Best of Solo Travel

solo travel can be relaxing

Solo Travel allows time for contemplation.

This is the “Best of Solo Travel” resource page.

Solo travel is an experience like none other. It allows you to enjoy a destination on your own terms – without the distractions or schedule of others. It gives you time for contemplation and personal growth.

On this page you’ll find links to posts that explore the “why of solo travel. Further down, you’ll find solo travel stories that share with you just how wonderful it can be.

Over on the “Travel Alone – where and how” resource page, you’ll find posts about solo travel safety, how to travel alone tips and suggestions of the best places to travel alone.

I also want to point you to the Solo Travel Society on Facebook. This is a group of solo travelers that share information and have fun discussing solo travel.

Thoughts about Solo Travel

Traveling Alone Means…

What does solo travel mean to you? Well it means many things to many people. Here’s my take and that of members of the Solo Travel Society which is a group of solo travelers on Facebook.

Was There Ever a Better Excuse to Travel? Especially solo?

It’s surprising how often people are challenged for their decision to travel. And yet it is so, so good for you, your personal growth and for your ability to function at home. Here’s your perfect travel excuse.

Solo not Selfish: “Secure your own oxygen mask first…”

Is solo travel selfish? It’s been suggested on occasion that people travel alone because they don’t know how to share. I decided to address this isue head on – again with the help of 16 members of the Solo Travel Society on Facebook

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Men Travel Solo Too! High Fives to the Guys!

Men travel solo yet almost all the solo travel studies and gender specific articles focus on women. Hi five guys! Here are 10 solo travel posts by men.

Solo Travel and Four Obstacles to Your Personal Legend

Living the life you were meant to live – the life of your dreams – is not always easy. But it is possible. This post kicks off April’s theme: solo travel and pursuing your personal legend.

Should I Stay or Should I Go

This is a story from the heart. It’s not a solo travel story but a story that explains why I travel solo. It’s a story about long term travel. My hope is that it inspires you to take the trip of your dreams.

I Was a Lazy Traveler… until I went solo.

We may have to work harder for a solo travel experience but the benefits are clear.

solo travel can get you doing things you never thought you'd do

Yes, I’ve ended up doing things in my travels that I never expected – like rock climbing in Austria.

Solo Travel for Boomers: The World Awaits in More Ways than You Think

It’s not just the destination that awaits you. As a boomer traveling solo, it’s a myriad of new experiences.

The Power of Solitude: Emily Dickinson Meets Reese Witherspoon

Why travel solo? Because it offers you an opportunity to grow. With a little help from Cheryl Strayed, Emily Dickinson and Reese Witherspoon, here’s how.

Why Travel Solo? Let’s Go to the Heart of the Matter

In a recent interview I was again explaining why travel solo and I discovered that I had a few new perspectives on the subject. Here they are.

Ten Truths I tell My Friends about Solo Travel

I know. I write about and encourage — you could even say that I promote, solo travel. I think it is an important, life enriching experience. But, it is not necessarily easy –  so I share with you these ten truths, secrets if you will, about my own anxieties or hesitations when I travel solo…

solo travel accommodation guide

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Solo Travel Stories

The Beatles as Destination: Here, There and Everywhere.

The Beatles went here, there and everywhere. As a result, Beatles destinations are almost everywhere as well. Here are three: Hamburg, Liverpool and Rishikesh.

A Solo Ski Trip is a Social Affair

Take a solo ski trip and you needn’t be solo for long. Skiing is a social experience, whether for the time it takes to get up the mountain or longer. Here are a few of the people I met at Whistler Blackcomb.

Paying Forward a Kindness on the Road

Sometimes the opportunity is perfect. Memories flood in. Kindness drives you forward. And the result is new friends.

How to Dig for Clams: the Bay of Fundy

It had been raining all day and as we drove to Gulliver’s Cove, Nova Scotia, we wondered whether it was realistic to go clam digging in such weather. What a joke. Terry Wilkins, our clam digging expert has been digging clams four to five hours a day, six days a week for 44 years. Somehow, I don’t think a bit of rain has ever stopped him…

Full clam digging gear and tools.

Grace’s Nerdy New York City Adventure: a twenty-something travels solo

Nerdy? Traveling solo to NYC? Here are plenty of tips and suggestions for creating your own nerdy New York City adventure.

Nashville: There’s More than a Little Country in this City Girl

My first report on a fabulous visit to Nashville, Tennessee. Why did I slide so easily into the country music scene? Because country music has been subtly sliding into my life for the last five decades.

My Magical Mystery Tour – it’s not what you think.

Solo in Liverpool, my magical mystery tour in Liverpool didn’t involve any psychedelic buses. It was all about the magical people of this city with an extraordinary past.

Climb Tonina With Me – an Extraordinary Mayan Pyramid in Photos

Climbing the spectacular Mayan ruin of Tonina – all in photos.

Top of Mayan Pyramid, Tonino

I made it to the very top.