Solo Travel Destination: Shanghai, China

We are pleased to present a new Solo Travel Destination Post from Criszette, a member of the Solo Travel Society. Criszette is from the Philippines, and submitted the following report about Shanghai, China. Do you have a solo travel destination that you would like to recommend? Submit your description here, along with a few photos, and share it with fellow travelers!

Solo travel rating: 1.5 (1 is easiest, 4 is most difficult. Please see chart below)

Languages spoken: Shanghainese, Mandarin, Cantonese, English

photo, image, maglev train

The Shanghai Maglev Train runs from 300-450 km/h

Reasons to go:  The first thing to experience when you step foot in Shanghai is the Maglev Train from Pudong Airport to Longyang Road. It is the first and only (as of now) Magnetic Levitation Train in the world.

Shanghai is a great place to visit if you want to mix culture, relaxation and entertainment. If you’re into culture, The Bund (the waterfront area), The Jing’An Temple, City God Temple, Yu Garden and so many more are the place to be. For relaxation, even though Shanghai is considered to be the biggest city in China, it is famous for its laid back atmosphere, especially in Pudong New Area. For entertainment, Shanghai is a shopping paradise known as the Paris of the East. Anything you want – you name it, they have it, from Nanjing Road to Huaihai Road down to Xujiahui.

Shanghai’s nightlife and restaurants are truly exceptional. Don’t forget to visit M and Jean Georges both located in The Bund in Nanjing District.

photo, image, tour bus, shanghai

Big Bus Tours Shanghai – travels all over the city.

photo, image, tv tower, shanghai

Oriental TV Tower at Pudong New Area

photo, image,

View of Pudong and Huangpu River at night.

Solo Travel Destination Rating System

Safety – 1 (1 very safe, 2 safe in most areas, 3 be cautious at all times.)

Language – 2 (1 English is first language, 2 English speakers easy to find, 3 English speakers rare)

Navigation – 1 (1 easy to navigate by transit or car, 2 poor transit, car necessary, 3 not easy to get around)

Culture – 2 (1 Similar to North America or Western Europe, 2 Different from above but relaxed and easy, 3 Challenging)

Average Rating – 1.5 (1 is easiest, 4 is most difficult)


  • Criszette Santiago

    I actually don’t really mind dining alone to be honest hehe since I have been traveling solo for awhile I get used to the feeling already. I am so charmed by the beauty of Shanghai, although very populated you can still feel the Old Chinese era gone by.

  • Mai

    I love Shanghai. Though it’s a mega city, it falls into well defined neighbourhoods and so is easy to comprehend and navigate around. I especially like to explore what remains of its colonial past eg the Bund, Astor House hotel and the old German precinct.
    Don’t worry about dining alone in China, the Chinese expect us Westerners to do odd things and to have quaint customs. Just tuck in and enjoy their delicious food.

  • Criszette Santiago

    You are most welcome, Praveen! :)

  • Criszette Santiago

    You are most welcome!

  • Criszette Santiago

    Oh yes it is. Best time to hit Shanghai around late march and early april so you can experience bits of winter and spring at the same time also a mist of snow. :)

  • Criszette Santiago

    Thank you very much! :)

  • Criszette Santiago

    No worries! Have a great time in Shanghai :)

  • Blackchecks

    Thanks for the post and ratings! Will be traveling to Shanghai via free and easy package I bought from and I cant wait! (: 

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  • praveenrastogi

    Great china.i love these photos..i love travelling..
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