Recommended: Travel Solo for Pure, Childlike Fun

Body surfing in ocean, childlike fun

Body surfing at Tofino, British Columbia

Most of the travel I do is for the discovery what is  unknown to me.

I travel to learn about other cultures, enjoy their uniqueness and discover what is unique about my own in the process.

I travel to better understand history, geography and their implications. And, I travel to challenge myself physically – mostly by hiking.

But, sometimes I travel for no other reason than to have fun  – and I’m not talking about resorts, cruises or theme parks. I’m talking about trips that take me to play like a kid.

Travel Solo for Pure, Childlike Fun

When I travel, I tend to live more in the moment (as a child does) than when at home. However, I’m still letting my head lead. It’s working to navigate new cities and landscapes and negotiate new cultures. So, just living in the moment is not enough to recapture the pure fun of a child.

Sunset over ocean, childlike fun

Sunset over Tofino, British Columbia

Fortunately, I find this kind of fun on occasion. Skiing is high on that list. But, at the top of the list is body surfing. Where I did it most recently was in Tofino, British Columbia.

Sometimes It’s Hard to Dive In

I stood at the water’s edge watching the kids have so much fun riding the waves into shore. And yet, I hesitated to go in myself. What was stopping me? I’d done it as a child so I knew that it was easy. I didn’t need anything other than my body to do it. Yes, the water was cold but not that big a deal.

I don’t recall what eventually changed my mind and got me to dive in, but I am so glad I did. I body surfed every day I was in Tofino after that.

There is plenty more to do in Tofino: whale watching; hiking; fishing; golf… But please, if you go, try body surfing.

My Question to You

When have you cast aside adult boundaries to dive into childlike fun?

What was the activity that did it for you?


  • Janice Waugh

    Well that sounds like fun!

  • Fabiana

    I could say I had fun in Croatia. In the Plitvice Lakes I took my shoes off to feel the water and in Zagreb, to exit a modern art museum, there were 2 slides! I went down 3 floors sliding and shouted a lot!

  • solotraveler

    I LOVE IT! Thanks so much for sharing. That’s exactly the type of thing that we don’t do as adults. I hope you hold that memory tight and release yourself to live the energy in other ways throughout your life.

  • Jacinda G

    I really enjoyed reading this post. I think that it is very beneficial to our well-being to set aside “adult” things every now and then and act like a kid.

    I am only in my 3rd year of college but as I have began to pay bills and things I feel more like an adult every day. It makes me really miss those childhood days.

    My friends and I spontaneously have nights where we have a little fun and act young. One of my favorite memories was one night when it had been raining really bad so the quad was super muddy. We got the idea to put on old clothes and slide around in the mud while it was still raining! As disgusting as it sounds, that was one of the best nights I have had in college!

  • Spinster

    My stepfather’s son had a big barbeque in Baltimore about 2 years ago. We (me, brother, stepfather) made the 3 hour drive down there, and when we got there, guess what was in the backyard?

    A nice-sized trampoline.

    It’d been YEARS since getting on one of those. And guess who was the only adult jumping on it with a bunch of little kids? Yep… Me. It was so much fun. The other adults looked at me like “This weirdo”, but it didn’t matter. As someone who’s normally serious & stoic, it was nice to let go and let the inner child take over, even if for a few moments.

    It’s time to get that feeling back. Yesterday. 😐

  • Connie

    Disneyland. It doesn’t matter how old I am or how “cool” I think I should act, I always turn into a kid again whenever I walk through the gates of Disneyland and that’s the best way to experience it!

  • Linda Fairbairn

    Love the saying, seeing the world with childlike wonder!
    For children everything is new so they have no preconceptions or known expectations so are open to all and any fresh experience put in front of them –
    As you get older you’re more aware of the consequences of your actions – such as in your case: sea equates to cold LOL
    Such fun going into override mode… and on into overdrive 😉

  • santafetraveler

    I take a child-like pleasure in a lot of stuff. That pure wonder. That was what rafting the tame part of the Colorado River felt like last summer. It’s the feeling I get watching butterflies, even in captivity, or watching hummingbirds eat from a plant or even at a feeder. Or flying balloons or a kite. It’s a great approach to life.

  • leelaurino

    hi, i think i read on FB that your next trip is to New Foundland? please share info as you plan. i start my cross the usa trip in May but I am going to Halifax first. for 5 years I have missed this trip because I always go to Italy in May.
    (as a solo i try to avoid the summer season when families drive the prices up)


  • solotraveler

    Your’s is a lovely post too. Thanks Dianne.

  • Dianne Sharma Winter

    Lovely post! As a solo woman traveler in India, one doesnt often get a chance to let go and play like a kid BUT last year in the middle of the jungle I did just that and it felt like twenty years had dropped off me just like that, what a way to celebrate my 50th birthday!

  • Bluegreen Kirk

    Nice post sometimes we let being an adult cause us to restrain ourselves. Something as simple as jumping in pool or just simply having fun. The last time I cast things aside was last month when my son and I jumped into the ocean. It was cold be we were free and having fun.