From the stage at the Smithsonian to the World Travel Market, Janice presents to audiences of all sizes.

Janice Waugh

Publisher, Solo Traveler

A love of travel, personal loss and an empty nest all conspired for Janice to begin Solo Traveler in 2009. Resonating with thousands of readers, the blog quickly went from personal to public and the Solo Traveler Project began.

This blog, interviews in the media, speaking gigs including The Smithsonian Institute, the amazing Solo Travel Society on Facebook, a solo traveler’s manifesto called Glad You’re Not Here and, most recently, The Solo Traveler’s Handbook all connect those who love and those who long to go solo.

Janice weaves tales from her trips with practical tips to ignite Keynote speeches about travel, life’s challenges and entrepreneurial success.

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Janice Waugh speaker, travel writer, entrepreneur

Janice on stage at the Smithsonian in Washington with Joe Yonan, Food & Travel Editor, The Washington Post

From London, England to Washington, D.C. to Toronto, Canada, Janice has inspired audiences with insights gained through a lifetime of travel and a work-lifetime of entrepreneurial struggles and success. Yes, not much comes easy in life and Janice recognizes this in her Keynote presentations. Whether she’s talking about what gets people stuck in life or the long road to business start-up success, she addresses the challenges and doesn’t sugarcoat the solutions. What she does deliver is practical, inspirational and customized advice for every audience.

Janice’s Popular Presentations Include…

Topic: What’s stopping you? 

Title: Learning to Relearn: Creative Approaches to Life’s Challenges

Life can throw curve balls. Skills can become obsolete. Families morph. Industries change. Learning to adapt, learning to relearn and grow in exciting new directions can be a challenge. Janice has a track record of taking on such challenges – of breaking boundaries and pulling 180s to take life in new directions. “It’s easy to get stuck. Getting unstuck is a bit more difficult but it can be done if you know how to find the bottlenecks and push through them.”

Topic: Attracting more business.

Title: Let’s Share: Social Media for Customer Loyalty

Whatever your market, whoever you’re trying to reach, social media effectively planned and implemented will help you reach them, retain their interest and earn their loyalty. By engaging them in an inspiring community not only will they be loyal to you but they’ll evangelize your message. Janice shares the keys to her success as founder of Solo Traveler, the blog for the tiny niche market that grew. “If I had to choose one factor that contributed to the success of Solo Traveler it would be consistently working social media for the development of an dynamic community.” 

Topic: Life-Changing Travel 

Title: Inspiring Tips for Life-changing Trips

Most of us dream of that trip of a lifetime but few actually take it. With Janice as you guide, you’ll learn what expert travelers know. You’ll learn how easy and rewarding it is to venture out into the world. You’ll leave with tips and tricks to experience the true joy of travel and it’s life-changing potential on on any budget. And you’ll be inspired by Janice’s photos of dozens of destinations. “Travel is more than a journey to a fabulous destination. Done right, it’s also a journey to the center of yourself. Your destination is actually a more centered you.”

Solo Traveler in the News

Janice at the CBC studios in Toronto. She had interviews with more than 20 morning show hosts across the country.

Janice at the CBC studios in Toronto. She had interviews with more than 20 morning show hosts across the country.

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Solo Traveler in the Media