorite, Cafe Sydney. In the evening, have a drink or two at old favorites the Dome or Bar Zuka or head port side to the Rock Bar or Base Bar or one the newer rivals. Nightclub El Divino is only a walk or boat ride to the other side of the marina and if you’re looking for the city’s gay scene, take a walk along Avenue de Virgins and its many small bars like JJ’s, or head into the old town walls to night club, Amphora.

Head across Ibiza town towards Talamanca and you’ll arrive at the Pacha hotel, situated across the road from global superclub, Pacha. The hotel is design heavy and the bar and restaurant are minimalist cool but the outdoor space is pretty limited if you wanted to spend a day at the pool. If you are looking for a peaceful escape close to here try a beautiful little seaside restaurant called Sa Punt Ibiza and take a different perspective on Ibiza town.

Elsewhere in Ibiza

Continue up the East coast towards Santa Eulalia, Ibiza’s third largest holiday resort. More a family destination and home to a great selection of international cuisine, found on Calle San Vincente, also known as ‘Street of Restaurants’. Close to here, try the amazing Sol d’en Serra beach and the restaurant, cascading down the hillside towards the sea.

Head further north to San Carlos and Es Canar and check out the island’s original and largest hippie markets (on Saturday and Wednesday) or head inland to San Rafael’s El Ayuon restaurant for some North African cuisine or L’Elephant, another of Ibiza’s old favorites.

At the heart of the island, it’s geographical center, you’ll find Santa Getrudis. Alongside the island locals you’ll discover the Island’s best restaurants. My favorite, Ama Lur, its popularity with Ibiza’s elite is clearly reflected in the price and Can Caus with plenty of prime, high quality meat dishes to savor.

Other beaches to investigate across the island – Es Cana, Sa Caleta and Cala Llongha

One other restaurant on the Island that must be experienced is Bambudha Grove, the Asian fusion cuisine here is another Ibiza favorite.

San Antonio is one place I have left till last and one place in Ibiza where I have spent the least amount of time. The old days of the TV living soap, ‘Ibiza Uncovered’ still live on here and if you’re looking to avoid the young and foolish crowds then avoid San An. There are some still some great experiences to be had there, the traditional sunset at Cafe Del Mar and Cafe Mambo remain hard to beat. Start the night at Bar M where a number of world-class DJ’s play before heading off to the big nights at Eden and Es Paradis, both walking distance, or on to superclubs Privilege and Amnesia, situated towards the middle of the Island on the road to Ibiza Town. Slightly away from San An, you’ll find Sa Capella, a beautiful restaurant in a converted church on the hillside. Definitely worth booking for dinner if you are in this part of the island.

So work out what you are looking for and then decide where on the Island you want to be. In the thick of it you may be happy with a well located but average hotel or apartment as you’re not going to see much of it (Ibiza has a dangerous ability to keep you out till the early hours). If you are going with a group of friends think about getting a villa a good 20-30 minutes away from the mayhem. If it’s just a sunshine resort then head to Santa Eulalia but if its a more real Ibiza that you are after, head to San Carlos, Santa Getrudis or further north and steer clear of San Antonio.

Better still, head to Formentera. This place is truly amazing.

For more info, Ibiza Spotlight can give you all the information that you need.

  • vince

    Hi Saida,

    In Ibiza, direct email is to make contact. Thanks

  • vince

    Hi im arriving Wednesday morning. direct email is
    we can exchange numbers via mail. thanks

  • Habsaway

    Either PDB or San An. Haven’t booked a room yet, might split stays in order to get a better feel of the place.

  • vince

    Sounds like a plan. What part of island are you staying? Il be over in Ibiza town area.

  • Mark

    Hi all,

    il be in Ibiza from the 21/09/15 – 26/09/15 first time and travelling Solo, staying in san Antonio Purple hostel.

  • Habsaway

    Hey guys I’ll be down there the same time, traveling solo, would love to meet a few to party with. Going for a few close out parties

  • Aaron

    I’ll be in Ibiza sept 18th – sept 25th 2015. MSg me on the app kik reptar27 or text me at +1 386 269-6524
    Lets party!!!!

  • vincentr

    Ok great, we can exchange soon.

  • Saida

    That would be great :)

  • vincentr

    Hi all,

    I will be in Ibiza from 29 sept to 2 nd October if any one fancies hanging out and relaxing. Gimme a shout if you’re close and fancy meeting up

  • Loek

    Hey Josef! Im Loek from the Netherlands, 18 year old straight male and the next 2 nights (20.8 and 21.8) are my last 2 nights in Ibiza!! You got anything planned?

  • vincentr

    Hi Saida,
    Il be in Ibiza those same dates if you want to meet up. cant wait.

  • hillary

    I’m going to be there the 27th of august Jennifer

    Hillary simeone

  • hillary

    I’m going to be there

  • hillary

    I’ve always wanted to take a trip solo solo so I think I’ll be heading to ibiza the 27th of Aug and heading home any time before the 2nd of sep…anyone gonna be there?

    Hillary s.

  • hillary

    I’ve always wanted to take a trip solo solo so I think I’ll be heading to ibiza the 27th of Aug and heading home any time before the 2nd of sep…anyone gonna be there?


  • AlieAlai

    Hey guys I’m travelling on the 21st august – 10th September… is anyone gonna be around during that time? lmk

  • Saida

    Hi guys!
    I am going solo to ibiza from 29sept to 2 oct. If someone wants to join, let me know :)

  • Laurence Vasseur

    Hi, anyone travelling to Ibiza on August 18-21? :-)

  • James Maclean

    Hey James (great name!), I ended up coming over on a whim and am in San Antonio. Gimme a shout if you’re close and fancy meeting up.

  • Harnihal

    Anyone who is going to be in Ibiza from the 23 rd of august to the 26th of august and would like to chill ?

  • Harnihal

    Hey Jennifer,
    i ll be in Ibiza from 24th August to 26th august. I ll be travelling alone and i am really nervous and excited at the same time. I am hoping to meet people to discover Ibiza with. Looking forward to seeing you there if possible.

  • Bikram Jaspal

    Hey! Here until the 5th and then headed to Amsterdam , are you still here?

  • Bikram Jaspal

    I’m here until Wednesday August 5th anyone here? No clue what I’m doing

  • Bela

    Hee Jennifer! Ik zit in ibiza binnenkort en zoek nog iemand die met mij mee wil naar ushuaia 3 augustus. Mijn vriend werkt dan, maar kan wel 2 kaartjes regelen. Verder ken in niemand die daar is dan, dus ik dacht: ik probeer het gewoon zo:)

  • Joseph Van

    @ Jenny I am going there for the first time too on the 19th to 26th ,and I am solo,can we be in touch may be we can meet there and show me what you have experienced already ?

  • Skarelis Rivera

    Sounds like a plan. Have a safe trip. And Have Fun!!

  • Jennifer

    You will be fine! Ibiza won’t let you down. But if so, you can massage me in this blog and maybe we can meet some time. Good luck and save travels!

  • Skarelis Rivera

    I’ve been looking for hotel and flight combinations. I don’t have allot of money but do have great credit hahaha… I want to go. Need a break from my life and I’ve heard so much about this place so defiantly making my plans to make this happen. As for your adventure shouldn’t be to hard if you will be with coworker’s. I’m going alone but an Puerto Rican so language not an issue hopefully meet tons of people

  • Jennifer

    haha I know, it’s my first time there so it will sure be an adventure! Ibiza is quite expensive, but I heard it’s paradise, so if you have the money I would say go as long as you want to! I am staying in an accommodation for employees.. So I’m afraid I cant help you with that..

  • Skarelis Rivera

    Wow that’s a long time. I’m sure it will be amazing for you. I’m trying to go either 7 or 14 of August need to check but wasn’t sure if I should do one week or two. Did you find a good hotel

  • Jennifer

    Hi! I decided to spend my time working on Ibiza so I will be there from next week until the 29th of August!

  • Skarelis Rivera

    Hey Jennifer are you still looking to go to Ibiza in August? I was just thinking it. I’m going alone but that doesn’t bother me I’m a people person but doesn’t hurt to know one person.

  • Demetrius

    Hey, I am a 37 year old from NYC, I will be traveling to Ibiza and Mallorca from Sept 3through the 9th. Let me know if anyone is going during that time.

  • James

    Will anyone be there the weekend of 7-10 August? My friends are unable to travel so I decided to travel alone to relax and have fun. I’m ready to party but dont know my way around. Let go out, shots on me…

  • Gustavo Mora

    I’ll be there the 20th thru 25th..would love to explore the island too… first time..

  • Jennifer

    Hi amber, I red you are going to Ibiza in the same week I would like to go there! I never went to Ibiza, but I always wanted to. My friends can’t go with me, so I would love to meet new people, but I am a bit scared that I will be alone.. Dancing the night away sounds like so much fun! I would like to know more about your plans and expectations.

  • Jennifer

    Hi everybody!

    I’m from The Netherlands and I am also thinking about traveling to Ibiza on my own. I would love to meet new people and it would be the first time traveling alone, so I am very nervous!

    I am planning to go there from 20th to 28th of July. Is anyone interested in meeting and/or discovering Ibiza with me?

    Looking forward to your reactions!

  • Pedro

    Hi Amber, Im thinking about going to Ibiza as well alone from 25th to 31 July 2015 and Im searching a kind of party group to join myself.
    Could you please give me your email fot us to chat?
    Did you managed to find someone to go with you?
    Pedro from Lisbon

  • Jai

    I have ended up travelleing solo to ibiza over 24 – 26th Jul. Lemme know if anyone is around at the same time.

  • Gomzi Pal

    hi,, i am going on same date..what a coincidence..well try meet. i am also solo..

  • John

    Hi I’m thinking about going sometime in June myself, Ive been 5 times before with friends and I love the place, this year I don’t think I’ve anyone to go with so thinking of doing it alone

  • Fernando Contreras

    I’m from California, going on a Europe trip with a friend and will be ending my trip in Ibiza June 21-24. Unfortunately my friend isn’t able to go, so i’m going solo. If anyone is going then or have some awesome tips please comment!!

  • Fal

    Hi is anyone going in the first weekend may bank holiday?i went last year for my birthday with freinds but no one can come this year in, I thinki will go back to playa da bossa

  • Polly

    Was this post really 6 days ago? I would also like to go mid-May but just starting to look at it…

  • Amber

    ps I think if I go next year I want to stay in Playa D’en Bossa! :0)

  • Amber

    Hi Catherine, I have booked with together travel. 26th-31st July. Thanks so much for your message! I agree with you on the hotel front! But I did not think I had much choice and for me, the idea of together travel ie joining a group suited my needs. Although if I go again, I would like a better hotel. I Loooove the idea of an upscale experience. Let me know what you decide. GOOD LUCK! :0)

  • Catherine

    Hi Amber – I was there last summer with friends for a few days and solo for 4 days – It was so fun, but it was hit or miss when I was alone. I would love to go back this year with a group, but my friends aren’t interested. Did you have any luck with finding a company that organizes these trips? I found a few but the hotels they stay at aren’t the nicest. I’m looking for more of an upscale type of experience. Let me know if this is something you’re interested in or if you have any tips!

  • Charlene

    Liz! When are you thinking of going? I’m heading there solo around the middle of May

  • Amber

    Together travel it’s brilliant all clubs booked too. I am going with them last week in July. Club IBIZA apartments! Hope to see you there!

    I can’t wait!


  • Liz

    Hi Amber – I’m exactly like you – want to go for a week but my friends don’t – please post on here again if you find a company that gets solos together! :)

  • Janice Waugh

    Hi Amber, I afraid this isn’t something we do and I dang recommend a company. Good luck!

  • Amber

    I really want to go to Ibiza for a week this August!!!! The only trouble is that all my friends are not interested. I want to soak up the atmosphere and dance the day and night away. Do you cater for people like me ‘bringing like minded people together’? I am just a bit worried about going on my own. I would like to go as a group albeit that we won’t know each other to start off. But with the same likes and goals will have a blast! If this is not something you do, if not do you know of a company that does?

    Thanks so much in advance!

  • Vibhor

    I am going to Spain from 10-13 January 2015. Will it be worth going to Ibiza during that time? Any recommendations between Ibiza and San Sebastan for that time of the year?

  • Asif Saeed

    Cool, we should meet up :-)

  • Lieke Raaijmakers

    Hey I will be there too from 5 till 15 th september staying in a hostel in playa d’en bossa.

  • Lieke Raaijmakers

    Heyy I will be there from 5 till 15 september maybe we can meet. I’m a girl 25 years old and likes to relax and party.

  • Viet

    Hey, 31 yr male from Seattle here. I’ll be in Ibiza Sept 22-24. Looking to meet some people to hang out with. Send me an email at or post here if you’re interested in meeting up. Where is a good place for a single guy to stay to meet people? Thanks.

  • Jean Su

    Going the week of September the 15th. for a week of the closing parties,anyone going ?

  • Keith

    I am looking at being there from 26 September to 4 October. I am a single male, 41. Is anyone else planning on being there during this time? Where is a good place to stay?

  • Colin

    I’m thinking of going on my own in the last week of September as my mates are skint but not sure how easy it will be to meet people and where is the best place to stay. I’ve stayed in San Antonio before but I may be a bit too old for it now (34) so thinking Playa D’en Bossa

  • Asif Saeed

    Hi I’m going to staying in Playa D’en Bossa from the 5th till 10th September. Add me on facebook

  • Luiz Fernando Esteves

    Hi guys, i am Luiz from Brazil. I will be also in ibiza from 2nd september till 9th september. If you are still interested to meet up let me know.

  • MV

    Hello guys! I am looking for someone who wants to go around today! I am in Es Figueral but up to move and visit places! Get in touch! Monica

  • Nick Green

    Found you mate I’ve added you..

  • Asif Saeed
  • Nick Green

    Haha can’t find you either man..

  • Asif Saeed

    Can’t find you, so add me :-)

  • Nick Green

    Alright Cool yeah add me fella

  • AS.1

    I’m staying in san antonio but will be going space and ushuaia so will be in pdb. Yeah I’ll add you, my name’s asif saeed

  • Nick Green

    Hi where abouts are u staying I’m staying in playa d’en bossa add me fb if u Wnt. What’s ur name?

  • AS.1

    Hi, I’m going from the 3rd – 7th September. Let me know if you want to meet up

  • Nick Green

    will be there from the 1st September might stay a week or more :/ who’s going around then?

  • Vadim

    My friends are unable to go and I already have flights booked. Anyone else travelling from July 27th – August 3th 2014. Please let me know.

  • Ibizaaa

    Anyone going to Ibiza on July 26-29??

  • AS.1

    I’m going alone from 3rd Sept – 7th Sept, if anyone want to join me :-)

  • Carlos

    I did not mentioned “July”

  • Carlos

    I am going from 23rd to 28th – if somebody has a to join me is welcome –

  • Leslie Jonkov

    Will be there August 13th to 18th… 5 days should be enough for a single traveler from Canada… Hope to see some ladies my age… (I’m 44)

    Anyone single and want to share some time… I’ve rented a car so I’ll be also visitng the Island!

  • danny

    Hi I’m guys I’m 29 yo boy going to ibiza on 18th of July this Thursday if anyone’s interested to go joing each other as a friends text me on 07511513121

  • AS.1

    I’m thinking of going on my own from 30th Aug to 3rd Sept or possibly the 25th to 30th Sept, just depends when I get time off work. Anyone else going on these dates?

  • Ahmadino Chalabino

    Hi, I’m actually planing to go to Europe around that time and my last stop is Ibiza. Send me an email

  • Ahmadino Chalabino

    Hi, I’m actually planing to go to Europe around that time and my last stop is Ibiza. send me an email

  • Ahmadino Chalabino

    whats up bro? Are you still going to Ibiza? Im actually planning to go there in Aug

  • Prynz

    Hello I’m traveling July 16-18 alone… I’m hoping to meet friends…

  • zumz

    hey I am travelling alone single female from about the 7th to 17th sept

  • Stu

    Hey I was thinking of going around then. Might only be there for a few days though. drop me an email.

  • Duncan

    Hi Leanne, I’m from Manchester but living in Hamburg.
    I’m going out on 27th June til 1st July. A friend is djing at a Reggae event on the beach on 29th. If you’d like to meet up let me know!

  • Lovepacha

    My friends have gone home so I’m alone in Ibiza now until Tuesday night : MSG me

  • andrew

    Im going 16th july till 22nd july :)

  • DrHoffman

    Hi, I’m travelling alone July 16-26 2014. Male 34 from South Africa. San Antonio. Let’s meet.

  • Aiden

    I’m thinking of going on my own July 5th to 8th if anybody will there then?

  • EDMfan

    Hey! i’m also going to ibiza from 8th to 15th! you into clubbing etc?!

  • EDMfan

    Hey! i’m also going to ibiza from 8th to 15th…looking for peeps to hit the clubs with!! :)

  • Agostina

    Hey, im from Argentina and im travelling to Ibiza on my own, from August 10 to 15.
    Anybody on those dates?

  • leanne

    hi im traveling Ibiza around end of june :) looking for other party people from manchester

  • nico

    HEllo send mail un from ibiza

  • James

    Hey ! I’m travelling alone from the 10th til the 14th. Just a 4 dayer for me :)

  • Lacey E. Hill

    Solo 30 y/o female from Chicago coming to Ibiza Aug 19-22. Looking into best places to stay etc. Lets meet up!

  • Alan Patrick Gray

    I’m going soo lo this year from Aug 11th – 19th. I’ve always wanted to go and none of my mates can get away this year and I can’t wait. Well if anyone is there around time and wants to meet up and expore/party on island. Get in contact Alan :)

  • Raver

    My friends are unable to go and I already have flights booked. Anyone else travelling alone from June 7th – 14th 2014. Please let me know.

  • Jay Mehta

    @naz I’ll be there from sept 17th to 19th. Guy, 25, traveling alone, need company. Let me know.

  • naz

    hey when are you back?

  • naz

    Anyone going to Ibiza from 16th to 23rd Sept 2013 ie this month message me please so far I have 2 girls Im looking to meet guys to pair up with to balance the group Im single straight guy I orginally booked with a mate of mine he had to pull out im stuck now since I have booked

  • naz

    Hey Im going to Ibiza from 16th to 23rd sept with two single girls and need some guys to pair up with im single male message me!!! Lets hook up :)
    Im going to be staying near san antonio in hotel message me please

  • naz

    Hey mate what was your strategy?

  • naz

    Hey Im going to Ibiza from 16th to 23rd sept with two single girls and need some guys to pair up with im single male message me! kindly message me back please

  • naz

    Hey Im going to Ibiza from 16th to 23rd sept with two single girls and need some guys to pair up with im single male message me!!! Lets hook up :)
    Im going to be staying near san antonio in hotel message me please

  • Guest

    i am going tomorrow 6 sept 6 05 pm flight to ibiza alone from Bournemouth England any one
    want to keep me company?

  • Oliver

    Hey. I am going alone as well on the 15th. Like you I’m a massive trance head and can’t wait. A good hostel is Hostal Horizonte. Very cheap but I’ve been told it’s clean! When are you going.

  • faraz

    When are you planning to go..Im going to ibiza on 18th and have a spare bed in my apartment..Reply here if you are interested

  • Smidgen180

    Hi I’m travelling to Ibiza alone as all my mates are married to jealous women who won’t let them go :( and my mrs doesn’t want to go either shes not into trance music as I am !! Anyway does anyone know the best way to get a single room in b@b or hotel they all only seem to cater for couples and groups.

  • Samui Boy

    I agree, Ibiza is the perfect place to meet fellow solo travelers, especially those who are looking to party. Ibiza is the new singles destination!

  • Best destination ever

    Wow, I was last summer in Ibiza and what an incredible experience! I was looking for a quiet place, running away from the clubbing thing and a friend recommend me a small luxury hotel, called Ses Pitreras. Everything was perfect and impeccable. The hotel is located between Sant Antoni and Cala Bassa, just 15 km from Ibiza Town. I was able to travel around the island and made some good friends there.

  • Dana Fikes

    First timer… please assist.

  • Phill Tickle

    Have been twice.Some 15 years ago so am very excited.Always travel on my own and find this the easiest thing to do.Will not be fed up as am on a 18 to 30s so should be well entertained.Would appreciate feedback.

  • ATLDestinations

    a great site to find travel buddies is

  • Ian [EagerExistence]

    Brilliant informative post! I’m planning on going solo for just a few days (a bit expensive).

  • Andi

    Such a helpful post, thank you so much!!! I can’t wait to be in Ibiza in 1 week, yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!