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The Solo Traveler Accommodation Guide is Here!!!

Thanks to everyone who helped make this guide possible.

Thanks to everyone who helped make this guide possible. Simply click on this image or any link in the post to download.

Putting together The Solo Traveler Accommodation Guide (with the help of friends and colleagues Tracey, Simon and Ana) has really given me a chance to think about where I like to stay as I travel.

And what I’ve discovered is that I like all kinds of accommodation. I knew this before but as I was reading the listings I found myself inspired by unique hostels, curious inns, interesting hotels and luxurious resorts – yes, the full range of possibilities.

I think this is reflected very well in my last trip. In Vancouver I stayed with family – visiting family is important to me.

In San Francisco I stayed at a hostel. San Francisco is an expensive city. Staying at the hostel for 5 nights made it affordable and the location was fantastic. At less than $50 per night it was perfect.

But, when I went to LA, after having spent so many nights in a hostel, I was looking forward to something more luxurious. I used a credit that I had with (you earn one night for every 10 you book with them) for a $300 room at Venice Beach. I landed in that room and I was so happy – a big grin on my face. While I had been happy in the hostel dorm, the luxury of a fluffy bed and TV was pretty sweet.

All this is to say, I’m glad this Guide (click here for the FREE download) covers such wide variety of accommodation. And I’m even happier for the fact that they have been recommended by you.

Which brings me to the sponsors.

Earn one night for every 10 booked through

Earn one night for every 10 booked through



The sponsors have played an important role in making the The Solo Traveler Accommodation Guide possible. I want to give them a big shout-out and I hope that you take advantage of their services. - There is a widget on the right sidebar here. Every time you use it you’ll get a good deal on a hotel room plus, after you collect 10 nights stays you’ll get a night free. And you’ll be supporting Solo Traveler because I get a small commission once you actually stay in the hotel that you booked through the blog.

Hostelbookers – As you know, I love hostels. Hostelbookers is the go-to site for booking a hostel.

Skyscanner  – Typically known as a great flight-booking engine (and I can recommend them for this) please remember that you can also book accommodation with Skyscanner.

GowithOh – Apartment rentals have become a very popular style of accommodation. Every time I put something on Facebook about accommodation people always mention this. Check out GowithOh if you want to book an apartment.

But my biggest thank you is to you, the readers of Solo Traveler. Your contribution to the Guide and your support for the blog is deeply appreciated.

You can download the Guide here.

Warm regards,




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  • Janice Waugh

    there are suggestions for 51 countries. We’re hoping to grow it next year.

  • Dr. Ajeet

    So this guide has accomodation of all countries or some ?

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