FREE eBook of Solo Travel Tales

I get to tell my tales of traveling solo all the time. But you, the readers have many stories to tell as well. This is why I put out the call for contributions to a free eBook about solo travel.

The response was fabulous. In addition to all the people who showed their enthusiasm for reading such a book, there were ten wonderful individuals who actually contributed their stories. It has been a real pleasure reading them and compiling the stories and photos into this free eBook.

Just click on the image above to download your free copy.


Also by Janice Waugh

solo travel, Book on how to travel solo

The Solo Traveler’s Handbook: for those who love and those who long to go solo.

A show and tell of solo travel. Part how-to manual and part travel literature, The Handbook will inspire you to venture out and discover yourself as you discover the world.







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  • Guest

    I travelled around SE Asia for 4 months solo. I’m a 32 year-old guy. Even though I’m quite a confident and independent person, I was terrified when I booked my plane ticket. The trip had it’s ups and also its downs (but not many downs 😉 and I eventually realised that this is just life – life follows you everywhere, even when you go backpacking to ‘escape’ the normal ‘rules’ of life. I must stress though, that my trip had several MASSIVE highs that I would not have got from any other kind of experience and overall I came away from my trip with a lasting sense of increased confidence and independence. This is worth its weight in gold.

    The benefit of solo travel, in particular, is when you have a great time, you suddenly take a step back for a moment and think to yourself ‘I did this, I landed in a foreign land completely and utterly alone, but now this is happening’. That thought alone makes your highs even higher.

    Solo travellers’ main fear before they go for the first time, is that they won’t meet anyone and they will be lonely. The truth is, when you want to meet people you will and when you want some time alone, you take it.

    If you’ve never done it before and you’re considering it, definitely do it.

    I wrote a blog during my travels. Take a look if you’re interested. I tried to be as honest and open as possible when writing it, to benefit others. I spared only the goriest details 😀

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  • Tom

    Great book Janice, really useful resource for any traveller out there. I’ll certainly share it with my buddies

  • Daffyd

    What a great resource for travelers – not just solo either. I like to travel with friends and still really enjoyed this after it was recommended by a friend.

  • solotraveler

    I have a book coming out that shows lots of ways of meeting people and having fun.

  • Planking

    I’ll have to check out the ebook, but the idea of traveling alone kind of bothers me. It seems like it might get boring not having someone to talk to and share the experience with.

  • Games

    Great ebook! Traveling alone is so nice, but like you said the book might be best for friends and family–they really do not get why I like to travel by myself…

  • Liz Mahoney

    Hi Janice,
    what a great resource you have gathered. It gives me fresh inspiration as a 59-year-old to keep travelling alone, well, with my dog.
    Thank you!

  • solotraveler

    Thanks. Please spread the word!

  • ebooks shop

    Great eBook! Would that all manifestos were as easy to understand and follow. For anyone who has ever travelled alone and felt guilty – read this! For anyone planning to travel alone and learn how to thrive – read this

  • solotraveler

    Thanks very much. Please feel free to share it far and wide.

  • Richard

    Great ebook and some really cool, useful information for solo travellers.

    An inspiration as ever Janice!

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  • Stanmore Property

    I think the book is good, people can travel alone. It is also fun and enjoy to travel alone. Anyway, glad to know more about this book, wish I could have one.

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  • Kettlebell Underground

    Travelling solo is a great experience. You can really find out things about yourself that you wouldn’t if you were travelling as part of a larger group or even as a couple. This ebook is a great starting point for anyone considering a solo adventure. Recommend it!

  • Jean

    Fantastic. You are a real spirit and one who delights in sharing with other the positive and humorous slant on a sometimes bland and lackluster world. You are my new light and I have shared this with my friends. Good on you!

  • kettlebell workouts

    Traveling solo rocks — if you can’t be comfortable with yourself, that is a total shame! Traveling solo helps you learn so many things about yourself, and to experiment with what you like and don’t like. It also helps people from the locale want to help you more, and that opens up an avenue for really good interactions.

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  • Acai

    Traveling solo is so invigorating. Even if you just go on short jaunts or a little walkabout it’s pure and total freedom. Good on ya!

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  • admin

    It is important that everyone travel according to their own standards of safety. Hopefully you had a look at the Solo Travel Deals page for organized trips without single supplements.

  • food storage

    I just wouldn’t want to travel solo because I am a safety freak. There is strength in numbers.

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  • Tom

    Love it Janice! I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the times i’ve travelled alone and hope that i continue to get more opportunities to do so in the future. I’ve certainly got even more urge to do so after reading this

    Thank you!


  • traveling video

    You have some great articles here. Thanks for all the work posting them. I’ll be back for sure!

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  • download ebook

    Very fascinating to read it 😛 😀

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  • Ffion

    Love the book, Janice!

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  • Honor

    I love this message. Yay! Travel solo is a great thing and something I hope everyone gets the chance to do at least once in their life. It’s liberating, testing, exciting, scary…. everything really. A great book and a great read. Thank you!

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  • admin

    Jessie, Keith, Ashley, Susan, Harry,

    Thank you all so much for supportive and insightful comments.

  • Harry van Bommel

    Great eBook! Would that all manifestos were as easy to understand and follow. For anyone who has ever travelled alone and felt guilty – read this! For anyone planning to travel alone and learn how to thrive – read this. For young people going through a GAP year or before they begin their careers – read this. For those of us of a certain age (yes, boomers!) – read this. Even if you plan to travel with someone else – read this and get some time to yourself on your trip. Short review – read this!

  • Susan

    It is great -defines the real attraction of solo travel and offers something for every demographic – love the name!
    “It’s not that we don’t send the “wish you were here” postcards. It’s just that traveling solo offers a truly unique and valuable experience.” … Solo travellers are not loners or curmugeons who do not want company or who want to completely get away from everyone – we just want the freedom of adventure and exploration completely on our own terms. …”you’re focused on all that is new in the moment, not your companion” – exactly!

  • Ashley Bruckbauer


    This is so unbelievably lovely and poignant. Thank you for sharing! I feel I can continue on my journeys empowered and will definitely be sharing this with other young solo travelers and some family who need to be clued in.
    Thanks again!
    Best, Ashley

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  • jessiev

    REALLY cool ebook – impressive!