Travel Alone – Where and How

At The Dead Sea in Jordan at Mujip nature reserve

At The Dead Sea in Jordan at Mujip nature reserve

This is a resource page for those wanting to travel alone. It points you to many of the most popular posts within Solo Traveler.

It’s designed to help you quickly find the posts that go to the heart of the matter:

Over on the Best of Solo Travel resource page, you’ll find posts about why it’s great to travel alone and  stories to inspire your travels. But here its all about where and how.

Traveling alone is an amazing experience but it can also be demanding. Everything from your itinerary to how much fun you have is all up to you. Check out these posts to help you thoroughly enjoy your experience as a solo traveler.

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How to Travel Alone

Solo Travel Tips: What You Need to Know to Travel Alone

My top 10 tips and top 20 posts on how to travel alone. This article has, or will direct you to, all the info – all the basic solo travel tips – you need.

How to Travel Alone Without Being Lonely: 10 tips & 5 posts

After safety, the number one concern of solo travelers is feeling lonely. I’ve addressed this issue in many ways. This post pulls all those ways together in one place. Please share this resource with friends so that everyone can enjoy solo travel.

Get the Single Supplement Waived: Good News!

Single supplement waived – that’s what solo travelers are looking for. After all, who wants to pay for someone else when you’re traveling alone.

Simple Travel Hacks: Savings for Solo Travelers

There are complicated travel hacks and simple travel hacks. The tips in this post are the latter. I hope some of them help you save money and travel more.

Solo Travel Accommodation – The 2015 Guide is Here

Solo travel accommodation – where to stay is one of the biggest decisions a solo traveler has to make. This guide is full of suggestions by solo travelers.

Bare Minimum Packing

Packing lists are the key to packing light. Most people have trouble with this but, in my opinion, it’s an important skill for the solo traveler. Here’s how to do it.

Planning and Packing Tips for Checked Baggage

Checked baggage is a completely different game than carry-on – and it’s about more than weight restriction. Here are tips for to avoid checked bag problems.

Thanks to everyone who helped make this guide possible.

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My Favorite Travel Gear

As you know, I’m all about packing light so don’t have a long gear list. I consider every one of these products worth its weight to…

FREE Accommodation Guide.

The Solo Traveler Accommodation Guide contains some of the best places to stay for solo travelers in over 51 countries. It was crowdsourced from readers, other bloggers and sponsors. Full colour ebook that’s free!

Travel Alone and Yes, Talk to Strangers

We are all raised not to talk to strangers. But it can be a good thing. A really good thing. Here’s how to travel alone and talk to strangers safely.

Travel Technology: Increase your security and reduce costs

Every trip I try to improve my use of technology. This time I’m making a big leap forward with the help of Doug from Doug has refined my technology strategy. Here’s his first post in a three part series.
Solo traveler in Jordan with young woman

10 Tips on Clubbing & Pubbing Solo

There were many responses to the post last week on Pub Life in the Lake District. It seems that people want to go out at night when they travel alone but are somewhat intimidated. So… I give you 10 tips on Clubbing & Pubbing Solo.

Overcome Your Fear: how to practice safe couchsurfing

Is couchsurfing out of the question when you travel alone? Maybe not, if you follow tips from an experienced couch surfer.

Tips for the Shy Solo Traveler

Here are 5 tips for traveling alone in silence and 5 more for traveling solo socially that even shy people can use.

Travel Alone to India: 32 Tips You Need to Know

How to make the adventure of traveling solo to India a bit easier.

Eating Alone is Easy When You Know How

Eating alone is one aspect of solo travel that some people really don’t like. Here are casual and elegant dining alone options.
Petra the bank building

Travel Alone Safely

Find a Travel Partner: match-ups, meet-ups and hook-ups

There are safe and not quite so safe ways to find a travel partner. Here are my recommendations.

Addressing Travel Alone Objection #1: ten safety solutions.

Solo travel objection #1 is about safety. Well, fear not. Here are ten ways to travel solo and safe.

Solo Travel Safety: Finding the Logic of a Location

Understanding the logic of how a destination works helps with solo travel safety. Here are tips on finding the logic to stay safe.

Safety: 10 ways to blend in when you can’t.

My white curly hair stands out in a crowd – especially traveling places like South America or the Middle East. Here’s how to blend in when you really can’t

Safety: 20 Common Sense Tips

Common sense in one country is not necessarily common in another. Travelers must have travel common sense. Here are 20 tips to help you get yours.

Safety: My Kind of Strangers

Sometimes the things you learn as a child stay with you your entire life. This was the case with me. This safety tip informs much of the safety information I offer for solo travelers.

Travel Sickness: how to prevent 5 travel-related health problems

Preventing travel sickness – malaria, poison ivy, diarrhea, lime disease, altitude sickness – is really important for solo travelers. Here’s how.

Should Things Go Wrong – the travel insurance lifeline

You don’t appreciate it until you really need it. Travel insurance is a travel necessity… should things go wrong.

Safety: tips for respecting local cultures

Respect for a culture, its customs and laws is fundamental to personal safety when traveling. Here are 8 tips to help you be respectful even if you don’t know the nuances of the country’s customs.

Safety: safe answers to common questions.

My new friends smiled when they realized my clever answer that told them nothing yet satisfied their curiosity. Answering questions safely is an important skill when one travels alone. Here are 5 polite and sufficiently vague answers to common questions that will keep you safe as you travel solo.

Safety: 10 ways to look confident.

This post was inspired by a comment made by a reader: “safety is an inside job” she said. Yes, confidence is a traveler’s armor. But, what if… Here’s how to appear confident even when you’re not.

“…chock-full of useful tips and strategies for making the most of a solo trip.” Marilyn Terrell, Chief Researcher, National Geographic Traveler magazine

Where to Travel Alone

Every Tuesday we suggest another destination that is great for traveling alone. Readers of the blog make their suggestions by completing this form. We do need you to include a photo but it doesn’t take long to do and you get to brag about a trip and share your knowledge with other solo travelers.

The Destinations Category on Solo Traveler

This is where all posts about destinations can be found.

Best Destinations for Solo Travelers

What are the best destinations for solo travelers? I’m asked this all the time. Here’s my answer

Destination: Barcelona

Sidling up to the bar for tapas or strolling along Las Ramblas, Barcelona is a fine destination for solo travelers

Destination: Grenada

Grenada comes highly recommended as a Solo Travel Destination. Gorgeous beaches, stunning waterfalls and the scent of spice in the air…what’s not to love?

Destination: Patagonia

A Solo Travel Society member from Brazil brings us this profile of Patagonia, recommending it as a great option for solo travelers

Destination: Thailand

Solo Travel Society members from England and the Philippines both recommend Thailand as a wonderful destination for solo travelers.

Destination: Cuba

A Solo Travel Society member recommends Cuba as an interesting Solo Travel Destination for its history, architecture, beaches…and mojitos.

Destination: Prague, Czech Republic

Prague is a great option for solo travelers, offering a wealth of art, culture, history and beauty.

Destination: Lake Powell in Page, Arizona, United States

A Solo Travel Society member recommends the beautiful Lake Powell in Page, Arizona as a great destination for solo travelers.