Travel Solo to Santiago: in Pictures

There is so much to do in Santiago and so little time to do it — and write about it. So, until I have time to reflect and offer you stories of my time here, I will share these photos. You can expect a number of posts on Santiago and Chile over the next couple of months interspersed with the other posts.

Santiago combines old with new across the city

Santiago combines old with new across the city.

Providencia Santiago

My home in Santiago is the area of Providencia. Notice that cyclists are on the sidewalk.

View from top of the hill Santa Lucia

View from top of the hill Santa Lucia

The Mercado Centro for fish and more fish

The Mercado Central for fish and more fish.

Mercado Central has some fruits and vegetables as well. Also lots of restaurants

Mercado Central has some fruits and vegetables as well. Also lots of restaurants

Outside Museo de Bellas Artes Santiago

Sculture utside Museo de Bellas Artes. I will do a whole post on the public art of Santiago.

Sunset from my balcony

Sunset from my balcony.

  • Lauren Shiner

    que feo eres

  • Lauren Shiner

    You’ll enjoy it. It’s been a while (18 years), but when I was there (twice) there was only electricity in the early evenings. Once, they’d had a very rare rainstorm, and there was no water because they have a surface water treatment plant that uses a small stream and it got all muddy. Visit Geysers el Tatio–14,000′, so if you have altitude sickness like I did (banging headache and unable to walk a straight line), bring oxygen. Just because they say the have it, doesn’t mean there’s oxygen in it (as in my case). Take a horse tour to Valle de la Luna and van to Valle de la Muerte. Awesome. Food incredibly varied and delicious–that was the biggest surprise. I stayed in tiny pensiones; you’ll probably get treated by one of the hoity-toity places. But I greatly enjoyed the authenticity of my stay. Have fun. I greatly enjoy your blog.

  • Janice Waugh

    Thanks for all the suggestions Lauren – and the photos too. I totally agree. Chile is a great country. I went south when I was there, to Torres del Paine. In 2015 I plan to go to the Atacama.

  • Lauren Shiner

    I was a Peace Corps volunteer there. Although stationed in Talca, I had to be in Santiago for meetings/medical stuff. We were trained in San Bernardo a few miles outside Santiago. Providencia is the hoity-toity part of Santiago. Go live in San Bernardo to get a feel for the real Chile. I highly recommend visiting the Torres del Paine (Patagonia) near Punta Arenas. Check out Grey Glacier and cross the Straits of Magellan to visit Tierra del Fuego on the ferry. Or visit San Pedro de Atacama an oasis in the north. Great country with great people. Non-existing physical crime, but always keep your back and pack to the wall in the Metro. Pickpockets are Grade A quality, and they dress up in nice suits, or they’re “motherly” with packages. They’ll bump you and reach in your pack and grab what’s on top, which is usually your camera and wallet/money. Have fun.

  • PIA

    que fotos tan malas!!!! yo puedo mandarles algunas que la gente que vive fuera se maraville no esas porquerias!

  • Asbestos Training

    Santiago is absolutely magnificent.

  • Bonbons

    Loved Santiago. I really enjoy reading your blog. Cheers from France!

  • EC1 Solicitors

    Santiago is an amazing place indeed. It has everything one may want.

  • Income tax return

    Santiago is such a wonderful destination. I’ve spent my honeymoon in there and everything was wonderful!

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  • Marcela Duran

    Nice pictures Janice especially the view from your balcony :)!

  • Harry van Bommel

    Your new camera (that you described in your last newsletter) takes gorgeous photos. Of course the artist still has to do the framing of the shot and you do that extraordinarily well. The sunset is breath taking. Enjoy it all Janice and thanks for sharing your adventures with us.

  • leelaurino

    great! cant wait for the chance to go

    enjoy yourself.

  • Ruth Kozak

    Yes it’s a very interesting city. I’ve written about all the various Barrios which my friend and I made sure we explored while there.

  • Holiday Abroad

    Santiago is such a wonderful place to spend your holiday! I’d go back there in a minute :)
    Great pics by the way!