Solo Traveler Fave Five and the Theme for March

Four more solo travelers

Four solo travelers: Hui, Singapore; Johannas, Germany; Hilde, Austria; and Tanja, Germany (clockwise from top left)..

It’s month in review time. Time to look back on what was most popular on Solo Traveler in February, and look forward to what’s coming in March.

The theme for March.
The theme for March is “It’s just money honey”. Ok, money is nothing to be flippant about but, by considering what money means and learning ways to manage it, you could travel more. This month you can look forward to:

  • When to Make and When to Break the Budget.
  • Cracking the Travel Points Code.
  • 10 Best Ways to Save Money Traveling
  • 10 Worst Ways to Save Money Traveling
  • Budget Your Trip

April on Solo Traveler, the theme is “Solo Travel and Your Personal Legend”. This topic is inspired by The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho. You may enjoy reading it in preparation.

The most popular posts in February.
What did you miss? Here are the most popular posts on Solo Traveler in February. The theme was “Romance on the Road”.

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