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Traveling Alone? Not for long in Ibiza

Ibiza is the party capital of the world. Guest writer, Anton, has been going for 15 years. Get the best out of this island, even the quiet side of it, with Anton's information. Continue reading

Before & After: Solo travel can change everything.

Leyla took off for a six month trip that turned into 3 years. It changed her in the most positive ways. Have a read. Continue reading

Solo Travel: 17 signs you’ve had too much ‘alone’ time ;-).

Afraid of going a little nutty traveling alone? Don't fret. Here are the warning signs of too much solo in your travels -- and the antidotes. Have a fun read. Continue reading

Solo Travel in London: Chic & cheap

Hostels don't have to be utilitarian and boring. Here are three hostels in London that have style written all over them and make London affordable for the solo traveler. Continue reading

Solo Travel Vancouver:
slow travel, slow food, slow art

Go Fish Ocean Emporium: Fast food yes, but with the quality of slow food. Great for Lunch.

Vancouver is a city worth taking your time in. I lived there many years ago and I have relatives there still. Every time I visit, I’m reminded that this is a city to savor. Continue reading

Eastman House in Pictures – appropriate.

Take a tour of Eastman House and experience the greatest of luxury of the early 20th century, all, appropriately, in pictures. Continue reading

Your solo evening starts with a manicure and a martini.

I make the most of my evenings when I travel, even when I travel solo. Here's a great night I had in Kingston, Ontario on my trip around the Lake. Continue reading

Solo Travel is Great for a Gap Year

The Gap year - a travel year - will fill the gap that formal education tends to leave. This is the case for everyone taking time in their 20s to travel. Continue reading

Finding the Freelance Hub – great for the solo traveler.

As a freelancer, coffee shops with free wifi save me from the isolation of a home office. On the road solo, those same types of coffee shops give me access to the local scene. Have a read. Continue reading

Liberation of Holland and a Pack of Players Plain Cut

This is a post-travel story. It is about a young boy, a woman in the Dutch underground, a Canadian soldier and a pack of Players Plain Cuts. Continue reading

Travel Itinerary: The Philippines Solo & on a Budget

Ever thought of going to the Philippines? One of our readers is going next month and, on her request, I found Dave, a travel blogger on the road for five years, to write this post. Continue reading

Food, Wine and Culture: Cooking in Barcelona

Count on our Food & Wine editor to write a story so vividly that you feel as if you were there. Please have a read of Tracey's time at a cooking school with a chef from a Michelin-starred restaurant in Barcelona. Continue reading

Solo Traveler Fave Five for April

Here it is. Your round-up of the most popular posts on Solo Traveler in the last month. Check to see if you missed one. :-) Continue reading

Solo Travel to Conferences: the Granny Gathering in Swaziland

An important and unusual conference is taking place in Swaziland this week causing women from many different countries to travel there. Here's a quick update. Continue reading

Travel Contest: the Blog Hop is on!

The Blog Hop is a smallish travel contest with big, big prizes. Go to this post for your Play Card and the information you need for the Blog Hop quiz. I would love for a reader of Solo Traveler to win! Continue reading

Solo Travel: Niagara-on-the-Lake in pictures

Niagara-on-the-Lake was the final leg of my trip around Lake Ontario. Wine, food, theater... what's not to love! Here's my visit in pictures. Continue reading

Traveler Meet City: Join a Jane’s Walk this Weekend

Jane's Walks are part of the rich legacy of urban activist Jane Jacobs. As a traveler, they are an excellent opportunity to discover a new city. At home, they are wonderful way to connect with you community. Find out if there is a Jane's Walk near you. Continue reading

Solo Travel: Rochester in Pictures

I had a wonderful time in Rochester. I found the people warm and friendly and there is lots to do. Here's my trip in pics. Continue reading

7 Tips for the Kosher Traveler

It takes a little more thought and planning to travel with dietary restrictions. This article on Kosher food provides food for thought for everyone. Continue reading

Solo Travel: Kingston in pictures

If every picture tells a story, here are 8 stories about Kingston, Ontario. Continue reading

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Tracey NesbittI’m a writer, editor, food and wine fanatic, and traveler. On my very first trip abroad I learned that solo travel was for me. Here's the full story. >>

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