The Solo Traveler’s Handbook


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“chock-full of useful tips and strategies ” Marilyn Terrell, Chief Researcher, National Geographic Traveler magazine

“Fun, empowering, and tremendously useful.”

Dr. Bella DePaulo
Author of Singlism, Single with Attitude, and Singled Out

The 2nd edition of The Solo Traveler’s Handbook offers more stories and tips on solo travel fun and safety. Part how-to manual and part travel literature, it will help you venture out with confidence to discover yourself as you discover the world!

The Solo Traveler’s Handbook offers:

• A comprehensive how and why of solo travel.
• Real solo travel stories.
• Solo and social: meeting locals and other travelers.
• Safety: four priorities, five principles and sixty tips.
• Planning and packing.
• Where to go and when.
• Dozens of resources.

In the three-plus years since I started this blog, I’ve published more than 750 articles on solo travel. While it’s a wonderful resource and forges a sense of community amongst solo travelers, it is sometimes difficult for readers to find the information they’re looking for. This is the why I wrote The Solo Traveler’s Handbook. You’ll find all the basic information you need to travel solo in one place.


**Available in paperback and most e-readers**

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Part of The Traveler’s Handbooks series.

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Reviews of The Solo Traveler’s Handbook

“Janice has long made the convincing case that there is no better way to get to know yourself than to hit the road, and now she’s got more witty advice to offer. With her book in hand, you’ll feel freer than ever to follow the only path that matters: your own.”

Joe Yonan
Food and Travel Editor, the Washington Post and author of Serve Yourself: Nightly Adventures in Cooking for One

“… Insightful tips and experiences. … It’s a refreshing look at travel that gives the reader the gift of freedom to control their travel destiny with very practical and sometimes humorous advice. Janice is a leader in influencing people to get out to see the world alone and on their own schedule.”

Bruce Poon Tip
Founder, G Adventures

“Fun, empowering, and tremendously useful.”

Dr. Bella DePaulo
Author of Singlism, Single with Attitude, and Singled Out

“The Solo Traveler’s Handbook is a practical, engaging and entertaining resource for traveling the world safely and with joy. It is a must read for singles, introverts, first time explorers and anyone who wonders about the pros and cons of traveling the globe solo.”

Joshunda Sanders
Writer and blogger at Single & Happy


Praise for the 1st edition of The Solo Traveler’s Handbook

“Janice Waugh has bopped her way through Spanish music festivals at 3 a.m., traipsed the mountains of Patagonia and was even kissed by legendary bluesman B.B. King. Her book is filled with dozens of great tips for solo travelers.”

Jim Byers
Travel Editor, Toronto Star

“Janice’s book is chock-full of useful tips and strategies for making the most of a solo trip. If you haven’t quite worked up the nerve to go solo, her book will give you the tools and confidence you need. Don’t leave home on a solo trip without reading this book!”

Marilyn Terrell
Chief Researcher, National Geographic Traveler magazine

“Janice proves her expertise of solo travel with reflective and poignant anecdotes from her journeys alone over the years. It’s a well-rounded and easily digestible book that any traveler will find useful and entertaining. Now … I’m inspired to go it alone.”

Carlo Alcos
Editor, Matador Network

“Canadian Janice Waugh, the witty scribe behind the popular SoloTravelerBlog, compiled 120-plus pages of tips and experiences from 25-plus years globe-trotting on her own. It’s an excellent resource titled The Solo Traveler’s Handbook, in which Waugh takes the fear out of travelling on your own. In fact, she helps readers tap into the fun side of solo travel …”

Doug O’Neill
Executive Editor, Canadian Living Magazine

The Solo Traveler’s Handbook is a delightful combination of inspiration and information. The inspiration comes largely from the personal anecdotes author Janice Waugh consciously peppers throughout the book. She has an open, down-to-earth and articulate style that conveys the depth of her experience without overdoing it. She shares personal stories that include the death of her husband, and the effect it had on her life; and her awkward first solo trip, to Havana, Cuba, with no hint of self-pity. … Aside from sharing of herself, another great thing about Janice Waugh’s book, The Solo Traveler’s Handbook, is that she offers good advice. Throughout the book, Janice stresses two things over and over: almost anyone can go on a fun and enjoyable solo vacation or long-term trip; and, while a certain amount of risk is necessary for adventure, you should never, ever, compromise where your safety is concerned. The entire last section of the book is devoted to safety… “

Mariellen Ward,
Travel Writer and Blogger, Breathe Dream Go

The Solo Traveler’s Handbook Buzz & Reviews provides confidence building tips for traveling the world on your terms. In 123 pages of lighthearted reading, Janice shares her personal travel mistakes and triumphs along with tips for how to negotiate the world of travel on your own. … Let’s be clear. The Solo Traveler’s Handbook isn’t about how to cope with traveling alone. Instead, the book celebrates the joys of traveling solo and why we should all travel that way, even for those of us who have partners.”

Donna L. Hull
Travel Blogger, My Itchy Feet

“What makes this book stand out as more than just a travel guide, though, are the personal stories that Janice tells, starting with how she started traveling solo again late in life after the death of her husband. Her stories are warm and funny and illustrative of how she has learned what to do while traveling solo, and also show just how much fun one can have traveling solo. … But my favorite part of this book has to be Janice’s “5 Principles of Safety”. Despite my many years of solo travel, I learned something new in #2: “Proactive is better than reactive.” Aha! FINALLY, I now know why I am so often a freak magnet when I travel solo! (Note to self: Be more proactive.)”

Gray Cargill
Travel Blogger, Solo Friendly