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Solo travel – and then something went right.

Some days nothing seems to go right. When you're traveling, it can take a light heart to survive the frustration. And then, without expecting it, something goes very right. This is what happened on my first day in London. Continue reading

10 Tips on Clubbing & Pubbing Solo.

There were many responses to the post last week on Pub Life in the Lake District. It seems that people want to go out at night but are somewhat intimidated. So... I give you 10 tips on Clubbing & Pubbing Solo. Continue reading

Pub Life in the Lake District – solo evenings


Thu Unicorn Pub in Ambleside

When I travel solo, I like to observe, live and absorb the local flavor. Because I travel solo, I get to do this my way. Unfortunately, when it comes to the evenings, my way is the hard way.

I don’t want to endure solo evenings. I want to spend them taking in the best that a city or town has to offer Continue reading

And the winner is…

And the winner is... Here's the results of the "Stop & Stare" Photo Contest. Continue reading

Solo is the Downward Dog of Travel

Yes, when you think about it there are many ways in which solo travel and yoga's downward dog are similar. Here are just seven. Continue reading

How to travel alone: Have a Back-up Plan for your Travel Documents

Your personal safety is priority #1. The safety of your travel documents comes a close second. Here are five ways to access travel document, health and credit card information in case the actual documents go astray. Continue reading

Solopreneurs: Cashflow Trumps Profits for Start Up.

For every start-up business, cashflow is more important than profits. Have read, learn the concepts and build yourself a cashflow plan. Continue reading

10 Great Travel Gifts Under $30

The holidays can be a challenge but you can use this post to inspire gift purchases for your traveling friends or send a hint to those who might be buying for you. Continue reading

The Markets of Paris

Tracey, our food columnist is back with a story of her time visiting the markets in Paris. Experience Paris through her words and photos. Continue reading

Solo Traveler: November’s Fave Five

Here's a digest of the most popular posts on Solo Traveler in November. See if your favorite was the fave overall. Catch up on what you missed. Enjoy! Continue reading

“Stop & Stare” Travel Photo Contest

Paying it forward. In London last month I won a voucher for at a Tweetup and I thought, how can I have the most fun with this? Here's my answer. A Photo Contest. Please read, enter, vote and spread the word. Fun for all. Continue reading

Traveling alone in beautiful, historic Bath

Apologies for the false start with the photo contest yesterday. But... now you know. There's a photo contest coming next week. Maybe you'll want to start deciding which travel pic you might enter. But now, here's Saturday's post. I thought, given the confusion, I would offer you some pics in compensation. Here are a few from my recent trip to Bath. Continue reading

10 tips to travel solo large on a small budget.

There are lots of ways to save money on travel. From flights to accommodation to tours, this post provides resources and strategies to travel large even on a small budget. Continue reading

3 Steps to Buying Perfect Hiking Boots

On my recent trip to the Lake District I learned the meaning of walking to the Brits. It is not walking as we think of it in North America. It is serious hiking which sent me on a trek to find the perfect hiking boots for my needs. And, I must say, I did pretty well. Here's a cheat sheet on buying hiking boots. Continue reading

Bopping Around the UK by Train

Traveling the UK by train has great advantages for the solo traveler. For one thing, you're not trying to negotiate driving on the left and round-abouts on your own! But there's also the beautiful scenery to enjoy. Here is a bit about the "how to" travel the UK by train and the joys of doing the same. Continue reading

Solopreneurs: Even shy people can schmooze.

This post is for those solo travelers who are solopreneurs and those who want to be. This time the topic is on networking. Successful schmoozing even for those of us who are shy. If this isn’t for you, just wait a day and another solo travel post will be coming your way. Continue reading

Falling in Love in The Lake District

This is the first of two posts on the Lake District - a place where I fell in love. Please have a read. I hope the words and pictures give you a sense of what it is like and the joys it holds for the solo traveler. Continue reading

Burning Man for the Solo Traveler

Burning Man is that enigmatic destination of art and community. Guest blogger Joanna Haugen shares her not so solo experience of traveling alone to Burning Man, participating in a truly unique event and meeting wonderful people. Please have a read. Continue reading

Solo Traveler goes to the World Travel Market

I just spent two whirl-wind days in London at the World Travel Market, two travel tweet-ups and a Travel Bloggers Camp. It was amazing. Here's a pictorial account. Continue reading

How to Travel Alone: solo travel planning

So you're planning to travel solo. This post offers a three step trip planning process, highlights some points that may require special attention and offers some unique sources of information. Continue reading

About Janice Waugh and Tracey Nesbitt

I'm an author, blogger, speaker and traveler. I became a widow and empty-nester at about the same time. And then, I became Solo Traveler... Here's the full story. >>

Tracey Nesbitt I’m a writer, editor, food and wine fanatic, and traveler. On my very first trip abroad I learned that solo travel was for me. Here's the full story. >>

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