You are arriving… “The Journey” by David Whyte

"The geese turn into the light again."

For the second week in a row my poetry post has a poem named “The Journey”. But this poem is quite different.

If you’ve been reading Solo Traveler for a while, you know a bit of my backstory. This poem speaks to me because it is more about the journey of life than the journeys we take – but then for me, and for many of us, they are one and the same.

Listen to the last line of this wonderful poem by David Whyte. “Your are not leaving. You are arriving.”

I feel this way about travel. When we travel solo we leave our home, but we arrive in a place where we can find a new sense of self – and that is the meaning of “arriving” that I take from Whyte’s poem.

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  • AnitaMac

    Great post.  Love the impact of hearing it read by the writer – it makes it somehow more meaningful that just reading myself!

  • praveenrastogi

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    I love David Whyte’s poems, and now you’ve brought them into the realm of another of my loves, travel!  It makes you think about the things that are lost, and found, in travel – and I don’t mean hats or mittens!  Nora