Solo Travel Destination: Moab, Utah, United States

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Solo travel rating: 1 (1 is easiest, 4 is most difficult. Please see chart below)

Languages spoken: English

photo, image, arches national park

Arches National Park

Reasons to go:  Although there are many fascinating travel destinations abroad, within the United States lies a plethora of exciting places as well for a solo traveler to explore. Moab, Utah combines the beauty and tranquility of the West with the feel of a small town that embraces adventure seekers from around the globe!

Moab’s most spectacular attractions are its two National Parks, Arches and Canyonlands, and its equally amazing State Park, Dead Horse. Each of these parks is easily accessible from the town, but you will require your own transportation to enter the parks. These parks are also popular for hikers and mountain bikers, but I recommend that you bring sufficient water and a GPS in order to find your way back to the trailhead!

Dead Horse State Park, the furthest from town, butts right up against Canyonlands National Park and affords amazing views of the Colorado River. Canyonlands is quite large and requires a considerable amount of driving to reach popular points within, but the views and hiking trails are worth the effort. I recommend conducting driving tours with a lot of picture stops through both of these parks to complete them together in one day.

Arches National Park, my favorite of the three, offers the most scenic views and best marked hiking trails. You will need at least one day to hike to some of the most spectacular rock formations in the country. The 1.5 mile hike up to the Delicate Arch is a must! You will meet lots of friendly hikers along the trails in all of the parks.

Moab has plenty of lodging in town, however, I would definitely book in advance and make sure there are no events during your stay because accommodations can fill up quickly. The town itself is quite small and one can easily walk to all the little shops and eateries. My favorite local eatery is Eddie McStiff’s Brew Pub – the atmosphere is lively and you have a good mix of locals and tourists. The place is packed in the evenings with adventurers recounting all of the great places they visited in the park!

Moab, Utah is by far one of my favorite places I’ve visited in the U.S. and I can’t wait to get back and re-trace some of my steps!

photo, image, canyonlands national park

Canyonlands National Park.

photo, image, delicate arch, traveler

Me, after hiking the 1.5 miles up to Delicate Arch in Arches National Park.

Solo Travel Destination Rating System

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Language – 1 (1 English is first language, 2 English speakers easy to find, 3 English speakers rare)

Navigation – 2 (1 easy to navigate by transit or car, 2 poor transit, car necessary, 3 not easy to get around)

Culture – 1 (1 Similar to North America or Western Europe, 2 Different from above but relaxed and easy, 3 Challenging)

Average Rating – 1 (1 is easiest, 4 is most difficult)


  • Ave Maria

    Was there in April and had 90s for a high. Stunning. I wouldn’t do the primitive trails (devil’s garden and furnace) alone. May need someone to push you up — or catch you– on a couple of spots. :)

  • Ben Cahoon

    If you want to buy a place in Moab there is a new townhome development in the overnight rental district called Entrada at Moab.

  • Vicky

    wow, what a perfect timing..I am going in Sept for a combo whitewater rafting on Colorado river and some hiking tour around Moab….i will sure to post some pictures afterwards…thanks for sharing.

  • Sandy

    If you come to New Orleans alone, PLEASE be careful. It is becoming increasingly dangerous in the French Quarter

  • pwink140

    I am hoping to go to New Orleans. The french quarter looks awesome

  • Susan Rubino

    I don’t know of any specific tours in Moab but if you can swing it, stay at Sorrel River Ranch where they host a variety of tours, from horseback riding in the canyons to river running.

  • V

    Hi all, thanks for the post- I have a friend’s wedding in Colorado Springs at the end of summer and would like to visit Moab and the parks around it while there. I will be alone, which bothers me a bit. Do you know of any tours that maybe I can join? Or, how much driving is involved? Is it easy to find a rental car, hotel, etc? Many thanks in advance.

  • Vee

    Looks awesome! I have been thinking about traveling more in the US too… for example, I haven’t been to Moab yet.. or New Orleans. Thanks for the post!

  • Susam

    Ive been to Moab as a solo traveler and highly ecommend it for the beauty and solitude.  I pampered myself and stayed at Sorrel River Ranch, a bit outslde Moab, but for wonderful accomodations and food, it was surely worth it.   the hiles in Arches, especially the ones off the beaten path, really brought home to me the sense of independence and peace that only being alone in nature can bring.  I highly recommend this place.

  • Obaidur Rahman

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  • thetravelchica

    I would love to go hiking here. Beautiful!

  • Leigh_mcadam

    Renting a bike to get around Moab is also very worthwhile; try riding up into Arches NP for a workout and then have a whole lot of fun on the descent. 
    Moab is also one of my favourite places on the planet. I highly recommend a stay at the Sunflower Inn.

  • Andi Perullo

    I’m really itching to visit, the pics looks AMAZING!

  • Katy

    Great shots!  I loved visiting Moab and wished my two day stay could have been stretched to a week.  I visited Arches and even tried to bike Slickrock Trail (it didn’t go very well) and you’re right the brew pub is a great place to spend the evening after a day of hiking.