Pic of the Week: Motoring in Vietnam

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Island hopping on local ferries across the Mekong, just south of Ho Chi Minh City. Part of a month-long trip through Vietnam and Cambodia.

The Pic of the Week is drawn from photos submitted to the Solo Travel Society Facebook Group, providing an opportunity for solo travelers to share with us a favorite photo from their travels.

This week’s pic from Solo Travel Society member Ria was taken near Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

  • Ansie Zondagh du Toit

    Did you ever do a blog?

  • Judy

    You go girl! It U R living life to the fullest. I am going to Asia in January. Vietnam is one of the places I am visiting. I would like to bring a gift for a home stay, and small gifts for a school I am visiting. It needs to be light in weight. Any thoughts or ideas regarding what I can bring……or, should I wait, and buy something there?
    Thailand and Burma will also be stops on trip.
    Thanks for your help.

  • Kien Nguyen

    Great photos. These vintage Vespa scooters are my favourit also. They have been present for long in Vietnam, especially in the Southern part of the country.

  • Dyanne@TravelnLass

    Sorry for the delay in responding Ria, but I’ve uh… been on the
    trail here for the past 6 weeks (Nepal and Borneo, and am presently
    poised to dash into Brunei tomorrow) so have been a bit out of touch.

    And yes, I’ve had my TravelnLass.com blog now for 3+ years chronicling my adventures of moving lock, stock ‘n barrel to Vietnam, teaching EFL and roaming hither and yon Vietnam and its many luscious neighbors here in Asia.

    For you, I think simply retelling your story of biking around Vietnam and Cambodia, would be most interesting for starters. Blogs tend to be very personal, so you can focus on any and all as you like. No doubt you have plenty of tales to tell, and I strongly recommend you start dropping them into a personal blog (though I’ve recently moved TL to WordPress, personally I’d recommend Blogger for starters – it’s utterly free – no hidden ads like WordPress’ free version – and easy to get started.)

    Do let me know (comment/email me from my TravelnLass blog) when you get something going. I’d love to follow your no doubt fascinating adventures).

  • http://www.offroadvietnam.com/ Offroad Vietnam

    This is an amazing experience and especially a cool classic Vespa scooter. Thank you for promoting motorcycle travel in Vietnam.

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  • freddychef

    that is awesome…I remember standing next to a red light in Ho CHi and saying` no way am I renting a bike here!!!` and then by the time I got to Nimh binh and Sapa , well it was one of the best things I did !!! I was 48 then…wild stuff…you go….

  • Ria Percival

    It’s a 1965 vesper motorcycle! Yes quite an adventure! Got my motorcycle licence at the age of 52, it has opened up an amazing world!

  • BeyondBlighty

    Nice picture! What even is that vehicle?! I don’t think I’d dare hire a car or motorbike overseas, let alone something like that. Good on you Ria!

  • Ria Percival

    Hi Travlnlass,
    I’ve been coming to VN on and off for 12 years now. The changes over that time are astounding. This trip is rapidly coming to an end, but I have promised myself I will write a blog to help other solo travellers to this part of the world as it can be quite confronting and sometimes difficult to navigate alone.

    Is there anything in particular you (or others) are interested in? I imagine if you have been here two years, you probably have a good handle on it yourself!

    Cheers, Ria

  • http://www.travelnlass.com/ TravelnLass

    Oh dear. Good for “Ria” but… As a 2 year expat in Vietnam myself – I’m especially interested in learning more about her adventures. Does she not have a blog and/or how might I learn more about Ria and her travels???

  • http://www.MyBeautifulAdventures.com/ Andi Perullo

    Great pic!

  • Laura

    Amazing blog you two have. Following for sure. And I LOVE this pic!