The Best of Solo Travel

Solo Travel allows time for contemplation.

This is the “Best of Solo Travel” resource page.

Solo travel is an experience like none other. It allows you to enjoy a destination on your own terms – without the distractions or schedule of others. It gives you time for contemplation and personal growth.

On this page you’ll find links to posts that explore the “why of solo travel. Further down, you’ll find solo travel stories that share with you just how wonderful it can be.

Over on the “Travel Alone – where and how” resource page, you’ll find posts about solo travel safety, how to travel alone tips and suggestions of the best places to travel alone.

I also want to point you to the Solo Travel Society on Facebook. This is a group of solo travelers that share information and have fun discussing solo travel.

Thoughts about Solo Travel

Traveling Alone Means…

What does solo travel mean to you? Well it means many things to many people. Here’s my take and that of members of the Solo Travel Society which is a group of solo travelers on Facebook.

Solo not Selfish: “Secure your own oxygen mask first…”

Is solo travel selfish? It’s been suggested on occasion that people travel alone because they don’t know how to share. I decided to address this isue head on – again with the help of 16 members of the Solo Travel Society on Facebook

All you need to know about solo travel in one place. Click on the book to go to Available in paperback and all ebook formats in your favorite online stores.

Men Travel Solo Too! High Fives to the Guys!

Men travel solo yet almost all the solo travel studies and gender specific articles focus on women. Hi five guys! Here are 10 solo travel posts by men.

Solo Travel and Four Obstacles to Your Personal Legend

Living the life you were meant to live – the life of your dreams – is not always easy. But it is possible. This post kicks off April’s theme: solo travel and pursuing your personal legend.

Should I Stay or Should I Go

This is a story from the heart. It’s not a solo travel story but a story that explains why I travel solo. It’s a story about long term travel. My hope is that it inspires you to take the trip of your dreams.

Travel with the Wit of an Adult and the Wonder of a Child

We need our wits about us as we travel solo. There are many opportunities to be scammed and worse. Have a read of Caught in a Con Game to learn just how bad things got on my very first trip. I have since traveled with my wits about me. But, while I preach the word of safety, I believe that it’s important to balance caution with a child-like sense of wonder?

Woman with helmut in austria

Yes, I’ve ended up doing things in my travels that I never expected – like rock climbing in Austria.

Ten Truths I tell My Friends about Solo Travel

I know. I write about and encourage — you could even say that I promote, solo travel. I think it is an important, life enriching experience. But, it is not necessarily easy – even for those of us whotravel solo on a regular basis. So, I share with you these ten truths, secrets if you will, about my own anxieties or hesitations when I travel solo…

Solo Travel: a ticket to freedom at any age.

At any stage of life, actually at every stage of life, solo travel can be a ticket to freedom. After all, it offers:

  • Independence.
  • Your own time table
  • No need to compromise.
  • You get to do what you want to do.
  • You don’t have to do what you don’t want to do.

But it can mean more.  Solo travel can be the answer to the unique challenges experienced at different times of life…

The Power of Solitude: Emily Dickinson Meets Reese Witherspoon

Why travel solo? Because it offers you an opportunity to grow. With a little help from Cheryl Strayed, Emily Dickinson and Reese Witherspoon, here’s how.

Travel Solo in Silence… at least some of the time.

Imagine choosing not to speak for a day and the experience lasting 17 years. John Francis did this. He decided to try a day and found the experience so valuable that he carried on for a week, and then a year, thinking that he would talk on the anniversary. That didn’t happen. He continued his silence for 17 years while earning a BA, MA and Ph.d — even while teaching college students he didn’t speak. Why did he do this? Because one learns more by listening and observing than by speaking. I think its a great video for solo travelers…

Click the image to get the FREE Solo Traveler Accommodation Guide with 159 recommendations from 51 countries – all submitted by solo travelers

Click the image to get the FREE Solo Traveler Accommodation Guide with 159 recommendations from 51 countries – all submitted by solo travelers

Solo Travel Stories

Solo travel in India: It Takes Nerves of Steel

It was 2002 and I was driving a VW Popup on a two-lane highway down the east coast of Italy. Suddenly, an oncoming car decided to pass. It was heading right at me. I veered to the right. The car being passed did the same. And the car doing the passing went on without issue. That’s when I realized that drivers in Italy turn two lanes into three at will. Yes, driving is a cultural experience…

El Camino de Santiago: a volunteer shares his story

A chance encounter delivers us a wonderful story about volunteering on El Camino de Santiago. A big thank you to Rick who I met on a plane to Orlando.

Solo Travel to Canada: a one day tour of Montreal

Montreal is a vibrant, fun city with a rich culture. It deserves its reputation for being the European destination in North America. The wonderful food, some of the oldest  architecture on the continent, the romantic French language, fabulous fashion… it’s a city one can return to over and over again for a great time…

Solo in London: a trip to Shakespeare’s Globe

“then the world’s mine oyster”

The Merry Wives of Windsor
by William Shakespeare

Yes, Shakespeare gave us the saying: “the world is your oyster”. One that travellers embrace and I lived when I went solo to London. It never ceases to amaze me how relevant the Bard’s plays are today and how much more I get out of them with each viewing. So, when I was in London, it was natural for me to get as close as I could to the root of that saying (and many, many others) at Shakespeare’s Globe, a replica of the original Globe Theatre that launched many of Shakespeare’s later plays – plays that have given centuries of people countless hours of laughter and tears…

How to Dig for Clams: the Bay of Fundy

It had been raining all day and as we drove to Gulliver’s Cove, Nova Scotia, we wondered whether it was realistic to go clam digging in such weather. What a joke. Terry Wilkins, our clam digging expert has been digging clams four to five hours a day, six days a week for 44 years. Somehow, I don’t think a bit of rain has ever stopped him…

Full clam digging gear and tools.

Blurred Borders and the Peace Corps

This is the final post in the “Blurred Borders” series. This time I take you to Washington and the Smithsonian Folklife Festival to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Peace Corps.

I travel solo for the company.

I often meet people as I travel but this one day on Cape Cod was better than any I have ever experienced. Meet Skip, Jeanette, Laurie, Jim and Brad.

Hostel Stories – the good, the bad and the ugly.

There have been a couple of occasions lately when the Solo Travel Society on Facebook has triggered travel memories by the questions members  explore. Last time it was a memory of the kindness of two farmers when I was cycling in Prince Edward Island. This time, it is about an incident at a hostel in Plymouth, England. My story is followed by some of those shared on Facebook…

My Magical Mystery Tour – it’s not what you think.

Solo in Liverpool, my magical mystery tour in Liverpool didn’t involve any psychedelic buses. It was all about the magical people of this city with an extraordinary past.

Climb Tonina With Me – an Extraordinary Mayan Pyramid in Photos

Climbing the spectacular Mayan ruin of Tonina – all in photos.

Top of Mayan Pyramid, Tonino

I made it to the very top.

Travel Solo for a Rocky Mountain High

While the focus of my trip to Utah was the Sundance Film Festival, how could I go to Park City and not go skiing. I am so glad I did. Blue skies, great snow and a skiing buddy. I’m not sure if it was the altitude but I came off the mountain higher than a kite