Is it safe to travel alone?

You, alone, are responsible for your safety.

You, alone, are responsible for your safety.

“When traveling solo, you are a leader of one – you.

Choose your own path.

Have a fabulous time.

Your only responsibility is to be safe. If this means losing your money, missing an opportunity, being rude or acting selfish, you have my blessing.”

I wrote this way back in 2009 in one of my early posts on Solo Traveler. It was a note to my son who was considering his first solo trip and I believe that the message still holds true. Safety is your number one priority. Fortunately, it’s not a huge challenge. Here I give you 9 posts that address the safety issue in different ways.

Two solo travelers I met at breakfast at St. Christopher's Canal hostel in Paris.

Two solo travelers I met at breakfast at St. Christopher’s Canal hostel in Paris.

Is it safe to travel solo? With reasonable precautions, yes!

While I can’t guarantee your safety as you travel solo, I can provide advice that will help keep you safe. In fact, I can provide lots of advice. Below are some of my more popular posts on staying safe while traveling solo.

Solo Travel Safety: 5 principles

Safety is a big issue when you travel solo. Here are some guidelines for traveling solo safely. Continue reading →

Solo Travel Safety: 20 Common Sense Tips

Common sense in one country is not necessarily common in another. Travelers must have travel common sense. Here are 20 tips to help you get yours. Continue reading →

photo, image, mueller hut, new zealand

Solo Travel Society member Angela gave us a destination post on New Zealand. Here she is hiking through snow in the middle of summer! Awesome.

Safe Places and Not-so-Safe Places for Solo Travelers

It’s important to be safe when you travel alone. Your location – the city, district, pub… affects your safety. Here’s how to know when a place is safe and when it may not be. Continue reading →

Five Tips for Choosing a Safe Destination

Is it safe? Is it safe to travel solo? Here’s my report from Mexico and how I determine the safety of a destination about which I have concerns. Continue reading →

Solo Travel Mistakes to Avoid

From a safety perspective, these 6 travel mistakes to avoid will help you in your travels. Continue reading →

photo, image, budapest, traveler

Solo Travel Society member Rachel contributed a post on Budapest. Here she is atop Gellert Hill.

Night Safety for Solo Travelers: 15 tips

Going out at night offers unique ways of experiencing your destination but it does require some special attention for safety. Here are 15 tips to keep you safe. Continue reading →

Solo Travel Safety: 15 analog safety tips, 12 digital safety tools.

Solo travelers take full responsibility for their own safety as they travel. You need these tips, apps and resources. Continue reading →

On top of El Hoyo - with Momotombo and Lake Managua in the background.

Solo Travel Society member Megan wrote a destination post for us on Nicaragua. Here she is on top of El Hoyo – with Momotombo and Lake Managua in the background.

Solo Travel Safety: My Kind of Strangers

Sometimes the things you learn as a child stay with you your entire life. This was the case with me. This safety tip informs much of the safety information I offer for solo travelers. Continue reading →

woman with white hair

This picture isn’t about my clothes. I was in Patagonia and everyone was a tourist there. It’s about the hair. Look at it. There’s no mistaking me for a local!

10 ways to blend in when you can’t.

My white curly hair stands out in a crowd – especially traveling places like South America or the Middle East. Here’s how to blend in when you really can’t. Continue reading →


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  • Copeyjoe Blogs

    Travelling alone is such a wonderful experience but many people are put off by fear, I love this post and hope that it inspires people to take the leap and travel solo at least once.

  • Seriously Spain

    I’ve never had a problem traveling alone and I’m also female.

    I currently split my time between Spain and Thailand (lived in Bangkok for 12 years), and even in the wildest places in South East Asia, and in the middle of Bangkok alone at 3am, I’ve never ever had a problem.

    Keep your wits about you, listen to your ‘gut feeling’ and don’t be paranoid, and honestly the world is a much less scary place than many of those who never leave their countries would lead you to believe :)

    Nice blog, btw.