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Solo Travel Destination: St. John’s, Newfoundland

This Solo Travel Society member found plenty to see and do in St. John's, including beautiful scenery, a healthy nightlife, and, of course, a little Screech! Continue reading

Travel Technology: Low cost voice calls around the world

The third in our Travel Technology series. This time, how to make cheap calls home when traveling. Continue reading

Pic of the Week: Golden Rock, Myanmar

Check out this great photo of Golden Rock, an important Buddhist pilgrimage site in Myanmar, captured by a Solo Travel Society member. Continue reading

Going Alone? Travel Insurance is a Must.

Here are the answers to five important questions regarding travel insurance. Continue reading

Solo Travel Destination: Jupiter, Florida

This Solo Travel Society member enjoys the beaches, the architecture, shopping, dining, and hiking in Jupiter. Continue reading

Zen and the Art of Solo Travel

You know... You are not who you were... You are becoming Continue reading

Pic of the Week: Karakul Lake, China

A Solo Travel Society member contemplates the horizon in this gorgeous shot of Karakul Lake in China. Continue reading

The Challenge of Transitions: 10 tips for stress-free solo travel

Solo travelers can experience more stress because they are totally responsible for every detail of their trip. Here are 10 tactics to lower the stress and enjoy. Continue reading

Solo Travel Destination: Corning, New York

Corning, New York is so much more than your mother's bakeware! Museums, shopping, fine dining, and wine all surprised this solo traveler. Continue reading

Solo camping: tent or RV?

For solo campers, does it really make a difference whether you're in a tent or RV? Here's my pros and cons list and my conclusion. Continue reading

Pic of the Week: Motoring in Vietnam

People thought she was crazy, getting a motorcycle license at 52, but now this Solo Travel Society member is motoring her way around Vietnam and Cambodia. Continue reading

15 Ways to Be a Good Traveler: solo or otherwise

Being a "good" traveler will help you get the most out of your travels. Here are 15 ideas to consider on the subject. Continue reading

Solo Travel Destination: The Transfagarasan, Romania

A solo traveler discovers the natural beauty within her own country as she traverses the Transfagarasan Road in Romania. Continue reading

Generosity, Safety Nets and a Travel Poem

Who of us have not been in situations when the generosity of strangers have made all the difference. Here's a travel poem that tells such a story. Continue reading

Pic of the Week: Toronto’s SkyWalk

This photo shows how an everyday pedestrian walkway can be beautiful when you actually stop and look up-something you have more time for as a solo traveler. Continue reading

Defying Disabilities: 6 steps to traveling solo

Traveling solo with disabilities requires special attention to personal needs and the travel companies you'll use - but it can be done. Here's some advice from experts. Continue reading

Solo Travel Destination: Malta

The three islands that make up Malta-Malta, Comino and Gozo-offer something for everyone, according to this Solo Travel Society member. Continue reading

7 Things that Happen When You Do Nothing

What I needed was a holiday. I didn't need to travel but to be quiet, calm, solo. So I went and, amongst all the doing of nothing I found that much happened. Continue reading

Pic of the Week: Yosemite National Park

This Solo Travel Society member traveled from England to California to experience the beauty of Yosemite National Park. Continue reading

Udaipur: the Venice of India in Photos

Udaipur - the Venice of India and the highlight of my memories of India. Continue reading

About Janice Waugh and Tracey Nesbitt

I'm an author, blogger, speaker and traveler. I became a widow and empty-nester at about the same time. And then, I became Solo Traveler... Here's the full story. >>

Tracey Nesbitt I’m a writer, editor, food and wine fanatic, and traveler. On my very first trip abroad I learned that solo travel was for me. Here's the full story. >>

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