How to Travel Alone: 7 wine tasting tips for solo travelers

Tasting wines from all over the world is a one of the great pleasures of travel.

There has been plenty written on wine tasting. You can go to many sources to learn about wine tasting in general including Wikipedia. Here are some wine tasting tips specifically for solo travelers.

Wine tasting tips for solo travelers:

  1. Before leaving home, practice spitting. Yup, as a solo traveler you don’t want to be get too tipsy on the wine so the spitting part (something I don’t do if I’m not solo) is very important.
  2. Choose an organized tour so that you don’t have to drive.
  3. Eat before you go. Wineries are not known for great food with their tastings. In my experience, most have none.
  4. OR, bring a picnic lunch with you. Many wineries are happy to let you buy a bottle of their wine so that you can dine among the vines.
  5. Identify someone in the group who appears to have knowledge and hang with them to get more from the tour.
  6. Buy a bottle of the best wine you taste that day to take home, share with friends and relive the experience.
  7. Ask if they have special packaging to help get your wine home safely.

Last September I was in Orlando and discovered The Wine Room, a bar that sells wine by the ounce. You simply get a special credit card, load it with however much money you want and then slide it in the slot to purchase your wine from the Enomatic dispensing system.

Imagine there is a fine Italian wine you’ve been wanting to taste but it’s extremely expensive. This is where this system really shines. As the picture above shows, you could taste an ounce of that wine for just a few dollars.

The wine room has 148 different wines available. You can purchase 1, 2.5 or 5 ounce portions of as many wines as you like, find your favorite and then buy a bottle. After returning from my trip and doing a bit of research I was surprised to discover that there are quite a few bars that offer this very social way to discover new wines.

Whether you’re tasting wine at a vineyard or a wine bar, enjoy!

Closson Chase Vineyars, Prince Edward County, Ontario

Closson Chase Vineyars, Prince Edward County, Ontario

Joe Will and Jane Langdon of Strewen Winery, Niagara-on-the-Lake.

Joe Will and Jane Langdon of Strewen Winery, Niagara-on-the-Lake.

Inside the tasting room at Closson Chase.

Inside the tasting room at Closson Chase.

  • Christine

    If you´re in Málaga, Spain, try out Los Patios de Beatas in Calle Beatas, between the Picasso Museum and the house Picasso was born in. They have the Enomatic system, the vinoteca is gorgeous and lots of people go on their own just to try wines and to the organized wine tastings. There are lots of wineries to visit in the province, too.

  • Trudy

    I had taken a 4 week trip with a woman friend of mine to Australia, New Zealand and Fiji. While in Adelaide, Australia she didn’t want to the wineries so I took a small tour which stopped at several wineries in the Barossa Valley which is known for wines and just a short ride from Adelaide.

    It’s definitely a place I recommend.


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  • crafttyoldbroads

    If you are ever in Ventura CA, there is a place called the Cave with the Enomatic dispensing system and with very tasty small plate pairings. I wish there were more places with that Enomatic dispensing system setup.

  • subra mani

    When i travel solo I will implement this wine tasting tips in beer tasting , Because i use to consume most of the time beer only.

  • Florine Foulon

    I love this way to associate new places and tasty discoveries…

  • nancy todd

    Traveling in the many wine regions in Spain is safe and fun.  There are tours or one can go solo by car.  For example, the Penedes wine region outside of Barcelona has 100’s of wineries.  Great fun to spend the day meandering.

  • Heather

    Great advice! I love wine tasting but my travel companions don’t always share the same love! I am always stuck on this perception of it being taboo to “drink alone” so I have shied away from it. I am not far from this winery in Orlando, I will check it out in June!

  • Lynda Fraser

    You should come to the Okanagan Valley for some truly amazing wines…Within an hour of Penticton, BC there are over 100 wineries…and a growing number of them are organic!!

  • Hotelswala

    Wine tasting is an exciting job…I had met one guy who tasted wine for
    10 years…His taste buds had become much more sensitive than ordinary

  • Janice Waugh

    Well that’s a nice invitation. Thanks!

  • Daniel

    This is such a great list of tips I am going to email it to all my friends who love traveling and wine. Thanks for sharing Janice, if you ever come by Stockholm you can drop by my apartment and I will take you around for some wine!

  • solotraveler

    Yes they do. In fact, I sent two of my sons on a bbq cooking class there this past summer. They loved it!

  • Jen Laceda

    I love Strewn! I think they have weekend culinary classes, don’t they?

  • Ines

    I just came back from Mendoza, which was fantastic. Tasted the most wonderful wines. If you are going to Argentina, I have to go there. You can take the bus from Buenos Aires. Buenos Aires is great as well, of course. Especially the area where i’m staying. Booked an amazing apartment through, perfect!

  • solotraveler

    Pairings are always wonderful. It’s amazing how food can change a wine completely.

  • Lynda Fraser

    I live in the Okanagan Valley..within an hour of my place there are probably more then 100 wineries. There is also 2 annual wine festivals…so lots of opportunity for tastings!! I have found a fav for this year in a small organic winery…best red I have ever darnk!

  • Authentic Seacoast Resorts

    Another tip we have is to take part in regional wine tasting dinners. At DesBarres Manor Inn we host five course Nova Scotia wine pairing dinners so guests can taste Nova Scotia wine matched to cuisine from the local terroir. It is a great way to sample wine and if you’re a little tipsy, it’s only a short walk up the stairs to your room.