Solo Travel Destination: Sardinia, Italy

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Languages spoken: Sardinian, Italian, English

photo, image, beach, sardinia

Villasimius Beach

Reasons to go:  Beautiful beaches, ancient ruins and delicious food.

After three days in Rome, I took a 50 minute plane ride to paradise. It’s called Sardinia.

If you like beaches, you will love Sardinia, they are stunning. The water is warm, welcoming, and crystal clear.

If you like archeology, you will love Sardinia. The ruins of the ancient Nuraghi are everywhere.

If you like food, you will love Sardinia. The fresh fish, cheese, and bread are to die for.

I based myself in Cagliari, the capital. A short bus ride from the airport will drop you off at the main bus terminal. It’s really small. There are about eight bus stalls.

I stayed at a lovely Bed and Breakfast called II Cagliarese. The owner is wonderful, he goes out of his way to make sure your stay is enjoyable and his sister makes a breakfast buffet which includes homemade tiramisu.

There is plenty to see in the town itself. There is a Roman amphitheatre, a medieval citadel, an archeology museum, and even a flamingo nesting area.

If you want to shop, my favorite was Sapori de Sardegna, a shop on the Via Roma offering crafts, food, and all things Sardinian. I brought home a wheel, yes, an entire wheel of cheese!

Restaurants and bars are everywhere. One of my favorite places to eat was Trattoria Gennargentu. It’s not fancy and the food is excellent. Lo Zodiaco is great for homemade pizza. I would also recommend La Stella Marinade de Montecristo. There is no menu, just a three course meal consisting of the catch of the day, a pasta dish, and fruit for dessert. Did I mention the wine? It’s included. All of this for 30 Euros. There are lots of outdoor cafes where you can stop for a drink.

From my base in Cagliari I took a bus to see the ruins at Nora. Founded by Phoenicians in the 11th century B.C., it passed to the Carthaginians, then was taken over by the Romans until being abandoned and looted by Arab pirates. Some of the city is now underwater but what remains is still worth a visit. There are daily tours in English. When you’re done you can relax at the adjacent beach or go kayaking.

I also went to the beach at Villasimius, a popular resort town. There are many shops to browse through but I headed straight for the beach to relax. Several beach clubs offer chaises and umbrellas for about 10 Euros.

You should know that most of the shops everywhere close between the hours of 1:00 pm and 4:00 pm. 

The places I visited were served by buses but in retrospect, I wish I had rented a car because I could have covered more ground. The island ended up being a lot bigger than I thought!

I highly recommend visiting this paradise in the Mediterranean.

photo, image, street, cagliari

A typical street in Cagliari.

photo, image, ruins, sardinia

The ruins at Nora.

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Average Rating – 2 (1 is easiest, 3 is most difficult)



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    It would be really helpful if prices were mentioned in articles like this.

  • Corinne Vail

    Love Sardinia, but admittedly it’s been A. LOT. of. Years! So, question. One of my best memories is of the Sardinian calazones! I remember they had pearl onions, hot dogs, and a host of other things all stuffed into that goodness, but the best part was the hot tomato sauce that the waiter dribbled over the calzone. Have you had one of these? Do you have a recommendation on a restaurant that would serve them? I’m contemplating a return trip and will be highly disappointed if I can’t find one of these tasty treats! Thanks.

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    How long did ups stay and what was the cost?

  • Roberta

    thanks for this wondeful article about my beatiful hometown! hope lots of people will take insiration to visit it. Sardinian people is very genuine and welcoming and always keen to help!