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Recommended: Travel solo for self renewal

This is the second in a series entitled “Recommended: Travel Solo in …” Every author will share one of their favorite places, ways, modes, gear… for solo travel.  “Recommended: Travel Solo for Self Renewal is by Gwen McCauley, a Life Transition Coach, coach trainer & retreat facilitator passionate about travel. Read more at

I’ve traveled solo for over 35 years.  Sometimes it is a joy to travel with others, but I’ve finally admitted that my best trips, my deepest memories, come from when I’ve journeyed solo. Continue reading

A story of firsts: solo travel in Paris

Hostel ParisThis is a story of firsts. My first day setting foot in Europe and the first day of my first ever solo travel adventure.

It was Paris. The Jules Ferry Hostel.

I arrived at Charles de Gaulle Airport early in… Continue reading

Yeah! Cool Free Travel Stuff


Everyone likes FREE travel stuff.

Especially good free stuff.

This is where you’ll find it. I’m starting the list with some of my favorite free travel resources plus those suggested by the members of the Solo Travel Society on Facebook and Twitter friends. I’ll move this information to the “Free Travel Stuff” page and add to it whenever I find something really worthwhile. Continue reading

Recommended: travel solo in India

This is the first in a series entitled “Recommended: Travel Solo in …” Every author will share one of their favorite places, ways, modes, gear… for solo travel.  “Recommended: Travel Solo in India is by Mariellen Ward, a writer, yogi and Indiaphile, passionate about sharing the beauty of India’s culture and wisdom with the world. Read more about her adventures at her  wonderful blog: BreatheDreamGo.

When I was 45 years old, I put everything I owned in storage, gave up my apartment and went to India for six months. It was the first time in my life that I had done anything like this. But it was time. I had always wanted to go to India and, after losing both of my parents, I knew it was now or never to go after my dreams. Continue reading

FREE eBook of Solo Travel Tales

I get to tell my tales of traveling solo all the time. But you, the readers have many stories to tell as well. This is why I put out the call for contributions to a free eBook about solo… Continue reading

Solopreneur : Solo Traveler

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People often assume that, because I travel solo, I am an extrovert. I’m not. What I am, is independent – a trait that introverts and extroverts can share.

This independent streak has been with me a long time. It has shown itself in how I live and how I’ve made my living. I’ve been gainfully self-employed since 1986. I’ve been a freelancer, an entrepreneur and now, a solopreneur. Continue reading

Seedy Bars and Luxury Hotels on the Blues Highway


View from my hotel room in Chicago


I lived the gamut on my latest solo travel adventure. My hotels were luxurious. The bars were decidedly not. And I enjoyed just about every service Amtrak offers, from business class, to… Continue reading

Ten Reasons to Travel Solo After 50


Gray hair. Blue skies. Me on the Mississippi.

Gray hair. Blue skies. Me on the Mississippi.

Every week, people reach this blog by searching the words: “solo travel after 50”.  Accompanying these words are others like: safety; why; is it smart…  There seems to be some concern about age and solo travel. From my perspective, there shouldn’t be. Continue reading

Solo Traveler: July’s Fave 5

five-hand-imageI always find it interesting to look back and see what posts, what solo travel topics, were most popular over the last month. The winners are not necessarily what was put up in the last month. Sometimes solo travel posts become classics, popular month to month. It seems that there are now a few on the blog. Continue reading

Chasing Change: Mark Twain, Joan Baez
& Volunteers Traveling Solo

Last week, within the course of a few days, I heard a Mark Twain quote, “Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness…”, and, a recording of Joan Baez singing “We Shall Overcome” at a rally in Alabama in the 60s.

Twain was promoting travel to affect internal change – to broaden perspectives, break down stereotypes and reduce prejudice. A century later, Baez sang to people who traveled to Alabama to achieve essentially the same things, and more. As part of the civil rights movement they sought external change  as well.

It got me thinking about this century. Do we still travel for change? What kind of change? Why do people do it? And, what is achieved? Continue reading

A Short Survey and Some Blue Sky Thinking

question mark

So far, Solo Traveler has been a hobby — a wonderful, all-consuming hobby. I live and breathe it morning to night.

My day job is writing websites and business articles but my passion is working on this blog. So, I’m deliberating its future. Are there ways in which I can add value to Solo Traveler and maybe generate a bit of income?

This is not my decision alone. Continue reading

Why travel solo? or
If I wasn’t single, would I still travel solo?


The short answer is: YES!

If you have read the back story you know that, after a very full life of travel with family – lots of travel – I have recently returned to solo travel. I say returned because I used to travel solo, before husband and kids. Now, with three solo travel adventures complete as an adult, I have to say: even if I wasn’t single, I would still travel solo.

Is that weird? Continue reading

Hill Stations in India

In the fall of 2008, I did the public train and bus thing in India and went to three hill stations north of Delhi. It was a trip I will not forget. The sweet-strange smell of India is forever etched in my scent memory. Here are some highlights: Continue reading

Solo Travel Giggle (er, Google) Searches

I don’t pretend to understand them. I just report them.

The majority of search terms that connect people to Solo Traveler are Continue reading

7 Things You Don’t Love About Solo Travel

Meeting people can be very safe when you stay in public.

Before I launched this blog, I took a survey to find out how many friends and family travel solo, what they like and dislike about it, what tips they would… Continue reading

Six films. Six countries.
Six solo travel experiences.

The road movie is a genre in which the protagonist sets out on journey, faces challenges and returns home having resolved or fixed something. Usually, there are traveling companions — think Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid or Dorothy’s sidekicks in the Wizard of Oz — but, sometimes, our hero sets out on his or her own on a life-changing solo travel adventure. Continue reading

Chasing Celebrity: Elvis and Michael as travel destinations.

Elvis' beloved Graceland

Elvis' beloved Graceland

I recently traveled to Memphis, TN and Elvis Presley’s beloved Graceland. At the end of the Graceland tour is the Meditation Garden where the Presley family is laid to rest. There, at Elvis’ grave, visitors wept. Thirty-two years after he died, people who did not know him except through his public persona, wept. Would they have done so for their own father 32 years on? Celebrity, and our relation to it, is curious. Continue reading

Solo Travel Safety: 5 principles

Safety is a big issue when you travel solo. And while our post: Travel Safety: 50 tips for solo travelers is one of the most popular on the blog and has lots of innovative and practical advice, it occurred to me on my last solo trip that it may have too much detail. Like me, I suspect that you will use only some of the tips and that it would be helpful  to have some guidelines as well. So here’s a companion piece offering five principles of solo travel safety. Continue reading

First time for solo travel? Try a short retreat

Thinking of solo travel for the first time? If you are contemplating it and feeling gun shy, I would suggest a short retreat as your first trip. Short retreats are great because they give you a taste of how traveling solo can be liberating and a confidence-builder. Continue reading

Solo Road Trip: one man, one Miata, one big country.

I’m pleased to welcome Michael Smith as a guest blogger. How I met Michael is interesting. He posted an ad on Craig’s List looking for someone to teach him to ride a motorcycle for his upcoming solo trip to Guatemala. He was willing to pay $50 but my son offered to teach him free if her wrote about his trip for Solo Traveler. (Always thinking, my boy!) Turns out, Michael writes professionally and already had this story ready to go. Enjoy!

Westbound on the QEW, leaving Toronto.

Westbound on the QEW, leaving Toronto.

Jerry Bruckheimer and Michael Bay – the hip-joined luminaries of epic Hollywood moments – couldn’t have arranged for a frozen instant of tear-jerking Americana more moving than the one just delivered through a stone-scarred Miata windscreen. Continue reading

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Tracey Nesbitt I’m a writer, editor, food and wine fanatic, and traveler. On my very first trip abroad I learned that solo travel was for me. Here's the full story. >>

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