Your Solo Travel Questions Answered on Facebook

The Solo Travel Society has over 12,000 members sharing information on a daily basis.

The Solo Travel Society has over 12,000 members sharing information on a daily basis.

I write about 100 articles a year about solo travel. But I’m not the only one with an opinion on the subject.

Every day, members of the Solo Travel Society weigh in on a variety of solo travel issues and help out other solo travelers by sharing their knowledge. Whether it’s how to navigate Europe by train, where to stay in Delhi or what to eat in Japan… many specific travel questions have been asked and answered. I am always amazed by the wealth of travel experience in the group and generosity of individuals to share it.

Mondays and Thursdays Dedicated to Your Travel Questions

The number of questions being posed on Solo Travel Society on Facebook is increasing all the time. That’s why Tracey and I are dedicating Mondays and Thursdays to post your questions to the group. When you leave your questions on the Facebook page only she and I see them.  Once we re-post the question, everyone can see them and everyone can share their knowledge and help our the traveler.

Please note that Facebook can be funny about what they show you in your timeline. The more you participate o the page, the more likely you are to see the discussion on it.

I’m picking up what you’re putting down.

I want you to know that, while I can’t respond to your comments as often as I’d like, I appreciate them all. Sometimes you make me laugh. Sometimes you make me think.

The rest of this post honors all of you who contribute by sharing some of the noteworthy comments to some of the issues we’ve explored. It certainly doesn’t include even a fraction of the fantastic comments left. I wish I could include them all.

Pause and enjoy the moment.

Pause and enjoy the moment.

On what you’ve learned traveling solo.

Emily –  That I am stronger than I think; that I alone am in charge of my own destiny; that no matter where someone is born into the world, we all have the same basic human needs (to be accepted, to be heard, etc) and are more alike than we are different; that people appreciate a simple smile more than you know; that through travel, I have grown and my likes, dislikes, desires, etc have evolved in the last few years…. that being a traveler is who I am…it’s like the air I breathe….I must have it; Yup, that about sums it up!

Steven – That people are fun in small doses.

Sylvie – That everything is simple and that we often over-think instead of just living the moment.

Micki – The I can navigate almost every situation.

Manish – That I’m much more capable than I thought

I've met some of the most interesting people because I've been traveling solo.

I’ve met some of the most interesting people because I’ve been traveling solo.

On the value of solo travel for those we don’t travel with.

Sandy – I find that these breaks make us appreciate each other more. Also, it forced my 81 year old mom to learn new technology. She refused to learn the iPad, but when I went to Florida for a month, she not only bought one, she facetimed me every night to hear about my adventures photographing birds and gators. She said its almost like being there.

Laura – It makes me a better mother to my beautiful children.

Mary – It’s a benefit to everyone in my life when I return home marginally less insane.

I've found the freedom to try new things - things that my family and friends may think odd.

I’ve found the freedom to try new things – things that my family and friends may think odd.

On solo travel and the notion of freedom.

Shelly Freitas A- For me it is not so much about freedom as it is about gaining confidence and doing some serious self discovery. Every solo trip challenges me to overcome fear and learn something new about myself.

Sandy – Yes…freedom, independence and self-discovery. Every time I go somewhere I discover a little more about me.

Lisa Catalano – Yes. No one else’s agenda. If I want to sit in a cafe and read a book for three hours, I can, without worrying if the other(s).


I fell into the arms of angels taking a train to Delhi.

I fell into the arms of angels taking a train to Delhi.

On the most hospitable people in the world.

Kelly – Despite what you might hear in the news, I’ve met life long friends in Egypt. EVERY person I encountered was warm and friendly.

Michelle – Laos! I loved the people. They went out of their way to help you… Even if they did not speak English.

Kristeen – Turks! Also I’ve heard the Fijians are incredibly hospitable.

The list, of course, goes on and on.

On your very first solo trip.

Scott – Around the world . . . 12 months: Thailand, India, Nepal for six months, then six months in Europe.

Diane L- Vietnam – I wanted to challenge myself, and it was awesome!

Ursula – I was chicken. Went to Cuba, an all inclusive. Just to be safe. It was great!

Again, this was a long list and the travel ranged from the intrepid to the timid.

On mistakes made when traveling solo.

Amanda – My first ever solo trip when I was 20 I told the taxi driver in Costa Rica that it was my first time there and immediately knew I shouldn’t have said it. He was taking me on a kinda far ride and told me it was $100. I said that’s too much but he said take it or leave it.. So I took it bc I had no idea where I was or where I could find another verified safe taxi… always act like u know exactly what you’re doing and you have much less chance of being taken advantage of!

Shelly – As an English only speaker, I was frightened about getting lost on Paris’s Metro and it took me 10 days to actually take the train. I could have seen so much more of Paris and the surrounding country-side if I had not let fear get the better of me.

Monique – Pre booked ‘adventure tours’ only to find they are far cheaper (and often better) when you book on arrival. It Gives you the chance to haggle in price and decide exactly what it is you want to be included in your package.

On meeting people traveling solo.

Bret – I just interviewed a Delta blues musician named “Super Chikan” in Mississippi this weekend. He grew up hanging out with legends like John Lee Hooker & Sonny Boy Williamson. He has gold teeth encrusted with fake colored diamonds, makes his own guitars out of ceiling fans and rifles and cigar boxes, he’s Morgan Freeman’s favorite blues man (plays at Freeman’s Ground Zero club in Clarksdale monthly), and, as far as I can tell, he never met a woman he couldn’t love. Right now, he stands out! Interview coming today on our site!

Josh – I met an old man in Bonar, Northern Spain. He was the first person who spoke fluent English in three weeks that we had met, and we discovered he spoke 6 languages, including Russian. He learnt it because, the first time he read ‘War and Peace’ he promised himself that next time, he would read it in Russian. So he did, and taught himself along the way!!!

Sandy – I actually based a character in my book on the tour director from my trip to the British isles. He’s the villain. But, really we are friends, honest lol!


  • Sarah

    The first time that I traveled solo, I went to Italy and joined a tour. Due to some tour complications and airmiles limitations, I was there a full day before the tour and was responsible to get myself to the hotel alone. I decided that since Rome was small and the public transportation was simple that I could do it myself. I could- but there was work being done on the subway line and I got all discombobulated when I went above ground following Italian signs and a trip from the airport that should have taken 1.5 hours took well over 3 hours. I hadn’t eaten since early in my overnight flight, I didn’t buy water at the airport and every store was too small for my suitcase to fit through (it was during the August melt, so most places were closed). I couldn’t figure out where to find a cab when I decided that I had had enough. Eventually, I asked a random at a gas station to direct me to my hotel on a map that I had. I was 10 minutes walking away but due to all the stress, I couldn’t see the forest for the trees. I have definitely learned the importance of keeping ones wits about them!