Solo Traveler: September’s Fave Five

This is October’s Prize Draw Post on Solo Traveler.

To qualify, simply leave a comment below saying which of the Fave Five posts mentioned you find most interesting. I’ll draw the winning comment using in early October.

This month’s prize  is the Chris Guillebeau’s “Become Your Own Travel Ninja”.  It promises you strategies to save tons of money on air travel. Click on the picture for details. Now, on to the post.


Here we go. Yet another month has sped by and it’s time to look back and see what posts were most popular on Solo Traveler. Here they are. The titles are links so click on any of them to have a read.

Hiking Boots to High Heels in One Carry-on: Here’s your packing list.

Hiking boots and high heels, two weeks, one carry-on. Can it be done? Yes. Here’s how — packing list and all.

El Camino de Santiago: a volunteer shares his story

A chance encounter delivers us a wonderful story about volunteering on El Camino de Santiago. A big thank you to Rick who I met on a plane to Orlando.

Travel Solo to New York: top five food finds

A burger joint in a fancy hotel. Food trucks under the Brooklyn Bridge. A restaurant requiring reservations a month in advance… Here are five great, fairly inexpensive, NYC food finds.

34 Years Married: on woman’s solo travel survival strategy

Long term relationships can be refreshed and renewed by a bit of time apart. Here’s how one woman acted on her need for a bit of time away from her husband of 34 years – and looked forward to their time together again.

Pic of the Week: solo travel to Calcutta

A beautiful photo of Calcutta, India with a guest companion post that is probably the most beautiful article on Solo Traveler. Please have a read.

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Now, leave a comment saying which is your fave post for a chance to win!

  • Swetha Reddy

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  • Lil

    He absolutely loved it. He was on his ow, and you can imagine if he was going the usual way, unless he left together with someone he met at the lodging the night before, it could be a very long and lonely trek. Also, he’d be interacting with just more or less the same crowd every day. By reversing his path, he got talking to new people all the way.

    Mind, this friend of mine is quite the philosopher and can be a tad eccentric, but he is just so insightly in so many ways, I would not want to not know him. 😀

  • Charles McCool

    Read all the October posts but related most to the NYC foods, because I was also there in October.

  • MsAmbassador

    Loved the Hiking Boots to High Heels. I’m obsessed w/trying to pack less and less, but as always, I have a little of the ‘girly girl’ in me. :)

  • solotraveler

    I can imagine that size 12 does not help with light packing. I have two sons with size 12 feet. When they’re around it’s hard to get in the front door.

  • solotraveler

    I’ve never heard of anyone going in the opposite direction. I wonder how that affected his experience.

  • Lil

    Love the post of “Hiking Boots to High Heels” and that’s not unlike my own carry-on, except I never bring heels. Just nice ballerina flats :)

    El Camino de Santiago reminds me of a friend who trekked it a couple of years back. He went on the opposite way (he started where everyone finishes) and along the way, met more people than he could ever imagine!

  • Jay Snyder

    Packing light is always something I strive for..and any article will help. Wearing size 12 shoes does not :-)

  • Ken

    Favorite was Hiking Boots to High Heels — I want to pack small & light for future travels.

  • Pat

    Hiking Boots to High Heels…. The more tips on packing light the better!

  • Emmy

    34 Years Married

  • Samie

    Enjoyed the piece on packing, though they’re all interesting. Always like to read about light packing because I need it constantly reinforced. I’m a big fan of the rolling clothes method too and agree with the reader who asked about Kindle (especially for longer trips). Any particular luggage favorites?

  • Todd | Todd’s Wanderings

    Hard to choose a favorite, but I’m going with El Camino de Santiago. I have a special place in my heart for all pilgrimages and I’ve been wanting to do this one for a while now.

  • Carmel

    Loved 34 Years Married: on woman’s solo travel survival strategy. We all need time alone – glad to see that Elizabeth found something that works for her! Great read.

  • Anna Luiza Rech

    Great selection there! My favourite is the 34yr married solo traveller! Wonderful writing!

  • Alison

    They are all great but I love the Calcutta photo :)

  • solotraveler

    :-) thanks for the smile!

  • wen

    Hiking boots to high heels…though I’m a size 12, which means I can only really take one pair. :)

  • Valerie

    Put this site in my favorites to read more of the articles. I am becoming a solo traveler too!

  • Gray

    I really loved the 34 years married piece…because I think it’s important for people to realize that solo travel isn’t just for singles. It’s healthy for married couples to have their own interests and spend some time apart once in awhile.

  • Tracey

    I like Hiking Boots to High Heels. I will likely never be a light packer, but I admire those who are!

  • Susan

    Love the El Camino story – the sorrow stones are sweet, sad and inspiring.

  • Dave and Deb

    I read most of these posts and loved them all! I haven’t read the post on Calcutta and I am going there right now!