Travel Writer as Court Jester – Rick Steves tells it like it is.

I didn’t know that Rick Steves’ was so entertaining. As the video below shows, he truly is.

Rick specializes in European travel guides. His “Europe Through the Back Door” was my bible during my 10-month grand tour of the continent. His insight into Europe and how to find the authentic experience is wonderful. His thoughts on travel in general are equally so.

In this presentation called “Travel as a Political Act”, Rick speaks about politics and much more.

It’s a long talk – over an hour. But it’s Sunday. The day to relax, read, walk, meet with friends… and watch things like this video.

This “Sunday Series” is a new addition to Solo Traveler. It delivers different perspectives and different voices on travel. Two weeks ago I gave you Mandalay by Kipling. Last week it was a video of past US Poet Laureate Billy Collins reading “Consolation” with his very dry wit.

I hope you’ll take the time to watch/listen to Rick Steves. You’ll be entertained. Many of your opinions will be affirmed and some may be challenged. I hope you enjoy.


  • rovingjay

    When I can’t travel, I live vicariously through travel shows on the the TV. Rick Steves features heavily on the public channels, and he’s always good to watch. But his 1/2 hour travel shows don’t do his knowledge or passion justice. I saw a behind-the-scenes show he filmed, and got to see his passion for the places he visits – still, after all these years, he’s like a child on Christmas day when each new travel day dawns. Thanks for posting this video – very entertaining. Now I’m off to the iTunes store to see if he’s narrated any books, so I can take him on my upcoming trip to Turkey

  • Jeremy Branham

    I’ve seen this lecture in person, met him 4 different times, and was on his radio show a few years ago.  I don’t always agree with Rick on his politics but I love his travel philosophy.  I know many have a love/hate relationship with Rick but I do like the guy.  He’s very personable and fun to hang out with.

  • solotraveler

    Thanks Mary Jo. Funny that didn’t pop up. I’ll have to look it up. Janice

  • solotraveler

    You’re lucky to have seen him Lee.

  • Leelaurino

    rick was in Atlanta for a day on his across the USA tour.  spoke for 2 hrs.  as ever, very entertaining

  • Mary Jo Manzanares

    His presentation on this topic is based on his book of the same title. I found it fascinating as well.