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Travel Solo to Easter Island

Thanks to a reader request, we have a Q&A on the Easter Islands with answers supplied by Keith of the Velvet Escape. Thanks Keith! Continue reading

Backpacking Alone: hiking solo means less margin for error.

The beauty of the Appalachian Trail and the pleasure of extended time alone - that's what solo backpacking offers. Here, Erika shares her joy and tips about hiking alone. Continue reading

Pic of the Week: the fells of the Lake District

The Lake District is a stunning place to enjoy in good weather and bad. It rained just about the whole time I was there and I loved every minute of it. Please read the companion post too: "Falling in Love in the Lake District". Continue reading

Travel Itinerary: Nicaragua for Solo Travelers

Leave the news headlines of the 80s behind and discover Nicaragua today thanks to guest blogger Michael Hodson of Go, See, Write. Continue reading

Solo Traveler: September’s Fave Five

What did you miss? Which of the most popular posts in September slipped by you. Here's your chance to catch up. Continue reading

Ten Truths I tell My Friends about Solo Travel

What are my concerns about solo travel? What are my strengths and weaknesses? Here you go. I reveal all. Continue reading

Pic of the Week: stunning art in Valencia

This exhibit in the Art Gallery in Valencia was beautiful. A photo isn't quite the same but I hope you enjoy. Continue reading

A Passion for the Pashmina

This post is an ode to the Pashmina - obviously written for the women reading Solo Traveler. It is the third item on guest blogger Teri's packing list. Please read to the end for a rather unusual use for this versatile scarf. Continue reading

Solo travel to Canada: this is your orientation session.

It seem that I forgot that my home, Canada, would be of real interest to many. So here I start a series on Canada. This is your orientation session. Continue reading

Orlando for Adults: no mouse ears required.

Orlando was full of surprises for me. There is lots to do as an adult that has nothing to do with theme parks. Even if you are there for Disneyland, take a break and discover the other side of Orlando. Continue reading

Pic of the Week: solo travel to meet fabulous people

Look at this smile. I arrived at Java's in Rochester to get a coffee and before I could lock up my bike Herb introduced himself as another cyclist. He joined me for a coffee and gave great cycling advice for the city. Continue reading

Valencia’s Mercado Central – glorious food.

The bounty of food at the Mercado Central in Valencia is amazing. Here, I share it with you in pictures. Continue reading

Travel on the Cheap: Toronto film festival reviews

10 Films, 8 countries in 5 days. Here are trailers and reviews of the films I saw at last week's Toronto International Film Festival. Continue reading

El Camino de Santiago: a volunteer shares his story

A chance encounter delivers us a wonderful story about volunteering on El Camino de Santiago. A big thank you to Rick who I met on a plane to Orlando. Continue reading

Pic of the Week: the Buoys of Provincetown

The dramatic colors of Provincetown are a contrast to the subtleties of the beaches of Cape Cod. Have a read of the companion post as well: "I Travel Solo for the Company". Continue reading

Solo Travel Safety: tips for respecting local cultures

Respect for a culture, its customs and laws is fundamental to personal safety when traveling. Here are 8 tips to help you be respectful even if you don't know the nuances of the country's customs. Continue reading

Hiking Boots to High Heels in 1 Carry-on: Here’s Your Packing List

Hiking boots and high heels, two weeks, one carry-on. Can it be done? Yes. Here's how -- packing list and all. Continue reading

34 Years Married: One woman’s solo travel survival strategy.

Long term relationships can be refreshed and renewed by a bit of time apart. Here's how one woman acted on her need for a bit of time away from her husband of 34 years - and looked forward to their time together again. Continue reading

Donate to Pakistan Relief: experience another culture in your own backyard.

Thursday night I attended a fundraiser to aid the people of Pakistan affected by the flood. It was a great evening that raised almost $9000for UNICEF. Here's how you can donate or plan your own fundraiser. Continue reading

Pic of the Week: Frank Lloyd Wright Home, Chicago

Very often a photo about one element of an interesting building says more than a pic of the entire building can. This is the case with Frank Lloyd Wright home in Chicago. Have a look at this small sculpture hidden way up on a pillar near the roof. Continue reading

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Tracey Nesbitt I’m a writer, editor, food and wine fanatic, and traveler. On my very first trip abroad I learned that solo travel was for me. Here's the full story. >>

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