The Jewels and Jewelry of Salvador Dali

The jewelry of Salvador DaliI doubt that there has ever been an artist more diverse than Salvador Dali.

Dali worked in furniture, fashion and jewelry design. He designed buildings and contributed to film and theater productions. He wrote four books, and, of course, there are his paintings and sculptures.

His body of work, and his ego, were so expansive that he laid claim to excelling in just about every form of art there is, visual and otherwise. Doing so, he stumped the panel of  “What’s My Line”, (a television game show in the 50’s and 60’s) to the great amusement of the host and the audience.  Dali, himself, was not trying to be amusing. He was telling his truth.

I wasn’t aware of all this until I visited Costa Brava in Spain where there are three Dali Museums. I wrote about them in “The Dali Triangle: a most perfect storm“. At the largest of the three, the Dalí Theatre and Museum in Figueres, there is a lesser known section that features Dali’s jewelry.

By a separate door (around the corner from the main Museum entrance), one enters into a long, dark room with lit glass boxes on both sides designed to highlight Dali’s art in jewels. The jewelry is exactly what one would expect of Dali – opulent, extravagant, playful and surreal.

My photos below give you a taste. If you’re in Figueres, please don’t miss this part of the museum.

As for Dali on “What’s My Line”, well, you can watch the video. It’s at the end of the photos below.


Salvador Dali earings

Salvador Dali jewels

cross by Salvador Dali


Beating heart.

  • Mark

    I was lucky enough to be able to buy my wife an original Dali necklace, she loves it.

  • Jam Icosnap

    Thanks for the post! One of my favorite artist is Salvador Dali.