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What’s Your Solo Travel Narrative?


Is it time to write your narrative anew?

Is it time to write your narrative anew?

There were a number of movies… Continue reading

The Net’s Holy Grail: Page One on Google
Part II: Content is King

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To get great traffic results from Google, your website needs high quality content that uses your chosen key word phrases. However, Google and search engine optimization (SEO) should not dictate how your content is written. SEO is a secondary consideration; your readers’ needs must come first. Continue reading

Travel Solo. Pack light.

Packing for life and travel.

Packing is about life and travel.

When you travel solo, it’s worth taking the time to pack light. There is no reason to be weighed down at the airport, as you make your way to your accommodation, on the train… anywhere… due to luggage. I was thinking about this as I watched George Clooney’s new film “Up in the Air”. There is a great packing scene that is the inspiration for this post. Unfortunately, at the time of publication, I couldn’t get that clip – only the trailer which doesn’t even have a glimpse of the scene.
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Recommended: Travel solo to England, Scotland & Ireland

This is the companion piece to Cailin’s post last weekend on Solo Travel and Safety.
Cailin has been traveling all of her life. In the past couple of years  she realized that traveling
could be her life… instead of just a once a year experience. Have a read of her blog: Travel Yourself.
Cailin is a graduate of NSCAD with a Major in film. When not traveling the world,
she works in the Film & TV industry in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

I  recently took a solo trip to catch up with friends and visit the home of my ancestors. It turned out to be one of my favourite solo trips yDSC_0134et so my recommendation for solo travel is England, Scotland and Ireland. I wasn’t sure what to expect on this trip however I knew for sure that I wanted to get away for a while. Continue reading

Around the World in 24 Film – Part II

Travel by film. I do it every year at the Toronto International Film Festival. To report on my world tour, I have organized my film reviews geographically. Yesterday, they were from Ireland, the UK, Norway, Germany, France, Israel, somewhere in Africa and India. (Here’s a link.) Today, we go to Asia, the United States and Canada. Continue reading

Around the World in 24 Films – Part I

A film festival is a cheap trip. At TIFF, the Toronto International Film Festival, viewers travel to dozens of countries from every continent in the world through the eyes of filmmakers, scriptwriters, cinematographers… In nine days, I managed to attend 24 films. Not all were to my taste but just about every one was interesting in one way or another. Continue reading

Solo Travel – Be smart and you will be safe

Cailin has been traveling all of her life. In the past couple of years  she realized that traveling
could be her life… instead of just a once a year experience. Have a read of her blog: Travel Yourself.
Cailin is a graduate of NSCAD with a Major in film. When not traveling the world,
she works in the Film & TV industry in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

I have done a few solo trips in the past couple of years however it was my most recent trip that really showed to me  to remember that smart and safe go hand in hand when Traveling by Yourself. Continue reading

Recommended: Travel solo across Canada by train.


Rocky Mountains

Rocky Mountains from the Dome Car

While Canada is known for its expansive territory in the great north, the fact is, almost 90% of Canadians live within 60 miles of the American border. Canada is essentially an east–west country.  Sitting in central Canada planning a train trip for June 2008, I had two choices – go east, or west. With family in Vancouver, I chose the west. Continue reading

Making a Cultural Connection – solo

I’m pleased to have Dr. Jessie Voigts, the Publisher of Wandering Educators,
contributing  this post to Solo Traveler

Intercultural experiences are exciting, sometimes frightening, transformative, and often life-changing. When you’ve chosen to live or travel overseas, you have chosen to live on the edge – continually experiencing new things, and adjusting to a different culture. Continue reading

Flight delays: time muggings and hard targets

Tim Paulsen is a colleague and international speaker on such subjects as Negotiations and
Time & Stress Management. He spends a lot of time traveling and graciously offered to write this article.
You can find out more at:

People who travel a lot know they will be mugged for time at some point or other. The savvy traveler knows it too, but is prepared and may even enjoy a longer delay. When the right steps are taken, “yes Virginia, getting there can be half the fun”!
Continue reading

What is lonely? And why don’t I feel so when I travel alone?

Sunrise over Georgian Bay

Sunrise over Georgian Bay

When I travel alone, I’m rarely lonely. Yet, when I went camping last weekend with my son and his girlfriend, I was. Why would this be? Given that many people ask me about loneliness as I travel solo I thought I should take some time to explore its meaning. Continue reading

Recommended: Travel solo to still the anger.

Receommended: Travel solo to still the anger.

Receommended: Travel solo to still the anger.

Keith is a thirty-something based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Travel and writing are his biggest passions. He’s traveled extensively across 60+ countries on five continents and knows first-hand how enriching traveling alone can… Continue reading

Traveling Alone on an Indian Bus

I am pleased to welcome Alex Budak as a guest blogger on Solo Traveler. This summer Alex traveled India and experienced solo travel for the first time.

Alex India BusThere’s something exhilarating about being completely on your own in a place far from home. I don’t pretend that my solo travels are among the most extreme out there, but for me it’s both thrilling and scary to be setting out by myself, not exactly sure how to get where I’m going, and certainly without any idea of what will happen by the time I return home. Continue reading

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A post on being a solopreneur is not of interest to all but it has proven to be popular with many.
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Next week via newsletter: Search Engine Optimization and the Net’s Holy Grail: Page One of Google

Snap up the Shout Outs:
PR for the Solopreneur.

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Public relations is often touted as fabulous, free marketing. Well, it can be fabulous but it’s not free. It takes time and, as we all know, time is money. If you plan to add public relations to your long list of to-dos, use tactics that get you that coveted coverage efficiently. Continue reading

Tweeting from TIFF

TIFF, the Toronto International Film Festival,  is great for film lovers. But it’s not just about the films. It’s also about  the people you meet in line and film talk with strangers. It’s an artistic, intellectual and social high. I’ll… Continue reading

Recommended: Travel Solo to Heal a Broken Heart



This week we have the pleasure of Renee Warren’s reflections on her year away solo after breaking up with a long time boyfriend. So many trips to take. So many reasons to take them. Please follow Renee to Austalia…… Continue reading

Tell Your “Travel Alone” Tale
in the next Solo Traveler ebook


What’s your best “travel alone” tale ever? What’s the story that you dine out on? The one that you can’t wait for a new audience so that you can tell it again. Well, I have an audience for you! The readers of Solo Traveler await your tale of discovery, adventure, peace, madness, humor… Continue reading

Solo Traveler: August’s Fave Five


I always find it interesting to look back through the stats and see what posts generated the most clicks and comments. According to Google Analytics, traffic here on Solo Traveler increase by 82% in August. That’s  huge jump and it looks like it is primarily due to the eBook that came out mid month. Its popularity certainly suggests to me that there should be another.

Continue reading

8 Ways to Find a Free Local Travel Guide

My friend and the fellow from Lavalife.

My friend and the fellow from Lavalife.

I’ve heard of many creative ways to get a local to be your travel guide but my favorite is by a friend who had a yearning to go to Iceland. She is the… Continue reading

Recommended: Travel Solo in Croatia


DubrovnikI’d always dreamed of going to Croatia, though I never really knew why. I’d seen a few pictures and met travelers who recommended it, but they didn’t quite justify my overwhelming desire to see the country. Last June, I chose to put life as I knew it on hold: I left my job, moved out of my apartment, stored my belongings and decided to travel solo for a year. I didn’t know exactly where I would go, but I knew Croatia was on top of my list. Continue reading

About Janice Waugh and Tracey Nesbitt

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Tracey Nesbitt I’m a writer, editor, food and wine fanatic, and traveler. On my very first trip abroad I learned that solo travel was for me. Here's the full story. >>

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